Trico Treat

Written & Photographed by A Wild Dove


While you’ve been outfitting your kids for fall, you’ve probably noticed how hard it is to find clothing that fuses the best of kidswear with the kinds of things stylish parents often seek for themselves. Cue Trico Field. The niche boutique with outposts in New York, Los Angeles and Tokyo carries a impeccably curated selection of just three super luxe brands: Fith, Denim Dungaree, and Go To Hollywood—all Japanese lines with a classic, casual vibe and a thoughtful approach to craftsmanship.


Trico Field recently relocated to a new Soho location on West Broadway, where you’ll find the same highly sought-after labels. Their super soft hoodies are true layering multitaskers, perfect for slipping over a worn out tee, and their winter coats manage to be extra warm without packing on the puffy factor. The coats are made of an insulated fabric that’s beautifully breathable and light, but will keep your kid’s body temp snugly trapped inside. Plus, they have a cozy, worn-in quality and fur-lined hoods. Did we mention there’s an especially amazing denim version?

trico field

The designs are mostly unisex (something we celebrate at A Wild Dove) and their collection spotlights some of the finest Japanese vintage washes on the market. Luxe materials mean garments that really last. What more could you want? If you’re anything like us, the answer to that question is “adult sizes, please and thank you”. Well, we’re in luck—they even make sizes for the women who were not-so-covertly coveting their kids’ pieces.

If you want to add a few items to your little one’s fall/winter wardrobe, anything you pick up at Trico Field is sure to check all the boxes on your list. Comfy, cool and beautifully constructed—a perfect combination.