Shoe In

Written & Photographed by A Wild Dove


Cinderella is proof that a shoe can change your life.  But who has time to find that perfect pair?  Well lovely mamas, we have found the modern day Prince Charming.  He’s waiting for all of you at Barney’s New York and his name is David Rosen.  But the best part is you don’t have to leave your house. Just follow him on Instagram and see all the eye candy as it pours in. So in between balancing the lil’ ones, your job, your partner and whatever 100 other things you are doing at the same time, all you have to do is take a quick peek at @BarneysShoeMan, see THAT shoe, (gasp!), text David and viola, it’s at your door.  Easy breezy.


Being the good souls we are, we wanted to bring all of David’s genius to you, dear readers. So we picked his brain about his path into fashion, staying sane in the crazy world of women’s shoes and his favorite style of all time (It will surprise you). Read on, below:

How did you end up in fashion and shoes, in particular?

I've always been into art so fashion to me was an extension of art.. As far as shoes is concerned I kinda fell into it but it was a match made in heaven.

Can you describe your philosophy or best practices in your work?

The best advice I've ever got from my dad is you can't learn while you’re talking, so I've always tried to keep quiet and listen to what clients are looking for and learn. It sounds simple and it kinda is the difficult part is to constantly do it all the time.


Do you have any crazy client stories you can share with us? (no names, we promise!)

Just mixing women and shoes is always going to create some level of craziness, and part of my success is to block those super crazy moments and erase them from my mind!!

Totally! We get a little crazy around the newest Balenciaga Platforms... Favorite hobbies ?

DR: Unfortunately I don't have too much time for hobbies besides traveling. Is that a hobby?


Definitely! The best one... And how do you maintain balance in this crazy industry?

The balance comes from actually separating myself from fashion as far as possible once I get out of work because I'm so immersed in it when I'm working.


Ok, so we are dying to know - what are your favorite brands and styles for fall?

My favorite shoes for fall is just about everything from Saint Laurent. My top Fall trends are velvet and stacked heels. My favorite shoe of all time is a black leather, red stitched cowboy boot slash sandal. It looks a lot hotter than I’m describing it.

Lastly, what are the must have brands for you?

I wear a lot of different designers but my faves are Greg Lauren, Balmain, Saint Laurent and Dolce and Gabbana.


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David Rosen | Instagram @barneysshoeman

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