Our Hair Affair

Written by Lynn Levoy | Photographed by Eric White


Due to my son’s gorgeous curls, amazing texture and super thick hair (I’m totally jealous by the way), general maintenance has become a conundrum. I’ve taken to chasing women down the street who have children with similar hair (I have no shame). I will ask which products they use, their step-by-step regimen, how often and how much to use. I take notes. No missed opportunities here.  


Bath. Brush. Comb. Wash. Shampoo. Condition.

These are not favorite words in any child’s vocabulary. Probably not in any mama’s either, unless the bath is a bubble bath. At a spa. And she’s getting her hair done. By someone else. At a salon.


I have tried product after product hoping to avoid daily screams of bloody murder. Why is it so difficult to find good products for mixed hair??? After six years of living in a chemistry lab mixing potions, I have come as close to a silent bath experience as one can hope for. Thank you, Shea Moisture. You have rocked our world.


Thanks to this incredible line, Callum’s hair is now super soft and easy to comb. Well, easier to comb. I don’t think easy and combing will ever go hand in hand.  We use the Ouidad double detangler.  Life changing as well. But back to the products, the Shea Moisture line also smells amazing. It’s natural, organic, sulfate and paraben-free. But the best part, it actually works!  

I am partial to the Coconut and Hibiscus line. Magic.


For those of you who need the step-by-step, here is ours -  

  1. I shampoo Callum’s hair once a week. I do two shampoos and condition, a lot. I’ve learned the hard way, less is not more in this case. More is More.
  2. I brush. (By the way, this all usually goes down Sunday nights. What better way to end a fun, relaxing weekend and start the new week?)
  3. On his wet hair, I use the Curl & Style Milk (about the size of a tube of Rosebud Salve) mixed with a few drops of Moroccan Oil.
  4. I blowdry by stretching his curls super high, right before it would be considered a “pull.”
  5. I condition every other night, always followed by the mix. On opposite nights, I just wet his hair, use the mix and blowdry.

Now Callum’s hair is easy to comb and knot-free. Which means we have to brush less, and therefore, scream less. What more can a mama ask for? Except maybe that bath at the spa…