What Goes Around Comes Around

Written by A Wild Dove


We’re Fall-ing for Vintage this Season.

Where do you shop for fall if you want something cool, original? Something no one else has?

What Goes Around Comes Around.


Yep. What Goes Around Comes Around is our go-to choice for worn in tee’s, easy dresses and the perfect length denim cut-offs in that just-so vintage wash. We first discovered WGACA in Soho back in the 1990’s, when vintage was a religion, not just a source of clothing. Founded by Gerard Maione and Seth Weisser, the shop elevated the secondhand market with its curated vision and concept that features the most coveted fashion labels on the market like Chanel, Hermes and Louis Vuitton, just to name a few.


But more than that, WGACA offers a ton of chic “of the moment” items even without designer labels. Its assortment of ‘90’s style dainty slip dresses bring us back to the era of Kate Moss and Courtney Love. Its 1970’s rocker t-shirts are the perfect compliment to our high-waist Levi’s. And what is fall fashion without a totally badass bomber jacket? And lest we not forget their selection of vintage Gucci that puts the M in Major. Looks like we’ve got fall shopping in the bag...


PHOTOGRAPHY ERIC WHITE | Styling Lynn Levoy | Model Maja Brodin at The Society | Hair Sonny Molina | Makeup Marcelo Gutierrez