As Good As NuNuNu

Written & Photographed by A Wild Dove


It’s become pretty clear that preconceived notions of ‘male’ versus ‘female’ apparel are slowly going out of style. (Jaden Smith in Louis Vuitton, anyone?) We’re totally on board. Why shouldn’t we have the option to outfit our kids in clothes that take a more liberated approach? Fashion should be fun and free—especially for little ones. Except non-conforming kids apparel is not so easy to find.

Such is the dilemma that inspired Tali Milchberg and Iris Adler to launch their children’s label: NuNuNu. They believe children are natural creatures of expression, who could benefit from the “wonderful mystery of minimalism” on which to build their own creativity.

True to form, NuNuNu has an assortment of sleek baby and childrenswear in palettes of black, white and gray, with architectural shapes like circles and stars. It’s all informed by an effort to prove that parenthood and great taste aren’t mutually exclusive (we couldn’t agree more). Each season, the label debuts fresh looks and new graphics while staying true to their signature silhouettes. We’re partial to the all-black Rick Owens-esque drop-crotch sweats, especially when paired with the Ninja Sweatshirt—which comes complete with thumb sleeves, just in case your kid needs to go into ninja mode (throwing stars thankfully not included).


With a cult following among hip celebrity kids like Zuma Rossdale and Flynn Bloom, NuNuNu has become a welcome antithesis to clichéd kids wear. According to Adler and Milchberg, kids don’t need a lot of decoration. They just want to be themselves in clothing that’s cool and comfortable. Yep, us too…


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