Book Nook

Written by A Wild Dove | Photographed by Eric White | Styled By Lynn Levoy


Move over Dr. Seuss. If you’re tired of the same old goodnight books, fear not. A wealth of reading alternatives are sprouting up to stimulate your child’s creativity and language in a most untraditional way. We rounded up our new favorite assortment that spark the imagination, tickle the brain and most of all, provide endless fun for both mama and kiddo. Check them out!


The Book with No Pictures, BJ Novak

The actor penned his first book much in the same vein of unique interactive books like Herve Tullet’s “Mix It Up” (see below). Upon opening the book, readers are drawn in with the one central rule that we promise will lead to fits of laughter among children and adults, alike. It states, "Here is how the book works: Everything the words say, the person reading the book has to say. No matter what." What follows are moments of sheer hilarity, with readers being forced to utter nonsense words and phrases that will have young listeners in stitches.



Ish, Peter Reynolds

Ramon lives to draw. Anytime. Anywhere. But that all suddenly changes. With one comment made by Ramon’s older brother Leon, Ramon loses the joy in his favorite hobby. Luckily his sister Marisol opens his eyes to something more valuable than getting things “right.” If your young one is trying to find the joy in his or her creative endeavors, this book is for you!



Let’s Play! Herve Tullet

Written in the same style as his iconic Press Here and Mix It Up, Tullet’s newest book, Let’s Play is an interactive, creative tome that will have both kids and parents playing for hours. It’s dazzling adventure follows one giant yellow blob as it travels through the page in a wild ride of color, motion and shape set in the style of a Jackson Pollack painting. It’s an interactive journey that will surely prompt plenty of giggles and new understanding of color and art.


Pick up any of these fun-filled tomes for non-stop reading exciting with your littles ones. Now, if we could just find adult books we love half as much….