Charmed, We’re Sure

Written & Photographed by A Wild Dove


When we think of friendship or “charm” bracelets, we’re inclined to picture lanyards with little beaded letters spelling out “BFF,” or the sterling silver variety with the ubiquitous heart tag. Friendship bracelets call to mind rainy days at summer camp or grade school cliques à la “Mean Girls”, not gorgeous, high-end jewelry.


Aurélie Bidermann is changing all that. For an elevated, stylish spin on the friendship bracelet, the famed jewelry designer’s Takayama Onyx Stones bracelet comes in a wealth of colors that are practically made for mixing and matching with your bestie or li’l one.

With 18k gold-dipped rings and Onyx stones layered on a colorful cotton thread with a mother-of-pearl charm, it’s the perfect “I love you” piece—whether a set is shared between mamas and their kids or best friends who want to rock something a little more refined. These bracelets are seriously stunning worn alone or layered with other jewelry.


With two NYC locations, we highly recommend a visit to one of Aurélie Bidermann’s beautifully designed boutiques, but you can always shop online if that’s your style. You’ll find us in her spectacular Soho store, soaking it all up.



Aurelie Bidermann SoHo, 265 Lafayette Street, NYC | |