Dios Mio!

Written & Photographed by A Wild Dove

We’re not ones to buy into hype, particularly in the form of skin care. Sure, we invest in top quality products, but we refuse to hop on the latest fad or high end cream. Which is why Mio Skincare is SO GOOD. Mio delivers results - whether in the form of pregnancy body care, aging issues or all around tightening and contouring. We could go on and on singing the praises of the phenomenal line, but we picked our faves below- 


Shrink to Fit

Fortified with a high concentration of antioxidants, caffeine, rosemary extract, green tea and horsetail plant, this luxe moisturizing cream is designed to help reduce the appearance of uneven, bumpy areas and increase skin’s elasticity. A natural combat for trouble spots like hips, thighs and arms. And who doesn’t need that?


Dry Brush

This exfoliating brush features natural boar bristles and massage nodules that removes lazy skin cells and dirt. By polishing and massaging all over to stimulate circulation, you’ll eliminate layers of dead skin and improve its overall appearance. Done and done.


Get Waisted

We like the sound of this already. The gold standard of the Mio assortment, this amazing cream is formulated with Rhodofiltrat Delessaria, pharmaceutical grade caffeine and Oat Protein Complex to help replenish moisture to improve the look and feel of skin as well as flatten and contour those pesky little bulges that come with age.

The Activist

Get marching! The “superfood of skincare,” this body oil works to soothe skin while balancing the look of scars, stretch marks and uneven skin tone. It’s intensely hydrating, antioxidant rich formula delivers moisture and nutrients deep down to boost strength and elasticity. It also pumps bounce and radiance back into aging skin! Bonus.


Double Buff

This non-abrasive scrub is dedicated to revealing brighter, smoother, more even toned skin using an omega-rich exfoliator of pumice, lava and bamboo. Extract of fig and organic shea butter also hydrates and moisturizes while organic sweet almond oil soothe sensitive skin. The results are smooth and supple looking skin with renewed clarity and radiance.



Workout Wonder

Perfect for pre and post-workout, this gel is like a spa session for your muscles that helps to soothe and cool. Featuring a cocktail of herbs and extracts like horse chestnut, horsetail extracts and a natural blend of essential oils, the formula leaves limbs feeling energized and ache-free.