Master Cleanse

Written & Photographed by A Wild Dove

There seems to be a disconnect between how much we value our clothing and how we end up caring for it...why buy a Vetements sweatshirt, only to throw it into the washing machine with a heaping scoop of harsh detergent ? When we first walked by The Laundress in Soho, a jewel box of a shop complete with crystal chandeliers and a clean, crisp white palette, we were enthralled with the seemingly unlimited options of how to care for your, well, everything.

It’s easy to get lost in the world of The Laundress', founders' Gwen Whiting and Lindsey Boyd’s vision of how to best advance the world of fabric care through luxury products. We became instantly hooked on the Signature Detergent, which is perfectly formulated with surfactants, color guard and stain-fighting enzymes, yet with an addictively lush scent of jasmine. The fabric conditioner helps clothing and sheets be their best selves, with a plant-derived fabric softener that reduces wrinkles and conditions properly. There’s literally a treatment for every item in your closet. For you SoulCyclers or The Class addicts, the Sport Detergent keeps you smelling fresh before, during and after your workout. It has a special formulation that keeps activewear in top form. We even love the baby detergent - it’s non-toxic, allergen-free and oh, so sweet smelling. Plus, the New Mom Starter Kit makes the perfect gift. It's all mamas need to keep their babes looking and smelling fresh with an assortment of Baby Detergent, Fabric Conditioner, Baby Fabric Fresh, Stain Solution and Bleach Alternative - all super safe and gentle. From Denim Wash to Wool and Cashmere spray, you’ll be overtaking your laundry room in no time.

As if we couldn’t get more addicted, there’s also a full-fledged collection of home cleaners like dish detergent, surface spray and bleach alternative. Because who doesn’t want to feel just a little fabulous, even amidst life’s most unfabulous moments?