Nice STEMs

Written & Photographed by A Wild Dove


For those of us who suffered through high school math and science, now there’s a better way so our own kids don’t have to. In 2008 Scott Heifetz created Launch, a learning center for children designed to inspire them to love and learn all STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering and math) through engaging and interactive lesson plans. With two locations in New York City, Launch offers rigorous math instructional programs that complement other areas of focus so that kids can experience “the language of science” early on.


“I had a vision of inspiring children to love math and science so that they would not give up on the subjects in middle school and high school,” said Heifetz. “The key, I believe, is to inspire and motivate kids at a very early age.  If they understand that math is the ‘language of cool things,’ then they are more likely not to give up on it as the material becomes more complex.”


Launch is unique in that it offers both intense math instructional program as well as classes for various STEM topics.  Some programs specialise in LEGO, some do video games using Minecraft, others offer only math instruction. But Launch offers a broad range of STEM programs with the math instructional complement as an added feature. Heifetz wants to help kids catch up to our neighbouring countries, many of whom “out-STEM” the United States in math and science learning. “Launch provides a seed to inspire and motivate children at a young age so that they will hopefully pursue math and science throughout their lifetimes,” said Heifetz.

Start ‘em young, get ‘em hooked. Watch them become the next Bill Gates. Or so we can hope.


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