Brow WOW

Written by A Wild Dove


If eyebrows are having a moment (which they clearly are), then Jimena Garcia is at the helm of the movement. The brow guru is famous for her clean lines and perfect form, having honed the brows of everyone from Hollywood’s hottest celebs to New York’s top editors. It doesn’t hurt that Jimena herself, is fabulous in her own right and one of my favorite humans. A citizen of the world, she is super chic, cool and just gets it. I always can’t wait to hop on her table when she drops in every 2 months to see her New York clients. Jimena’s philosophy is one of keeping the browline unique to each woman as opposed to setting a universal standard. She can read your face in an instant and knows exactly what sort of shape will make you look fresh, youthful and at your best. And to say she’s obsessed with brows...well, is an understatement. “I love the structure and form of them,” said Garcia. “I love how everything makes a difference. One little hair can completely change the shape and the attitude of someone’s face.”


Like many women, I go in with the goal of growing out my brows, a la Brooke Shields. Jimena shapes them, adds a vegetable dye, which is basically like a gloss for the brows to give them a little oomph and always reminds me not to touch to give them time to grow. From the first time I met Jimena a few years ago, I was instantly hooked on her magic. And while Jimena admits that a full brow is the key to a youthful appearance, it’s important to keep them shape in check. “It’s great everyone is going for big full brow, but there’s an art to it,” she said. “It’s very important to have an organized mess, otherwise you look totally unkept. That can look good on a certain person but not all of us.”


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