Glow Getter

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The beauty guru dishes on her top skincare picks and how to keep that summer glow as we head into Fall.

From working fashion shows and shoots, to beautifying celebrities like Kelly Clarkson and Barbara Bush, Galit Bartleson has been a skincare expert for over 15 years. But it was during a 2012 stint in London that she fell for the high-end beauty boutique Space NK. We’re not surprised—Space NK’s client-oriented approach is all about handpicking products from some of the most cutting edge beauty and wellness brands on the market, and putting together a personalized regimen that works for you. It’s what they call an “intimidation-free environment”, and with over 80 locations worldwide, it seems to be working.


“I loved how they were a resource and selected only the finest, most innovative products,” said Bartleson, who became an official advisor to the store when she moved back to New York. “I enjoy exploring new products and assisting women of all  ages [to find] what’s right for them.”

Bartleson has a “skincare first” philosophy when it comes to beauty (plus a policy of hydration and exfoliation every day!), so naturally, we wanted to get the intel on the Space NK products she’s currently coveting. See below for the beauty essentials she’s filling her cabinets with to stay radiant all year—no matter what the weather.


1. Kevin Aucoin The Neo Bronzer

“It is basically a three-in-one ombre palette of blush, bronzer and highlighter. It is so gorgeous on, it gives a naturally tanned skin in one swipe by light-diffusing pigments that enhance and perfect skin for fresh, natural looking complexion.”


2. By Terry Line Designer

“Taken straight from the Spring/Summer runway look, Terry created the perfect waterproof long lasting colored eyeliner [in the] most vibrant complementing colors. My favorite is Ocean Vibes Turquoise.”


3. By Terry Tea to Tan

“An absolutely amazing face and body tanner for one day. A sun ink that won't transfer onto your clothes and leaves the skin on your legs, arms and face glowing with active moisturizing ingredients, with a ‘to die for scent’. It will easily wash off in the shower.”


4. Artis Oval 10

“After spritzing it on the skin, I love to brush it on with Brush Number 10 from Artis. This large and super soft brush is great to use on large areas of the body. The CosmoFiber technology of Artis brushes allows for exceptional even application on the skin.”


5. Kat Burki Vitamin C Cream

“An anti-aging face cream great for all year and all skin tones, it has the Skin-Identical technology to fit to every complexion. It is great for sensitive skin too. This cream has [comes] cold pressed, cold poured and cold processed for maximum efficacy. It is free of all parabens, synthetic fragrances, synthetic dyes, gluten, sulfates, petrolatum, mineral oils, fillers and binders.”

6.  Chantecaille Jasmine and Lily Healing Mask

“This hydrating mask is a must-have! With its rich botanicals, it will revive the skin, increase microcirculation, and reduce redness. It also has chamomile that will help with inflammation too. Vitamin B5 helps repair the damaged tissue and Jasmine helps with cellular turnover.  This can be used twice a week on cleansed skin, or use it at overnight as a treatment.”


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