Our Modern Day Healer - Angela Shore & Jiva-Apoha

Written by A Wild Dove 


Angela Shore came into our world like a beam of light that warmed us from within.

This was six years ago and she was in the process of starting her Ayurvedic oil brand Jiva-Apoha and gave us some samples to try. In one fell swoop, we were hooked.

(Personal favorite? Atman, meaning spirit. It’s calming, grounding and purifying). Since then Angela has touched so many lives with her oils and her presence. Her seasoned past, having studied Ayurveda in Kerala and working under a master healer and seasoned medicine woman for 15 years, comes through in every product.

She is truly healer in her own right, whose oils help others find peace, relief and answers. 

We are honored to feature Angela and Jiva-Apoha as she embodies everything A Wild Dove is all about.

Read on as she shares her beautiful journey below -

Full disclosure - We love your oils. So naturally we’d love to know how you were introduced to oils and the impact they've had on your life….

I became a believer in using plant and essential oils almost 30 years ago, tapping into anything that was cutting edge in alternative healing for the body. I learned how to cook with root vegetables, spices and herbs; it all went hand in hand in recognizing the choices that offered good health. Back then I did my first cleanse, detox, and had a strict vegetarian diet for some time. It was truly the beginning to feel the difference in shedding layers physically and mentally which brought me to finding my spirituality.

Amazing. And what benefits can modern women receive from having these oils in their life? How about Ayurveda in general?

Prevention is a modern way in caring for ourselves. The more we educate, gain knowledge, practice ancient remedies and treat our skin with the best oils, the more we can achieve in feeling better with a peace of mind. Skincare is body care, which is a personal love in healing. In Ayurveda, it’s normal to oil the body for 20 minutes before rinsing which is traditional. In the West, it’s more common that people may not have enough time to practice, so it’s easier to have an oiling body ritual as a steady grab as soon as you step out the bath or shower, which in return allows the oil to absorb right away in the pores, gives the body what it needs by receiving nutrients, nourishes the tissues, organs, and gives an overall glowing physical appearance in moisturizing.

Can you tell us how you create the oils?

Jiva-Apoha oil blends are created with a feeling that resonates a story; each chosen oil essentially make up’s the unique healing properties. A day in the lab requires devoted attention as each is bottle is made by hand with clarity. It’s a soothing joyful rhythm; where energy exudes within on the receiving end.

I treat each order as a personal healing.


Speaking of clarity what's your definition of balance?  


How do you maintain it?

Keeping a healthy routine by positive choices, working with good diet and supplements and letting go of what no longer serves energetically. Time is of essence and I choose to surround myself with people who live for creating happy moments.


Love that. Can you describe your favorite ritual of the week?

Going to a quiet place within, sometimes with bodywork or a visit in nature.

And where, when and with whom do you feel most alive?

I’m stimulated in extreme environments - from sensory overload in cities to driving through the desert, to experiencing other cultures. I get a rush in the journey itself exploring new places and travels. I’m most alive when I work with the divine.

Can you describe your journey in launching Jiva-Apoha and any mistakes you've made along the way that have helped you grow? Do you have any lessons to impart?

It’s a learning process as every business has its ups and downs. I started Jiva-Apoha on credit. In some ways it’s been challenging, which in retrospect has brought me more personal growth in the making. I just want to continue building solid relationships and doing good business with others who are in full support of where Wellness can lead to down the road.

Ok, switching gears. What is your spirit animal?



At this very moment; Barack and Michelle Obama, Meryl Streep, Winona LaDuke, Mark Ruffalo, LaDonna Brave Bull Allard, Mavis Staples, Neil Young, Susan Sarandon, Patti Smith, Iggy Pop, Anthony Bourdain, Gloria Steinem, Julianne Moore, Viggo Mortensen, Viola Davis, Leo DiCaprio and Dalai Lama.
We’re sitting in a rustic farm setting with lush rolling hills on a private tropical island surrounded by turquoise blue water.

That sounds heavenly. And how has music shaped your path? What's your greatest music memory?

Music has opened my heart and keeps my spirit alive in motion all these years. I have many great music memories. As a young kid I started going to shows but one vivid memory in 1977, I snuck through backstage with my Uncle Ricky at Fleetwood Mac concert during their Rumours tour. I remember my heart beating fast and sliding past security while Mick Fleetwood was on the longest drum roll.   

What makes you fly?   


Angela Shore - Photographed by Martin Sobey | Jiva Apoha Products -  Photographed by Eric White & Styled by Lynn Levoy