What’s in your Bag? - A Wild Dove’s Lynn Levoy

Written & Photographed by A Wild Dove

For our first WIYB series, we look no further than Founder and Creative Director of A Wild Dove, Lynn Levoy, who is always toting an oversized sack full of goodies to take her from AM to PM. When running around the city, whether for work, play or Mama-ing, (yeah we just made that up), Lynn’s   go-to bag these days is a large Celine Cabas Twist tote. “The bigger, the better,” says Lynn. “Somehow they seem to get larger each time I buy a new one. And then they become like a big black hole...” Well, let’s do a deep dive into that black hole, complete with makeup, tech gadgets, sunnies and so much more...

Lip Balms - “I don’t wear much make up, but for some reason I need multiple clear glosses at all times. Lately, Glossier’s Coconut Balm Dotcom is my go-to. I have one at all times and even all around my apartment. I also love Glossier Lip Gloss. It’s so gooey. On that random occasion that red is in order, I go for Glossier Zip.  It's very satin and not heavy at all. It's super low maintenance. And Rodin Lip Balm with a slight sparkle. Just because.”

Kevyn Aucoin Eyelash Curler - “I use it everyday, even when I’m not wearing mascara. It gives my eyes an extra pop.”

YSL Shocking Mascara - "I've used it forever. I have tried everything but I always go back."

Shu Uemura Mascara Brush/Comb - “A makeup artist told me about this years ago. It’s a lifesaver. When I do wear mascara, I like lots and lots of coats. It’s the only way to get the clumps out and separate your lashes.”

“And I always use Glossier’s Pink Pouches perfect for make up and just about anything else."

Glossier Coconut Balm Dotcom & Lip Gloss | Rodin Lip Balm | Kevyn Aucoin Eyelash Curler | YSL Shocking Mascara | Nars Copacabana Multiple | Nars Concealer | Shu Uemura Mascara Brush/Comb | Anastasia Brow Pencil & Clear Brow Gel



Vintage Ray Ban Aviator Sunglasses With Yellow Lens - 

“My latest find. Obsessed.”


Eye Glasses by Culter & Gross | Yellow Vintage Sunglasses by Ray Ban | Black Sunglasses by Saint Laurent

Notebook by Moleskin | Wallet by Commes de Garcons | Graphic Pen by Pigma | Camera by Canon

Moleskin Notebook -  “I love a list. And nothing is better than crossing off to do’s.”  

Pigma Graphic Pen - " I'm very particular about pens for some reason. This is my current fave.”

Epi Pen - Callum was diagnosed with a peanut and nut allergy at two years old. I never leave home without two pens at all times.”

Love Note from Callum - “Nothing makes me happier.”

Snacks - “Especially with Callum’s peanut/nut allergy, I never know what the food situation will be, so I basically carry a small shop at all times.”

Kid Robot and Plus Plus Building- "Best distraction."

“And I of course never leave home without my iPad, iPhone, chargers, headphones, water, Trident Minty Sweet Twist and my wallet - the stars

make me happy."


Aurelie Bidermann pouches (these bags come with your your purchase. They're the best, I use them for everything).  “My bag is full of them to stay organized, except I then can't remember what’s in which one and I end up opening everyone one. People behind me in line love it..."


Pouches by Aurelie Bidermann | Hand Sanitiser by Aesop | All Electronics by Apple


Oversized Twisted Cabas Bag by Celine | Top by Nili Lotan | Jeans by Vetements | Boots by Balenciaga | Ring by Jennifer Fisher