Beauty Rituals - Joy Dushey

Written & Photographed by A Wild Dove

For our first trip into the beauty lives of others, we hit up Joy Dushey, a member of The Flock and a holistic wellness coach behind The Joyful Approach. She opens up her beauty cabinet and talks her favorite products du jour.


My bathroom is my sanctuary of beauty, where spa-like colors of light ocean green mix with white marble that signal cleanliness and purity. In it, I keep my favorite candles, crystals and bath oils that are carefully and intuitively placed around my bathroom.

Living in New York can certainly be stressful, so after a long day, there’s nothing more soothing than coming home to a warm bath and cleansing my face from the pollutants it’s been exposed to throughout the day.


I keep my cabinet simple and organized with products that I use daily. When I turned 40, I freaked out and knew it was time to step up my game with skin care.

I sought out one of the best aestheticians in NY, Vicki Morav. Vicki’s philosophy of layering the skin with serums and nourishing it with moisture is vital to optimal healthy skin. It’s no wonder that Vicki herself is gorgeous and has the skin of a teenager. I was inspired so I invested in the best of products Vicki prescribed for me.


I use a milky cleanser to first wash my face with warm water and a sponge.

I can’t live without Lotion P50, a multi-purpose lotion that gently exfoliates and purifies the skin, helps moisturizes and rebalances the skin's pH. It removes dead cells and impurities. Next I use MBR Cross Lift Serum, also a game changer which promotes the synthesis of collagen smoothing out lines, plumping up the skin and making my skin feel youthful.

I use Biologique Recherche’s serum and elixirs like Amniotique to stimulate the cells and for extra hydration. Eye cream from Valmont is expensive but worth it for it renews the eye area with the most nourishing ingredients. I also apply on my upper lip and on smile lines..

Lastly, is the MBR Cream Extraordinary. This is probably my favorite product I’ve ever owned. It’s made with the richest ingredients and since I started using in it, my skin has felt quite amazing.

Cross Lift Serum Ultrapeptide by MBR | Cream Extraordinary by MBR | L'Elixir des Glaciers Vos Yeux Eye Treatment by Valmont | Lotion P50V by Biologique Recherche | Elastine Pure Serum Authentique by Biologique Recherche



My skin tends to get really dry, especially in the winter months no matter how much water I consume so I need to also spend some extra time hydrating my body.

After a shower, while my skin is still slightly damp, I apply Love Oil from Ayurvedic skin care Pratima. The nurturing ingredients of Sweet Almond Oil works with Lavender, Rose and Vanilla and hydrates and deeply softens the skin. The scents are divine!

I then use Kiehls creme de corp with soy butter and for a night out I’ll use the shimmering oil from Marula.

Lastly I spritz my body with either Erolfa from Creed (my signature scent) or L'Eau d'Hiver Frederic Malle that I recently started wearing and am loving.  


Marula Shimmering Gold Oil by African Botanics | Love Oil by Pratima | L'Eau d'Hiver by Frederic Malle

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