The Circle Game

Written by A Wild Dove | Photographed by Mel Blanchard

As a doula and spiritual counselor, Paula Mallis is aware of the transformative power that comes with helping women bring life into the world. So she decided to create a space for all women to serve as the physical embodiment of the birthing work she had been doing. The result is WMN Space, a conscious space for women to gather in service to their own healing. The intention of WMN Space is to support women, wherever they are on their journey through classes on women’s health, body work, therapy, spiritual counseling and workshops.

The space has resonated with women, not just near the Culver City abode, but all over Southern California. Her evening moon circles are known to draw a crowd from all over Los Angeles and beyond. We sat down with Paula, where she talked about her journey, these sacred circles and why self love is the best kind of love.


Can you describe your journey into becoming a Doula and opening WMN?

My journey into birth Doula work began as I was preparing for my own pregnancy. I found out I was pregnant the day before my Doula training began and the rest is history. After holding space for women in my home for over three years I felt called to take the work I was doing at home out into the world. That was the beginning of the creation of WMN SPACE. I was completely guided to create a space not only for pregnant women and mothers but for all women in service to their unique journey and healing.

We often ask people about their "trigger moments." It sounds like your pregnancy and the birth of your daughter had a lot to do with it for you. Can you share that experience with us?

Pregnancy and all of its shifts and challenges brought up in me a lot of triggers, but through my spiritual journey I was gifted the awareness that the triggers were all an opportunity for personal growth and healing. Once I shifted my perspective, my relationship towards pregnancy and birth began to change inwardly and outwardly, which allowed me the space for a transformational experience.

That makes a lot of sense. Your classes are very diverse in nature and age. How did you hone or curate the offerings for WMN Space? There must have been a lot to choose from in LA.

My intention is for all offerings at WMN SPACE to be fully in alignment with the intention of WMN SPACE. Offerings that are authentic, grounding and accessible to all women, wherever they are on their own journey.

What do you hope women will take from their sessions at WMN space that maybe they're not getting elsewhere?

I hope what women experience is more in connection to the authenticity to who they are. Feeling inspired, supported and empowered.

It must be difficult managing it all - a family, a business and now a new space...AND you give so much of you in your work. How do you do it?

SELF CARE!!!!! I have to put my self care and spiritual practice first. When I do that, I feel I can do it all without burning out.

Yes! Totally. So we love the idea of your Women's Circle's. Can you tell us more about it?

The Women's Circles are an opportunity to come together connect and share our experiences while practicing non-judgmental observation of ourselves and each other in a sacred safe space.

OK, now for the personal stuff. What is your favorite family ritual?

Morning breakfast and setting intentions for the day!

Speaking of, what's the first thing you do in the morning?

I wish I could say meditate. Sometimes that gets pushed back to the school parking lot after drop off, but on the weekends, meditate.

What's the last book you read with your daughter?

Little Bear :)

Love that one. And what's something most people don't know about conscious living or healing that would surprise them?

Conscious living is not for hippies! I think people think to live an aware or spiritual life it's about yoga poses or meditating for hours on end. To me living a conscious life is being "aware" and conscious of our choices, thoughts, actions and behaviors inwardly and outwardly.

What makes you fly?



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