Lynn Loves

Written & Photographed by A Wild Dove


Welcome back to Dove Loves, Lynn’s definitive guide to the products and pieces she’s loving - her favorites du jour, the holy grail of what she’s coveting, researching, talking about, and obsessing over.


David's premium natural toothpaste and cocofloss


As I try to work the all-natural vibe into my medicine cabinet, I have been loving Cocofloss, a super-cleansing, high performance dental floss. Totally hard to get excited over floss, but this one rocks. It’s so good. And natural. And non-toxic. It’s thick and glides really well. You’ll definitely see a difference after the first try and you’ll be hooked. And the hint of coconut and mint, well, it makes even that much better.


Follow it up with David’s Premium Natural Toothpaste. I love that it’s all natural and made from the highest natural quality ingredients. There are no sulfates, no fluoride AND it really whitens. The list goes on - it’s vegan, cruelty-free, energy-renewable, family-owned. The exact kind of product I want to be using after everyday.