A Beginner's Guide To Crystals

Written & Photographed by A Wild Dove


Are you intrigued by crystals but feeling intimidated? Like you want to try them but don’t know where to start? We got you. We spoke to Rashia Bell from The Cristalline who breaks down the power of crystals and their benefits in this quick hit guide. Her tips, below.


My favorite crystal is...


“It depends on the day, but one of my must haves at all times is Selenite which is amazing at clearing the energetic body.”


When I'm feeling stressed, I use crystals to...

“Immediately create a shift in my energy. I use different stones for different things. Selenite to clear, Pyrite to protect, Black Tourmaline to ground, Citrine to focus and inspire."


It all depends on what I am trying to achieve in that moment. Crystals are so multifaceted in their ability to change how you feel.”


My favorite moment with crystals is...


“When I am about to go to bed at night. There is an immediate sense of calm that comes over me. I use my crystals to truly leave the day behind, invite new beginnings, access my subconscious energetic layers and create a greater sense of understanding oneself even while I sleep.”


My advice to someone discovering crystals is...

“Don’t be intimidated to try out different stones and explore different ways to work with them. And remember it isn’t about searching for the right crystals based on their meaning or trying to achieve a certain goal. If you seek them out, they will find you.  Just open yourself up, allow the stones to resonate and they may surprise you!”


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