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Walk into CAP Beauty and you are instantly transported to a land of luxurious all natural wellness. From the supplements to the teas, to the shampoos, face oils lip balms and a stellar offering for mamas and babies, CAP Beauty is our dream beauty cabinet, kitchen pantry, nursery and vision of an organic lifestyle all rolled into one. This west village zen-den is the brainchild of Kerrilynn Pamer and Cindy DiPrima, friends of 20 years who set out to create a modern, inspiring and inclusive home for the amazing world of naturals. They consider it a "clubhouse" for people to discover the power of plants, make new friends and elevate the way they feel both inside and out. Well this club is growing, most recently with the addition of a West Coast shop coming this fall in the new Fred Segal Sunset Boulevard location, a new website AND an anti-inflammatory CBD adaptogenic oil, The Daily Hit. We sat down with this incredible pair to get the lowdown on the shop, how they choose the line-up and why bee pollen makes for a pretty sweet dessert staple.

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So obviously we are obsessed with your shop. Can you describe the “trigger moment” in launching the shop?

When I found out that I had celiac I added a small category of natural beauty to my previous store Castor & Pollux. The response was fantastic, my clients were engaged in a way that I had never seen before and I decided that the world deserved a spot that was inspiring, modern, inclusive and filled with health. CAP Beauty was born.

How do you determine what you're going to buy or showcase for the store? Are there certain checklists you have for a product or brand?

Since there isn't a standardized definition of what “natural” means, we have an in-house definition that all products we carry are free from synthetics. Once that’s been established, we look for products that are effective, a joy to use and speak to us on some level. This can be a very intuitive process or one that is heavy on science, it depends on what product we are considering.

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Why do you think there is such a focus on wellness and what do you attribute it to?

Technological advances and our fast-paced way of life have made for a complex and nuanced world. We believe that the rise in self care and wellness is a reaction to everything moving so quickly around us. When we take care of ourselves we are better able to take care of others.

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Cindy’s Faves

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Kerilynn's Faves

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Totally. How do you think the wellness beauty movement, and life at CAP Beauty, has impacted your parenting style, if at all?

Cindy's kids are schooled in yoga poses and ask for bee pollen on their ice cream instead of sprinkles! They are interested in health and have picked up practices simply by being exposed to it through osmosis at home and out in the world.


Must try the bee pollen move! OK lastly, what makes you fly?

Meditation, exercise, spending time with friends and eating the most life-giving foods around allows us to soar.

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