Romancing the Stone

Written & Photographed by A Wild Dove 

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Who knew stones could be so powerful? Savannah King did. “Stones ask us to slow down and remember that we are one with the earth,” she says. As founder of Third Eye, a collection of handcrafted jewelry made with love and intention, Savannah focuses on ancient and classical goldsmithing techniques that channel energy and symbolism through talismans and one-of-a-kind designs. She also works in Stone Medicine, the Daoist philosophy that everything from earth has a living vibration for wisdom and healing, and that minerals possess opportunity for great intuition. Not only are we huge fans of Savannah’s jewelry, but the meaning behind it makes it all the more beautiful. We had to know more, so we sat down with Savannah to chat stones, jewelry and how they can transform our busy lives.

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We are obsessed with your jewelry. Can you tell us, what was your path in discovering Stone Medicine and the "trigger moment" in realizing your calling?

I have always been drawn to stones but it was only a few years ago that I started "hearing" them. They communicate with us on the vibrational level, an exchange of consciousness through dreams, sensations in the body, and even words when we pause to sit with them. It took me a while to makes sense of it but when I truly opened myself to to this medicine my life changed. I felt a deeper connection to the earth, my body, and my ability to serve and heal.

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We love that. So how does your jewelry work and your Stone Medicine practice serve each other and overlap?

One of the best ways to be supported by stones is by wearing them. I make custom talismans and jewelry that honors the healing properties of the stones used. I work from scratch, employing ancient goldsmithing techniques to make every piece by hand from its raw material to completion. This allows my work to be filled with energy and intention at every step in the process. 

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Can you speak to the science behind Stone Medicine? How is it physical beneficial? Emotional?

On the quantum level we are all just particles and waves, a.k.a. vibrations. Stones direct energy in the body aiding both our physical and emotional health. Their finite crystal structures are highly organized and store a tremendous amount of information so they help us to sift through what might feel chaotic in our lives.

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Wow, ok, so how can we teach our kids about Stone Medicine and how do you think it can benefit them? 

Kids are natural healers because their intuition is so pure and strong. It's fun to go rock hunting with kids, If you have the opportunity to go out and collect stones, it's a fun way to connect with nature. Talking about how minerals form in the earth over millions of years, how they live in the soil and feed our plants which then in turn then feed us, is a great way to explore some geology and open them to the natural magic of the planet. My 5 year old god daughter loves to give treatments by having me lay down and she places stones on my body.


How can mamas benefit from Stone Medicine? Specifically those balancing demands of children, work and more?

We can all use a little help in balancing the demands of family, work, and the fast-paced lives we lead. For mamas I always recommend my Grounding Necklace. It's a black beach rock with an open back setting so the stone can rest against the skin providing a sense of calm and grounding. Stones are so supportive in your environment too and don't require much upkeep, which is great for busy mamas. I live on a bustling street in New York so I keep protective stones like Black Tourmaline or Obsidian in the window to help cleanse the energy coming in. I love Citrine in the work space to promote joy and success.

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Can you speak to your work with clients, is it a journey or do they come to you with something specific?

Some of my clients will come to me with a specific intention, from manifesting a partner to support in setting boundaries, or even just a feeling, a color that is joyful to them, a wish to wear something with meaning or gift a loved one with something personal. I'll ask a few questions and meditate on the piece, then select a stone and setting to best serve them. I also ask for any music or mantras they'd like the piece charged with as I find it helpful to listen to music that resonates with them when I'm setting the stone.

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Love that! So what is your "therapy?"

Sitting in circle with other women. Whether that is a tea ceremony, new moon circle, or my book club, it's what keeps me feeling supported and connected to myself and others.

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Lastly, what makes you fly?

Laughter, spending time with my nearest and dearest in nature and remembering to be light enough to fly.

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Third Eye

Sitter Outfitter

Written & Photographed by A Wild Dove

Whether you’re working full time, part time or just want a little “me” time on a Saturday, you mamas know how tough it is finding great care. People you can trust with your most precious possessions, who will engage, care for and nurture your children like you would. Lauren Mansell understood the struggle, so last year she decided to do something about it. She launched the app Hello Sitter that enables mamas to find someone at the last minute and know they are experienced, trustworthy and thoroughly vetted. Whether you’re in New York or the Hamptons, you no longer have to text five sitters right before a fabulous party or business meeting. Payment is also secured in-app and you have the ability to store your favorite sitters to create consistency in your child’s care. We were so floored by this incredible idea, that we had to chat with Lauren on this major light bulb moment and the joys and perils of starting a new business with a wee one at home.

A Wild Dove

 Break it down for us. How do you even begin to develop an app? Do you have a tech background?


Lauren Mansell

I have no technical background and that gave me certain disadvantages but also a lot of advantages. Rather than looking at it like an engineer, I looked at it through the eyes of a customer and made a product that I thought was not only great to use, but easy to understand and nice to look at. I have to learn every day and half the time I felt like I had no idea what I was doing, but I worked hard and leaned on people with more skills than myself.


A Wild Dove

Which is so important that you were able to let go and do that. What was your trigger moment in developing the business?


Lauren Mansell

I had left my previous job and knew that I wanted to start a business. While I was researching ideas, I had terrible trouble finding sitters. I didn’t have a 9-5 job and so the guilt of leaving Ady with sitters that I didn’t feel were great was hard. Either I didn’t want them taking her out, or I felt they weren’t engaging with her enough, and the majority of the time I stopped working and rearranged plans so that I could do it myself. I couldn’t understand why there wasn’t a better solution and so I decided to make one. The trigger moment was when I started talking to other moms about my idea and they were so enthusiastic and excited, I knew I was onto something.


A Wild Dove

You definitely were! It’s a very common dilemma. How do you balance a start-up and being a mom?  

Lauren Mansell

It’s hard and sometimes I struggle, but I try and have dedicated times for each role and in each of them I try to be present. On one hand, it is hard running your own business because the majority of the responsibility lies with you, there is no end time and always something I could be doing (hence why I am writing this at 11pm!) However, it allows you to set your own schedule. I can be at Ady’s school whenever I want or be there when she has a playdate.  I have the ability to swap an hour in the day for one in the evening and for that, I feel very grateful.


A Wild Dove

What was this morning like for you?


Lauren Mansell

This morning was actually great because it is the first day of spring break for Ady.  Normally we are rushing, trying to be ready and eat breakfast before we have to leave. However this morning, we slept in, played picnic in our pajamas until the nanny arrived and then I jumped in the shower.


A Wild Dove

Love that! What is your therapy?

Lauren Mansell

Shopping.  I have a slight addiction and I don’t think my husband will ever understand when I try and explain the peace it brings me when I am shopping or the calm that washes over me when I am in a department store.  It sounds weird but it is my happy place.

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A Wild Dove

Um, we can definitely relate!
What has been a mistake you made along the way and what did you learn from it?

Lauren Mansell

I make mistakes daily, I think the best way to learn is to make mistakes.  The biggest one though is thinking I can do it all and do it all well.  This was not the case - I couldn't run the day-to-day, all the social channels, build partnerships, and run marketing, be head of support, head of product and PR. I tried to give ‘everything’ but made errors thinking about too many things at once.


A Wild Dove

Totally. OK you're stranded on a desert island, what are the five things you need?  

Lauren Mansell

My husband, my daughter, a satellite phone, sunblock and a hammock.


A Wild Dove

Hammock! Yes. Lastly, what makes you fly?

Lauren Mansell

Being surrounded by people. I am a very shy person but once I make friends I hold them close and nothing makes me happier than being around good friends and family. Just chatting about nothing, laughing and enjoying each other's company. They say humor heals and I couldn’t agree more.

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visit Hello Sitter

Getting Warmer

Written & Photographed by A Wild Dove

Elissa Dunlop is a West-Coast transplant who’s bringing a bit of Cali warmth wherever she goes. Lately that means styling clients at Warm, Rob Magnotta and Winnie Beattie’s dreamy, resort-driven shop in Nolita that practically begs you to book a trip St. Tropez, Marrakech or even Montauk ASAP. Elissa, whose background includes styling fellow vacay-inspired boutique Calypso St. Barth, as well as designing a line of vintage print bikinis and working as a holistic nutritional health coach, began working at Warm one year ago and says she is constantly “inspired and motivated by the energy of the shop and everything it houses.” So are we! As the weather heats up, we turned to Elissa to find out how she styles her favorite Warm-weathered pieces.

A Wild Dove 

OK so we are obsessed with Warm. Tell us, how did you land there?


Elissa Dunlop 

Warm has been on my radar since it opened. I’m attracted to and love styling clients in the eclectic curation of designers with a nod to the 70’s beach, surf and skate cultures. Warm is all things good in one place and I knew I wanted to be a part of it.


A Wild Dove 

Every time we visit, we think about where we’re going next. What are a few must-haves from Warm we can work into our wardrobes whether on vacation or in the city?


Elissa Dunlop 

Light weight jackets like the Warm trailer jacket. I love a boxy shape that can be worn open or belted like a low v-neck karate jacket.  AND it's reversible. Also the Mabel denim jacket from Brooklyn-based designer Ilana Kohn. It’s her take on a vintage 60’s French work jacket but animated with quarter size white buttons down the front. Use them to top looks as the weather transitions from spring to summer temps. Balance with clean lines of a body suit like this metallic burnt orange color from Fluer du Mal or shorter floaty or ruffled tops like the Warm Colada cami with the coral palm tree print.

A Wild Dove 

We're totally feeling all of that. So what are some of Warm's biggest trends for this summer?

Elissa Dunlop 

Warm colors found in sunsets and rainbows, exaggerated tiers, bell silhouette floral prints, stripes, and ruffles. I love these shapes!

A Wild Dove 

So do we!
Lastly, what are the best pieces for those hot summer days into nights?

Elissa Dunlop 

An 'Electric Feathers Ruffle' kaftan in Marigold. Our Warm 'Eden' dress in Jungle print, Jennifer Fisher’s Samira hoops and a Manon Ocean Band Ring.


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Warm NY

Summer Ready

Written, Photographed, and Styled by Lynn Levoy

The onset of spring signals summer before we know it. Yes once the temperature hits 65, it’s only a matter of weeks before it’s “swimsuits and sunnies” season. Spring calls for a number of refreshes - from our hair, to our beauty products to our clothing. I also love a little wardrobe refresh for Callum, from our go-to brands, as well as new ones.

Callum and I headed to LaLa Land over Spring Break, where he was able to sneak peak some of our favorite new pieces that will have him splish-splashing in style all summer along. Check them out below.

The Animals Observatory

This is the third collaboration between Lara Aguilar, brainchild behind Bobo Choses and Jan Abdreu. The result is magic. The quality is amazing and everything is worn into perfection for that 1970’s vintage vibe. Callum especially loves the tee’s, tanks and sweatshirts, because the feel is so yummy and comfy. Everything is so  relaxed and super easy to wear.

Copy of Copy-of-IMG_6438.jpg

Green Tank and Black Socks by The Animals Observatory | Black Shorts by Beau LOves UK

Beau Loves UK

Hands down, one of my favorite brands. So cool and stylish that I wish it came in adult sizes! Inspired by the birth of her son Beau, Faye Wilde launched this unisex (yes)! line in 2010 featuring a palette of black, white and grey, always mixed with a hint of color. This season is all about love and hearts - the summer of love, indeed.

Heart Face Tee by Beau LOves UK | Black Shorts by Munster Kids

Floral Swim Shorts by Mini Rodini | Sandals by Akid


Hands down the best flip flops. Callum literally lives in them from the moment it hits 70 degrees. They come in a bunch of variations, from fur to metallic, but we also love the entire line. Akid was founded by wife and hubby duo, Ashleigh Dempster and Matt George. After their first son was born, they saw a void in the market for cook kids kicks. Thanks guys!

Mini Rodini

Founded in 2006 by illustrator Cassandra Rhodin, this Swedish label is Callum approved, namely for the creative graphics on its tees, as well as all the shorts and sweatshirts. I especially love the boy’s swim shorts, this fitted style is so hard to find so I always scoop up a bunch each season. The best part is that the fabric is made of 78% recycled polyamide, aka residual fishnets, old carpets and production waste. These fishnets would otherwise end up in the world’s oceans, trapping fish and destroying coral reefs, so that’s major!

Copy of Copy-of-IMG_6471.jpg

Floral Swim Shorts by Mini Rodini | Blue Tank by The Animals Observatory | Mama's Sunnies by Céline


Started by Julie Siden and inspired by her daughters, Sid NYC is a complete collection of tops, dresses, skirts and pants. We’re loving the vintage, one of a kind Levi’s jackets. Callum has already been rocking his, from the playground to dinner to the beach.


Denim Jacket by Sid NYC | Black Pants by Beau LOves UK

Munster Kids

This skater inspired kid’s line is based in Australia, which makes complete sense since it is all about sun and surf - PERFECT for summer. There’s a strong music influence too and Callum always loves the graphics on the tees. The shorts are super comfy, with their oh-so perfect drop crotch. Callum always feel like he’s “taking a walk on the wild side,” while still being totally adorbs.

Boom Grey Tee by Munster Kids | Shorts by The Animals Observatory

Rad Tee by Munster Kids | Love Net Shorts by Beau LOves UK

Power Hour

Written & Photographed by A Wild Dove

I’ve never been much of a “makeup person,” but I recently came to a point where I felt like I needed to start using, well, SOMETHING. I kept hearing about Hourglass and how natural-looking it was, so a few months ago, I found myself at the Hourglass counter at Barney’s, where I became obsessed. I worked with Laurette, a super-chic French woman, with that “je ne sais quoi” cool.

Copy of AWD03-0850545.jpg

With an effortlessness that only the French have mastered, she showed me the line’s core products and how easy they are to apply, combine and include in my daily routine. I loved the way she applied it all, but to be honest, I was a bit overwhelmed and not sure I could replicate it at home. I was worried I would look too “done,” and would have to set aside even MORE time in my morning. I feel like I already spend enough time applying all my lotions and potions, so I was a bit nervous. I figured I’d start slowly, first with the Primer and the Veil Foundation. Baby steps! But the next morning, I couldn’t believe how easy it was! And so natural!! Everything blended and layered so easily. Here are the products I took home, fell hard for and now use everyday.


Did you know around the world, one bottle is sold every minute!  I never used primer, it always seemed like an extra step and I thought it would make my skin feel cakey. But this one is so unbelievably light, it truly feels like silk. And it has SPF too. Foundation, or even just powder, glides on so much better afterwards.


Veil Foundation

I’ve also never used foundation, I always assumed it would feel too heavy, but this is exactly the opposite. It feels like you’re not wearing anything at all. I don’t wear it everyday, but on the days that I feel like I need it, it’s just the right amount of coverage and it looks so natural.

Copy of AWD03-0850561.jpg


This product works so well. It’s so great for covering up dark circles (always needed)! Because it’s so creamy it blends easily and naturally. And you don’t need much.

Copy of AWD03-0850564.jpg



I love the substantial weight of all the brushes. The shapes are perfect for blending, contouring and they give you complete control. I love the Vanish Seamless Finish Foundation Brush and the N5 Concealer Brush, but my favorite is the Ambient Lighting Edit Brush. I love that it has both sizes in one. I use the bigger one for all over and the smaller is the perfect size and shape for highlights and right under the brow.

Copy of AWD03-0850608.jpg

Ambient Palette

This compact features three powders in one and is perfect on-the-go or at home. It is literally all you need. I use Radiant Light as all over powder and it sets everything. I love Incandescent Light for highlights - I use it for cheekbones and under my eyebrow for extra pop. The powder is great even when you don’t use foundation, it definitely gives you enough coverage.



Eyebrow Pencil

If I only had time to do one thing, I would choose to fill in my brows. I’m all about brows and I adore this pencil so much. It gives you Brooke Shields eyebrows. Period. I use Dark Brunette because I like my brows on the darker side.


This pencil fills in so easily and blends super well. And even if I do too much by accident, it comes off easily without having to start over. Lifesaver.


Rings by Jennifer Fisher | Top by Isabel Marant

Wolf + Friends

Written & Photographed by A Wild Dove

For Carissa Tozzi and Gena Mann, working together was meant to be. The pair grew up in the same town on Long Island, crossed paths in the media world and later ended up close by in Connecticut. But the real magic came when Carissa sought advice from Gena for friends who were struggling with their autistic children, as one of Gena’s four kids has autism. Carissa then shared a top secret project she was working on and despite very few hours in the day, Gena signed on immediately. The result? Wolf + Friends, a cool, modern website that offers toys, fashion and gifts for children with developmental delays. We’re talking happy, stylish pieces that would fit inside any Pinterest-worthy bedroom. We spoke to the pair to get the intel on Wolf + Friends and how this amazing website came to be.


So you’ve been friends and colleagues for a long time and now you’re working together in such a beautiful way. Carissa, what was your "trigger moment” in launching Wolf and Friends?

Carissa- After having my son Wolf, I became obsessed with stylish kids' clothes, decor and toys on Pinterest. I also discovered that so many friends and colleagues were dealing with developmental issues with their children. I knew the only places they were shopping were uninspiring therapy stores. So I spent time researching those shops. I saw that many of the products they sold were on Amazon and that I could find similar items that had the same benefits at cool boutiques around the world. So I decided to curate it all online in a way that was inspiring and informative and helpful.

C73A7511 copy.jpg

Wolf + Friends is definitely filling a need. What was some of the feedback you got immediately from parents and children? Any specific moments that touched you?

Carissa- It is wonderful to hear people feel a loving, uplifting energy when they visit our site. I heard specifically from a mom who designs these awesome, modern balance boards for her autistic child. We sell them now!


Gena- I think parents are relieved and grateful to have a place to shop for their children’s developmental delays or differences that feels happy and inspirational instead of depressing! I have written a few stories on the blog from personal experiences with my own kids and moms often reach out to tell me it feels good to know they are not alone.


So how do you balance it all, a new website and five kids between you?

Carissa- Can you really call it balance?? We try to do the best we can with the time we have. We are both full time moms as well, which I think is really important for what we do. I am spending so much time with Wolf and meeting his friends and parents. I love that people I just met will come to me for advice and recommendations and many experts and parents want to contribute to the site as well.


Gena- There’s no such thing as balance with a startup. I am answering these questions at 10:00pm on Sunday evening after putting my four kids to bed. I try to work when my two year old is in preschool and then at night after the kids go to bed. My three other kids are going in 100 directions after school between therapies and activities so I am a chauffeur between the hours of 2:45 and 6pm. I worked really hard to have my youngest, so I will rarely give up any time with her. There is no better moment in my day than the way she squeals at preschool pickup.


We can’t imagine how busy you must be! Your team is amazing, how did you put your group together?

Gena- Many of the talented people that write for us are occupational therapists, speech therapists, psychiatrists and behavior analysts that I have met through my son's program. These people have helped my child, so we ask them to write about things we think can help other people's kids.


What are the next steps for Wolf +Friends?

Carissa- We are starting to collaborate with brands that we have always loved, which is super exciting and we are starting to meet with people who know a lot more about “business” than us, so we can get insight and advice on where we can take the brand from here.


What's the last book you read with your kids?


Carissa- Wolf is into scary looking and informative dinosaur books, so that is what we are reading. I ask him to bring home something funny from the library, but he is in a scary phase and all wants is facts and information!

Gena- My big kids read by themselves at night (at least some of them do)! My baby is a big fan of Llama, Llama books and so am I.


What makes you fly?

Carissa- When Wolf tells me he loves me so much! He is such a sweet, loving, affectionate boy! I want to hold on to those moments forever. And I am so lucky to have such a loving and thoughtful husband who tells me everyday how much he loves me and how beautiful I am. I am very grateful for my little family.

Gena- My family 100%. We have a complicated little crew in many ways. We have autism which throws everyone for a loop. We have a 12 year age difference between my oldest and youngest kids and my husband spends a lot of time on a plane traveling for work. But we wouldn't change a thing! When we are all together, we have moments of magic. My husband plays piano and the kids all dance around, we make bonfires in the front yard in the spring and summer. Honestly, when we can get everyone in one room for a meal, we are pretty psyched. Because of our challenges, we appreciate the small miracles.

Hair by Melissa Parizot | Make up by Michael Chua

For more information visit WOLFANDFRIENDS.COM

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Talking Shop with Totokaelo’s Graciela Molina

Written & Photographed by A Wild Dove

Add this name to your fashion rolodex. Graciela “Gracie” Molina is uber-stylist behind conceptual, fashion-forward boutique Totokaelo. She has loyal clients who trust her opinion on everything from high-waist denim to the It-boots of the moment. A native New Yorker, born and raised in Queens, Gracie has dabbled in a number of creative fields such as photography and styling but saw her journey to Totokaelo as a long time coming. “Working for this company has shown me so much about myself and my view on fashion,” she said. “I feel like I've just scratched the surface of my career.” We feel so chic in Gracie’s hands, whether we’re attempting a new trend or trying to find that perfect gift.

We asked Gracie to sound off on spring trends, how to shop for your body and why wrapping jeans around your neck is totally a thing.

On how to shop for your body

“The best way to shop for your body is to KNOW your body type and what you want to emphasize or hide,” says Gracie. “Stylists are here to help you figure out what works well on you. We can determine if anything needs altering or hemming and which style pieces can flatter your body type. Whether a synch of the waist, half an inch up from the hem or determining what fabric falls best, we are there to decipher what works best for you.”

On how to buy what you love

“I gravitate to what speaks to me. I don't look at what everyone else is wearing, but rather what makes me feel bold and true to myself. I have a vivid collection of T-shirts from various designers, for example, because that's a go-to piece for me. I love quirky quotes, bold graphics and unique fabrications which most designers are fusing with their basic tees as of lately. I stay true to what I like and what is realistic in my world.”


On how to buy for spring

“The best way to buy for spring is to concentrate on pieces that would develop and grow your already existing wardrobe. Try and find new pieces that will compliment your current wardrobe . For spring, find pops of color pieces that would go with a favorite knit of yours from the fall. Fun prints to blend with winter fabrics to make your outfit less strict. Harmonize your pieces so you can have a forever blend of style in your closet.”

On how to make a single purchase go the distance

“Invest in pieces that would last longer than a season in your closet. Find those great pieces that speak to your lifestyle and take care of them.  A garment bag goes a long way.”

On shopping Spring’s top trends

“I am a huge fan of Jacquemus. I love his clothing because of his playful and conceptual silhouettes. For Spring 2017, his colorful striped knit shirt and voluminous wide legs pant are my favorite pieces. It's that perfect balance of practicality and spunk. The idea of a practical jean is turned on it head this season with a corset like top that hugs your waist and an exaggerated voluminous wide leg with huge cuffs on the bottom. 

Also, Demna's biker jeans for Vetements are the perfect jean! The amount of technique and tailoring that are put into this one piece is amazing. Literally, precisely cut pieces of vintage Levi denim, pieced together to form his signature jean. It is an ingenious concept that you can have a pair of one of a kind jean in your closet.”

On trends to buy into

“Avante-garde shirting pieces. Who says you can't make workwear chic? Numerous designers are playing with playful cuts with the basic button down. Really great pieces!”


On her one #protip

“If you want to know quickly if a pair of jeans or pants will fit you, place the waistline of the pant around your neck. If the edges don't meet at the back of your neck, the pant is too small for you. It is not a 100% guarantee but It will give you a better idea of the fit. Take in consideration the cut, but it really works! “

Find Out More 

GRACIELA MOLINA | Totokaleo, 54 Crosby Street, NYC | |

Salespeople, stylists, skincare specialists and all manner of self care mavens—they can be so much more than simply people who provide a service. If we’re lucky enough to score a particularly first-rate one, they might be closer to our therapists, confidantes…basically our support team. They work magic on our wardrobes. They whip us into shape after a rough week. They set us straight when we’re mired in bad vibes. They nix our doubts and fix our hairdos in one fell swoop. They are truly transformation experts. In this series, we’re giving credit where it’s due: to the pros who keep us on point. Get their take on style, wellness, and how we can all learn to love ourselves a little better—even after we’ve left their stomping grounds.

Spaced Out Skincare

Written & Photographed by A Wild Dove

Beam us up Scotty, because we’re taking a trip to space - Space NK, that is. Yes, we are talking about the go-to beauty boutique for insiders, professionals and product junkies like ourselves.

Brands upon brands of luxury creams, fabulous color cosmetics and top haircare products. We recently hung out at Space NK’s new Brooklyn outpost, where we basically felt like kids in a candy shop, since our version of candy is primers, glosses, shimmer sticks and hair oils. The store is clean, chic, well-lit and so warm and inviting. Plus, with its prime Williamsburg location, it makes it even easier to shop from whichever side of the river you’re on.

Space’s beauty gurus just released their spring edit - a powerful mix of products like amazing highlighters by Kevyn Aucoin, the ultimate eyelash curler by Surratt and the most glam mascara by Rodial . They also carry the super exclusive Byredo line, ONLY available at the BK-NK (got that one?) and in their San Francisco boutique. We added a bit of our faves to theirs, for the must-shop list for Spring that will have you looking photo-ready.  

Copy of C73A2691.jpg
Copy of C73A2602.jpg

Relevée Lash Curler by Suratt Beauty | Lash Dance Mascara by Smith & Cult | Glamolash Mascara XXL by Rodial | The Neo-Limelight by Kevyn Aucoin | The Neo-Highlighter by Kevyn Aucoin | The Neo Powder Brush by Kevyn Aucoin | Surreal Skin Foundation Wand by Suratt Beauty | Lipstick Chess by Lipstick Queen | The Expert Lip Color by Kevyn Aucoin


Regenerating Cleanser by Tata Harper | Elixir Vitae Serum by Tata Harper | Ultramoor Mud Mask by Omorovicza | Phytoactive Anti-aging Cream by Royal Fern | Neck & Decolletage Treatment By 37 Extreme Actives | Cucumber Balancing Elixir by Kat Burki

Tracie Martyn Shakti Resculpting Body Cream | Tata Harper Revitalizing Body Oil | Malin + Goetz Peppermint Body Scrub | Ren Moroccan Rose Otto Sugar Body Polish | Kat Burki Hand Therapy


Gold Lust Repair & Restore Shampoo and Conditioner by Oribe | Volume Powder by Sachajuan | Voluminous Shampoo and Conditioner by

Rahua | Hair Oil by Quai | Extreme Caviar Scalp Mask by Miriam Quevedo



SpaceNK Apothecary Brooklyn

Hair Affair - Ryan AUSTIN

Written & Photographed by A Wild Dove

For a small town guy, Ryan Austin has made it BIG. Perhaps that’s why celebrities and musicians from Lorde to Icona Pop to Johnny Weir and Macy Gray trust him with their most precious strands. He’s gracious, funny and humble. The hairstylist got his start the way so many do, in an all-female family where he was resident hair stylist before proms, trips to the mall and other social outings.

He grew up in Dunmore, PA and soon enrolled in beauty school, after which he hightailed it to New York City and then worked for some of the most illustrious names in hair (think Oscar Blandi and Sally Hershberger). Now as a stylist at Cutler Salon in Soho and Williamsburg, he works on shoots with mags ranging from Vogue to GQ to Nylon and with the world’s top photographers like Terry Richardson, Sophie Elgort and Mary Ellen Matthews. We sat down with Ryan to chat Olsen hair, Beyonce break dancing and the products he’s currently loving - 

So we are obviously obsessed with your work. Can you describe your journey and how you ended up doing hair?

From a very young age I was obsessed with fashion magazines, models and musicians. Edgy and powerful women like Madonna, Kate Moss and the Spice Girls all had a role in impacting my obsession with hair and fashion. What I most admired about these particular women was their ability to constantly switch up their looks so effortlessly, especially their hair. On top of this, I grew up with two sisters at home so I was constantly exercising my obsession by cutting and styling them for proms, weddings or just for fun. I even styled my sister for her homecoming ceremony. She won, obviously.

Obviously! Did you always know that's what you wanted to do?

Yes, I love being able to help someone change up their look or vibe with a simple haircut. Making someone feel great about themselves, more confident or sexier is so rewarding. A great haircut or style can truly change a person’s life.

We can speak from experience that it DEFINITELY can! How would you describe your philosophy on hair?

My philosophy is that hair shouldn’t be stressful, it should always be fun and bring you confidence that leave you feeling renewed. So, I would say don’t be afraid to take risks, build a solid relationship with your hairstylist and have fun. Period.

Yes! Period. And how do you stay balanced in this crazy industry?

I try to choose hobbies that help me clear my head. I try to switch it up all the time, so some days I’ll go to boxing or a figure drawing class which I really enjoy. Every now and then a Beyoncè dance class can be fun.


Who has the best hair, either now or in history?

So many good ones but I'd say top 5 would be Cher, Mary Kate Olsen, Anna Wintour, Kristen Stewart, Chelo Alonso and Louise Brooks.

Mary Kate! Yassss. Ok, so...what would your hip hop name be?

I heard that your hip hop name is if you put LIL in front of the last thing you ate so I guess mine would be Lil' Smoothie.

Ha! I guess we’d be Lil' Kale. Does that work? And what's your favorite app?

I'm really into music so I'd say Spotify or Shazam. I recently downloaded Meitu, it's an app that turns you into an anime character! I'm obsessed. Also Uber is important.

So fun, must try Meitu! Lastly, what makes you fly?

Traveling outside the country makes me the happiest…


See below for Ryan’s favorite products of the moment -

Sachajuan Salt Spray - “For for someone with ultra soft hair, this product is super light and build-able. I love to spray it into a messy ponytail or topknot.”

Sachajuan Leave-in - Conditioner - “It’s the ultimate leave-in conditioner! It's great for super dry and staticky winter hair. I use this for every type of hair from super coarse to very fine thin hair.”

Redken Powder Grip - “Perfect for that little added texture in the crown. This product gives you that next day hair look.”

FATBOY Shampoo and Conditioner - “This combo is a perfect shampoo and conditioner. It smells great, it's sulfate, paraben and gluten free. It also protects hair color from sun damage and is keratin safe. And it's made and packaged in Brooklyn!”

Harry Josh Hot Tools -  “ I use these tools everyday!! The curling iron has a detachable clamp and can be turned into a curling wand and the flat iron’s ceramic plates create the shiniest hair you can ever imagine. Best in the game.”

Amika Blow Dryer -  “It’s super light and easy to use. It’s also really modern looking, which I like.”

Sachajuan Sea Salt Spray | Sachajuan Leave -in Conditioner | Redken Power Grip | Fatboy Shampoo | Fatboy Conditioner | Harry Josh Hot Tools | Amika Blow Dryer



As modern mamas living in the over information age, (where everyone is an expert and parenting opinions are shared as freely and easily as an Instagram post) it can be tough to filter through the white noise to find the facts. Naturally, we’d love to consider ourselves wise in all sorts of ways, but the truth is sometimes we’re scrawling SOS in the sand. Good thing we’ve got the guidance and expertise of our own personal rockstars: the people who inspire us on the daily. Our rockstars (our flock) are enthusiasts, professionals and influencers in the fields of wellness, travel, education, style—the list goes on. Each one brings a profoundly different perspective to the table, one informed by their own experiences and outlooks. And that perspective is priceless.

They say it takes a village…we say it takes a flock.

Smart Cookie

Written & Photographed by A Wild Dove

As Mamas, Valentine’s Day takes on an entirely different meaning. Of course we love to shower our partners with love and affection, but it’s really all about the kids. So what to get your lil’ ones whose main goal in life is obtaining their next dessert? Enter Eleni’s Bakery, a sweets shop that offers a wealth of adorable, kid-friendly (and nut-free BTW) options. 

If you’re into monogramming, you can have your child’s face plastered on a sugar cookie or cupcake. Or for a fun, Valentine’s Day activity, opt for the fun “Color Me” cookies in dinosaur, butterfly or heart shapes, they’ll love the edible ink. If your preteens are already hashtag #obsessed with Instagram, pick them up the love emoji shaped treats. You can even design your own cookies. There is seemingly nothing this amazing cookie and cupcake purveyor can’t do, and they offer same day delivery in New York City for all you procrastinating Romeos.

Callum and Lucas are huge fans of Eleni’s. This Valentine’s Day, follow along with them as they bite into love, one delicious cookie at a time.


All Clothes by Trico Field

Lynn Loves

Written & Photographed by A Wild Dove

To us, being sexy isn’t just about wearing head-to-toe lingerie and a three-inch stiletto (though it certainly can be). We love carving out small opportunities to feel sexy and beautiful everyday, even during the most banal of getting out of the bath or finishing a super intense workout.

So while we don’t need a designated day to be “sexy,” we can still use February 14th as an excuse to elevate our sex appeal with a few simple items. Be it for the body, the home, the wardrobe or for our own self are some of our favorite gifts to steer us in the direction of love all around, this Valentine’s Day.

Shoes by Saint Laurent | Lace Cuffs by Aurelie Bidermann | Rose Moon Sea Salts by Shiva Rose | Room Scent in Tabaco by Coqui Coqui | Eat Beautiful by Wendy Rowe | Invincible Living by Guru Jagat | The Body Book by Cameron Diaz | Red Socks by Vetements | Cade 26 Candle by Le Labo

What’s in your Bag? - A Wild Dove’s Lynn Levoy

Written & Photographed by A Wild Dove

For our first WIYB series, we look no further than Founder and Creative Director of A Wild Dove, Lynn Levoy, who is always toting an oversized sack full of goodies to take her from AM to PM. When running around the city, whether for work, play or Mama-ing, (yeah we just made that up), Lynn’s   go-to bag these days is a large Celine Cabas Twist tote. “The bigger, the better,” says Lynn. “Somehow they seem to get larger each time I buy a new one. And then they become like a big black hole...” Well, let’s do a deep dive into that black hole, complete with makeup, tech gadgets, sunnies and so much more...

Lip Balms - “I don’t wear much make up, but for some reason I need multiple clear glosses at all times. Lately, Glossier’s Coconut Balm Dotcom is my go-to. I have one at all times and even all around my apartment. I also love Glossier Lip Gloss. It’s so gooey. On that random occasion that red is in order, I go for Glossier Zip.  It's very satin and not heavy at all. It's super low maintenance. And Rodin Lip Balm with a slight sparkle. Just because.”

Kevyn Aucoin Eyelash Curler - “I use it everyday, even when I’m not wearing mascara. It gives my eyes an extra pop.”

YSL Shocking Mascara - "I've used it forever. I have tried everything but I always go back."

Shu Uemura Mascara Brush/Comb - “A makeup artist told me about this years ago. It’s a lifesaver. When I do wear mascara, I like lots and lots of coats. It’s the only way to get the clumps out and separate your lashes.”

“And I always use Glossier’s Pink Pouches perfect for make up and just about anything else."

Glossier Coconut Balm Dotcom & Lip Gloss | Rodin Lip Balm | Kevyn Aucoin Eyelash Curler | YSL Shocking Mascara | Nars Copacabana Multiple | Nars Concealer | Shu Uemura Mascara Brush/Comb | Anastasia Brow Pencil & Clear Brow Gel



Vintage Ray Ban Aviator Sunglasses With Yellow Lens - 

“My latest find. Obsessed.”


Eye Glasses by Culter & Gross | Yellow Vintage Sunglasses by Ray Ban | Black Sunglasses by Saint Laurent

Notebook by Moleskin | Wallet by Commes de Garcons | Graphic Pen by Pigma | Camera by Canon

Moleskin Notebook -  “I love a list. And nothing is better than crossing off to do’s.”  

Pigma Graphic Pen - " I'm very particular about pens for some reason. This is my current fave.”

Epi Pen - Callum was diagnosed with a peanut and nut allergy at two years old. I never leave home without two pens at all times.”

Love Note from Callum - “Nothing makes me happier.”

Snacks - “Especially with Callum’s peanut/nut allergy, I never know what the food situation will be, so I basically carry a small shop at all times.”

Kid Robot and Plus Plus Building- "Best distraction."

“And I of course never leave home without my iPad, iPhone, chargers, headphones, water, Trident Minty Sweet Twist and my wallet - the stars

make me happy."


Aurelie Bidermann pouches (these bags come with your your purchase. They're the best, I use them for everything).  “My bag is full of them to stay organized, except I then can't remember what’s in which one and I end up opening everyone one. People behind me in line love it..."


Pouches by Aurelie Bidermann | Hand Sanitiser by Aesop | All Electronics by Apple


Oversized Twisted Cabas Bag by Celine | Top by Nili Lotan | Jeans by Vetements | Boots by Balenciaga | Ring by Jennifer Fisher

Great Khaite

Written & Photographed by A Wild Dove


Sometimes a new label is so good that you want to keep it all to yourself,  but at the same time, shout it out from the rooftops. That’s how we feel about Khaite, a new ready-to-wear brand by Catherine Holstein which debuted this fall at mecca-of-all-things-chic, uber-boutique, The Line.


Everything about Khaite is so good - it’s refreshingly straightforward and features clean lines that feel both minimal yet totally luxurious. It’s ready-to-wear that exudes confidence in the form of a masculine meets feminine aesthetic, which we love.

It’s strong, yet soft. Classic yet modern.

Not to mention, the jeans are perfection. It’s like your favorite pair of worn-in Levi’s, but better. We’re talking Legs. For. Days.


Bodysuits reminiscent of old school 90’s, but way cooler. Timeless pieces that aren’t trendy, but rather, true investment items that are seasonless, effortless and will take you from day-to-night with the simple change of a shoe.

The quality is fantastic - super soft cashmeres, sexy silks and crisp cottons. AND the fit is on point. It’s cool, easy dressing that has already become our uniform this season.


Jeans by Khaite | Black Bodysuit by Khaite |

Green Sweater by Khaite | Black Boots by Vetements

Rings by Jennifer Fisher


Mama Said - HeyMama

Written & Photographed by A Wild Dove


If motherhood has ever left you feeling lost or alone (and let’s face it, who hasn’t felt that way?), the ladies behind heymama are inviting you in to join their community of awesome mamas doing incredible things in the creative space.

Amri Kibbler met business partner Katya Libin on a playdate in Brooklyn with their three-month old daughters when the pair became great friends. Though they were both working 9-5 jobs, Amri as a magazine editor and Katya doing business development, they decided to start a site to connect women globally.

The result?

A place to collaborate, inspire and support all moms in their work. Some of the badass mamas on the site range from designers like Rebecca Taylor and Jenni Kayne, to fashion blogger Charlotte Groeneveld. Since the site launched, heymama has grown into a full scale membership organization that connects working mamas to each other, thus inspiring collaboration, creation and friendship. We sat down with Amri and Katya to talk inspiration for the site, their proudest moment yet and what they think today’s mom needs to thrive -


What made you decide to launch HeyMama?

Amri: Our original motivation was much simpler than where we are now. Originally Katya and I were looking for a way to connect with other cool moms, we'd both struggled to find women we could relate to who had kids. In our early brainstorming stages we started meeting up with as many mamas for coffees and playdates as we could to pick their brains and soon realised that the thing we were talking about was our careers, both present and aspirational. Our community wanted to network and share the struggle to make their dreams happen while being a present mother.

Katya: We believe that mamas are stronger together than apart and that there is a beautiful community out there of women who are passionate about their voice and dreams outside of motherhood. We wanted to celebrate and connect them together.


What was the goal behind it and do you think you're achieving it?

Amri: We do! We aim to create a space for creative and entrepreneurial women that encourages and inspires them while providing real insight and advice they can relate to. We get so much interaction from our followers saying that it's made a difference for them!

Katya: We would love for mamas to feel connected and unified in their shared personal journeys to build their companies and express themselves creatively while being parents.  We know it can feel isolating at times when you're sending an email at 2am but there are so many mamas doing the same, it's comforting to know that you're dreams are not too big, and achievable with the right support system.


What’s been your proudest moment on the site?

Katya: I think my proudest moment was having a mama with a small chocolate business email me the nicest note I've ever been sent.  We were able to help her business in a powerful way and she told us about how she was able to show her daughter how hard works pays off. I think I cried. That and being in Vogue Bambini was pretty cool!!


What were some of the issues you were facing as a new mom that contributed to this idea?

Amri: We were going through the same thing at the same time.  I didn't have a strong network of mama friends I could relate to and lean on, so I felt isolated in that part of my life. I also wanted to make a career change and was looking for answers on how to figure out what I really wanted to do and how to get started. heymama was created out of a search to fill those two voids.


What do you hope women will get out of HeyMama?

Amri: The support system of community. A reassurance that the opportunities available to them are not limited to the jobs on LinkedIn. That there are women crafting their own career identities and building brands, women just like them, who started out with just ideas and turned it into a successful business.

Location: Two Hands Restaurant & Bar, NYC




Written & Photographed by A Wild Dove

Everything Graciela Molina touches turns to retail gold. The stylist behind Totokaelo’s clean, crisp aesthetic ensures that the store is looking as cool as ever while also maintaining key relationships with clients.

A native New Yorker, born and raised in Queens, Graciela dabbled in a number of creative fields like photography and styling, but her journey to Totokaelo had been a long time coming. After working in the fashion industry for eight years, she finally got on the right path when she joined the boutique in 2015. “Working for this company has shown me so much about myself and my view on fashion,” says Graciela. “I feel like I've just scratching the surface of my career.” We hit up this uber-stylist for her expertise on the perfect gifts for everyone on your list.




Rick Owens Weekender Bag


Jacquemus T-shirt




Wienerblut Freudian Wood


GRACIela Molina |

Salespeople, stylists, skincare specialists and all manner of self care mavens—they can be so much more than simply people who provide a service. If we’re lucky enough to score a particularly first-rate one, they might be closer to our therapists, confidantes…basically our support team. They work magic on our wardrobes. They whip us into shape after a rough week. They set us straight when we’re mired in bad vibes. They nix our doubts and fix our hairdos in one fell swoop. They are truly transformation experts. In this series, we’re giving credit where it’s due: to the pros who keep us on point. Get their take on style, wellness, and how we can all learn to love ourselves a little better—even after we’ve left their stomping grounds.