Lynn Loves - Derm Institute

Written & Photographed by A Wild Dove


Welcome back to Dove Loves, Lynn’s definitive guide to the products and pieces she’s loving - her favorites du jour, the holy grail of what she’s coveting, researching, talking about, and obsessing over.

Derm Institute may be my fave new line. I just started working their products into my routine and well, I’m loving them. Very rarely do you see an instant difference, but this is magic, we’re talking life changing. The genius behind this line is, literally, the geniuses behind it. Derm Institute collaborates with top research institutes to create ingredients and ahead-of-competition technologies in nutrition, cosmetic, DNA and stem-cell sciences to create its groundbreaking products. Using the advanced technology Fillift Complex, their Cellular Rejuvenating Serum plumps, tightens, reduces wrinkles and increases brightens. I use it morning and evening, right after toner and before I layer on on my other products. For some reason I feel that if I use it on its own, I get more benefits. Either way, science wins again.


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