Lynn Loves - "Pursoma After The Class" Bath

Written by Lynn Levoy | Photographed by Jennifer Young

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“pur” (French for “pure”)  +  “soma”

(an Ayurvedic term meaning transformation of self)   

The act of purifying the body and transitioning to an exceptional state of being


We all live crazy hectic lives. Especially as mamas. Trying to fit in self care on a regular basis often seems impossible. Shannon Vaughn, founder of Pursoma, totally got that and well, changed the game. As a yogi and mama who suffered a series of health issues, she launched the beauty wellness company to create products that buffer the effect of urban toxicity and allow people to take time for themselves and disconnect from their devices.

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So when I saw my two of my faves had collabed, I had to try. Pursoma “After The Class” Bath is a blend of magnesium (to relieve soreness - yes please!), French Grey Sea Salt (detoxifying) and aromatherapy. AND it comes with a different crystal to help set an intention. The smell is beyond and you really sweat. It is SO. GOOD. I’ve been adding it in 1-2x a week and notice a huge difference - I feel leaner and have much better workouts throughout the week. But most importantly, I am taking that time for me to reset and balance. At A Wild Dove, we are all about setting intentions for mindfulness into the new year. With my Pursoma “After the Class” Bath, it is the perfect way to start...


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