Go Inside Our Love Filled Workshop with The Cristalline

Written & Photographed by A Wild Dove 

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Once the new year came and went, our thoughts naturally turned to that special, once-a-year day of love when we get to pamper our kids with a total heart-filled explosion. So when Valentine’s Day was on the horizon, we knew we had to do something super special with our number one loves that was geared towards mindfulness and inner discovery. Who better to show us how to connect with our hearts than Rashia Bell, crystal healer and co-founder of our favorite crystal interior design firm, The Cristalline? Together at the gorgeous new Hatch store, we hosted some of our favorite lil' doves and their mamas for a special Valentine’s Day crystal class full of heart chakra stones and a lot of crystal love. 

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As mamas sipped on our fave pink drinks by Dr. Smood featuring grapefruit, lemon and green coffee and we all munched on bite-sized heart cupcakes with pink and purple frosting by our go-to bakery, Erin McKenna (because it’s dairy, soy, egg and gluten free and tastes SO yum), Rashia gathered the kids to start working on her signature crystal healing game. “It teaches them how to connect stones to learning about the energetic properties that they resonate,” Rsahia says. “It’s always fun to see what stones each child is drawn to by color, shape, texture as they unrecognizably are creating an energetic alignment to the stones.”

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Next up was a mini meditation that was all about connecting to the heart space and the ability to both give and receive love. According to Rashia, if we teach children how to connect to their own energy at a young age, we are empowering them by fostering a connection that gives them the know-how to tap into their intuition. “This can create a drastic effect in how they use to express their emotions,” she says. “It is ultimately giving them the tools to strengthen and support that inner-muscle as they continue to grow.”

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We knew were in a sacred space, as the beauty of the shop was matched only by the little beautiful beaming faces smiling up at us in total peace. Like all of our workshops with The Cristalline, it was a special loved filled afternoon, perhaps only with a bit more pink. Be sure to RSVP for our next crystal children’s workshop on April 22nd, when we’re making crystal jewelry in honor of Mother’s Day!

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