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When it comes to Aubrey Levitt, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. As the founder of Immunity, an incredible herbal probiotic, Aubrey was raised by a mother who was very into alternative medicine. “She turned our suburban lawn into an organic garden with compost,” said Aubrey. “We had herb books around the house.” When her mother was diagnosed with liver cancer, she went to Mexico for Gerson’s therapy, a program that encourages the body to fend off illness through an organic, vegetarian diet. Between the constant juices and illegal medications, her mother’s illness became a huge financial burden that changed Aubrey’s perspective on healthcare and what we put into our bodies. As an adult Aubrey suffered from digestive issues, hormonal imbalances and anxiety. When traditional doctors were dumbfounded, she again looked to all natural aides and eventually came up with her best selling supplement. Immunity reduces stress by cleaning up the gut, which in turn stimulates and supports the immune system and lessens the negative impact of stressors on the mind and body. We sat down with Aubrey to learn more about probiotics, her morning rituals and the key to starting a business.

Confession...we love Immunity. Can you describe your background and your journey in creating it? What was your trigger moment when Immunity was born?

Immunity was birthed naturally out of a previous line of herbal tonic and elixirs. I was in fight or flight from 6 months old, which led to being sick often, taking rounds of antibiotics, in turn creating more stress. I tried various cleanses and healing modalities, looking for a way to reset my body and build resiliency to stress. I was very lucky, because I was taught tools like meditation at a young age. But my body still needed a jumpstart. Things changed when I was introduced to the microbiome and the role the gut can play in mood and stress.


Why are probiotics so important and what about your ingredients specifically? What make Immunity special?

The fermented herbs target stress. One of the biggest factors that can play into gut health is stress. When we are in fight or flight the environment in our gut changes and if that goes on for a long time, we are not supporting the body’s basic functions.


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How did you manage starting this business?

Collaboration. I never really create anything alone and luckily so many angels have shown up along the way. I will say that starting a biz has been a crash course in personal growth. I’ve had to face all the parts of myself that make me uncomfortable.


Have you made any mistakes along the way and how have you learned from them?

Oh goodness, tons. I didn’t know a thing about operations. I really couldn’t plan logistics. I’m only slightly better at both, but I have learned how to trust my instinct and to fail. And that it doesn’t feel so bad to fail, unless it is a result of not trusting myself.


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We love that. And it’s so true. Can you tell us, what is your "therapy?"

Walks along the ocean watching the waves crash, spending time with good friends, kids and yoga.


Can you describe your morning ritual?

Morning ritual is key for me, especially since my life can be so unstructured. Ideally, I wake up around 5:30/6:00, meditate and do a little yoga. Then I have my herbs and probiotics and head out to do something physical. When I come back home I look forward to espresso with fresh nut milk.


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So good!  So we're sure there must be some exciting next steps in the works, is there anything you can share?  

We are really looking to bridge worlds, by making plant and probiotic remedies accessible. That will include personalized formulas in the future and setting a new standard in the industry with research. I am also passionate about starting a conversation around gut instincts and how listening to your gut can be key to happiness.


OK, you're stranded on a desert island, what are you five must-haves?

Ha, I have been asked this before. I’m a Virgo, so I’m pretty practical.


1)     Fire

2)     Water purifier

3)     A friend, preferably someone who has basic survival skills

4)     Chlorella tablets…

5)     Herb Books for identification


Yes!! And lastly, what makes you fly?

I try to fly in my dreams all the time. In life, I really love connection. I joke (but, it’s true) that I can fall in love with anyone within a few minutes. This used to feel like an oxymoron because I am also quite shy and a loner. Both are true.


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