Rituals - Jamie Graber


Founder of Organically Jamie


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My favorite ritual when I am alone...

"whenever I am traveling, whether I am staying at a hotel or with friends and family, the first thing I do is set up a sacred space for my mediation. It starts with my traveling altar, that I ALWAYS have with me. An altar is different for everyone. For me, it's about my crystals, crystal jewelry, Palo Santo, a candle and a leather pouch they travel in - all which has special meanings to me. By having these things close by, it helps keep me feeling grounded and connected..."

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Whether a morning meditation or afternoon cup of tea, the rituals we practice serve us more than we realize. They are our life’s bookends, moments we rely on and enjoy. For mamas especially, these small ceremonies are what gets us through the day. At A Wild Dove, we are so inspired by rituals, that we’ve asked some of our favorite women to share their smallest, most celebrated acts that help them feel their best.