Rituals - Tata Harper


Tata Harper, Founder of Tata Harper Skincare

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My first ritual of the morning and last ritual of the day is...

"Meditating. I try to give myself half an hour when I wake up and right before bed. It helps me go into my day feeling centered, and unwind before sleep. I have dark curtains in my room to keep out the light in the morning so I can focus. Sometimes I’ll play relaxing music too, especially at night. I love to hear a lot of piano - George Winston is so relaxing. I also really like Indian devotional bhajans."



Whether a morning meditation or afternoon cup of tea, the rituals we practice serve us more than we realize. They are our life’s bookends, moments we rely on and enjoy. For mamas especially, these small ceremonies are what gets us through the day. At A Wild Dove, we are so inspired by rituals, that we’ve asked some of our favorite women to share their smallest, most celebrated acts that help them feel their best.