Allergy Week

Delicious for ALL Kids & Mamas- Jamie Graber's Allergy-Friendly Recipes

Written & Photographed by A Wild Dove

In honor of Allergy Awareness Week, we asked Jamie Graber, wellness coach and founder of Organically Jamie, to come up with some allergy-proof recipes for kids and mama’s that are as delicious as they are healthy. We’re talking the perfect concoctions for breakfast time, inside school lunchboxes, as well as for afternoon snacks. We guarantee that all children and adults, alike, will be begging for seconds.


Homemade Hemp Milk is a great alternative to dairy, soy, nuts and processed boxed milks. You do not have to soak the seeds like you do for man nut milks.  This recipe can be adjusted, you can switch out the hemp seeds to sunflower or sesame seeds, or to nuts like Brazil nuts and almonds (for those without nut allergies). For the nuts, I like to soak them the night before, then rinse and ready.  This helps to remove the enzyme inhibitors that make it difficult to digest the almonds.







  1. In a blender, pour 1 cup of Hemp Seeds and blend with 3 cups of filtered water. If you want to make a smaller batch in a NutriBullet, half the recipe.

  2. Blend the water and seeds for about 1 minute.

  3. Drape the nut milk bag around a glass jar and pour the contents of the blender through the bag.

  4. Once the liquid has been separated from the seeds, you are finished.


If you want to make it sweet pour the separated liquid back into the blender. The amount of sweetener can be adjusted for your taste preference.  


ADD Either


  • A pinch of Himalayan Sea Salt

  • A teaspoon of Vanilla Extract

  • Pitted Dates OR

  • A tablespoon of Coconut Palm Sugar .




  1. Blend all the above, then pour back into your glass jar and done. The milk should stay fresh for 3 to 4 days.



This milk can be used for cereals, overnight oats, chia pudding, smoothies and coffee! You can also lightly heat it up (so it's warm to the touch, but not hot) and blend in some of your favorite adaptogens to make a nice elixir.




  • 2 cups fresh Hemp Milk

  • Chia Seeds

  • Cinammon (optional)



  1. Take 2 cups of freshly made hemp milk

  2. Pour over 1/2 cup of Chia Seeds

  3. Add a pinch of cinnamon to taste (optional)

  4. Whisk all of the above and let sit for about an hour, until it becomes gelatinous (or let them soak overnight)



These are a great gluten free option (and also an alternative to processed chips that often contain unhealthy oils).



  • Himalayan Sea Salt

  • Thin Baking Sheet

  • A mandolin - (I use a Benriner Japanese Mandolin Vegetable Slicer)

  • Cooking spray, either Coconut oil
    or Avocado Oil

  • Non Slip Silicone Baking Mat -
    (I prefer A Silpat)

  • You can use Beets, Potatoes, Yucca, Yams etc... (For a sweet version use Sweet Potatoes, Coconut Oil and Cinnamon)





  1. Preheat your oven to bake at 300 degrees

  2. Wash and peel vegetable of choice (I personally leave the skin on my potatoes)

  3. Carefully, thinly slice your vegetable on the mandolin

  4. Place your baking mat on your baking sheet

  5. Lightly spray the sheet with coconut or avocado oil

  6. Carefully lay the sliced vegetables on the sheet not overlapping

  7. Sprinkle a bit of Himalayan sea salt on top

  8. Place in the oven for about 20-30 minute and start checking on them in 10 minutes


Itsy Bitsy Brainfood

Written & Photographed by A Wild Dove

Allergies are a topic that’s close to our hearts. Lynn’s son Callum has a nut allergy, and his safety is something she’s always thinking about - whether on a plane (more on that later), at a birthday party, or in the school cafeteria. So in honor of Allergy Awareness Week, we are introducing snacks, recipes and brands that we’ve relied on over the last few years so that our kids can feel like they’re not missing out at meal time and actually enjoy what they’re eating.

untitled (1).png

First up is Bitsy’s Brainfood. Maggie Jones and Alex Buckley are the brains behind this genius brand, where each cookie, cracker and chip features all-natural, healthy ingredients that are totally nut-free. (The brand’s Smart Crackers and Cookies are made in a peanut and tree nut free facility while the cereals are made in a peanut and egg free facility). The pair started the line after working for a non-profit organization that focused on empowering children through healthy eating. We sat down with these inspiring women, where we talked allergy awareness, a devotion to authenticity and why showing off those veggies is so important.

A Wild Dove

So we are all about empowering mamas as well as children. Can you tell us your “trigger moment” in developing Bitsy's Brainfood?

Maggie and Alex.jpg

Bitsy’s Brainfood

It began with empowering kids. As mothers, we realized how few options existed when it came to organic, packaged, and authentically nutritious food that kids would actually eat!  And so we felt that by creating snacks that were more than a nutritional net-neutral, we’d be empowering parents like us, whose energy for food battles might otherwise end in an official position vaguely resembling all Cheez-its, all the time.


A Wild Dove

Uhhh yup! Right here. What we love so much about Bitsy’s is your honesty and transparency. That's our philosophy too. Can you tell us about making that call, which feels so different than what others are doing? 

Bitsy’s Brainfood

For better or worse, we really don’t know any other way! It’s a funny thing. That commitment to honesty has both created our most considerable challenges and formed the foundation of our brand. It started with the idea that while efficient in the short run, it was fundamentally counterproductive to “trick” kids into eating vegetables. We were excited about our ingredients, not pretending to be junk, and we wanted to get kids excited, too. Sticking to our principles on this—refusing to reformulate—was a big risk. But we think we moved an invisible needle.


A Wild Dove

Totally. Why hide what they should be eating anyway? That’s how we feel. We also love that you're nut free. With a nut allergy in our family that’s an added bonus, since your products are already so delicious as it is.
What influenced that decision? 

Bitsy’s Brainfood

So many families struggle with allergies, and the rise of children with anaphylactic nut allergies has been alarming, to say the least. This means that increasingly, all of us—whether ours is a family with allergies, or not—are called upon to keep kids safe. As a brand created by mothers for kids, we felt strongly that our products be safe for school and that we provide options for as many families as we’re able.

Copy of AWD_MothersDay_05-08-1752819.jpg

A Wild Dove

Now for the million dollar question. How on earth do you make your products so yummy?!

Copy of AWD_MothersDay_05-08-1752772.jpg
Copy of AWD_MothersDay_05-08-1752839.jpg

Bitsy’s Brainfood

We’ve put a lot of research and work into testing and tasting every single bit of every single Bitsy’s product, because we know that if we want kids (and families!) to choose healthy, then our products have to been as good-tasting as they are good for you. But the secret is in the real, nutritious ingredients. It’s true.

Copy of AWD_MothersDay_05-08-1752798.jpg

Gabi wears tee by Beau LOves UK | Callum wears tee by Mini Rodini

A Wild Dove

We believe you. And we’re loving everything you do. Thank you for sitting down with us and sharing your story. Lastly, what makes you fly?

Bitsy’s Brainfood

When you’ve had a dream for a while and have been working on it for a few years, there can be times when it feels like such an uphill battle. But then we meet a new person who didn’t know about Bitsy’s, and she’s excited to learn what we’re about. And those moments are so reinvigorating. They remind us that there’s so much potential for growth, so much good work to be done, and that what we’re working on matters.


Images of Alex, Maggie, and family courtesy of Bitsy's Brainfood

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