valentines day

Smart Cookie

Written & Photographed by A Wild Dove

As Mamas, Valentine’s Day takes on an entirely different meaning. Of course we love to shower our partners with love and affection, but it’s really all about the kids. So what to get your lil’ ones whose main goal in life is obtaining their next dessert? Enter Eleni’s Bakery, a sweets shop that offers a wealth of adorable, kid-friendly (and nut-free BTW) options. 

If you’re into monogramming, you can have your child’s face plastered on a sugar cookie or cupcake. Or for a fun, Valentine’s Day activity, opt for the fun “Color Me” cookies in dinosaur, butterfly or heart shapes, they’ll love the edible ink. If your preteens are already hashtag #obsessed with Instagram, pick them up the love emoji shaped treats. You can even design your own cookies. There is seemingly nothing this amazing cookie and cupcake purveyor can’t do, and they offer same day delivery in New York City for all you procrastinating Romeos.

Callum and Lucas are huge fans of Eleni’s. This Valentine’s Day, follow along with them as they bite into love, one delicious cookie at a time.


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