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Lynn Loves

Written & Photographed by A Wild Dove

Welcome to Dove Loves. Here you’ll find Lynn’s definitive guide to what she’s loving at this very moment. Consider them her favorites du jour - the holy grail of items she’s coveting, researching, talking about, obsessing over - the products she’s deemed can’t-live-without-worthy and needs to share with you right now.

Each month we’ll be bringing you these Dove Loves straight from Lynn herself. Consider them tried, tested and approved directly from the source of all things A Wild Dove.

Ben taverniTi Unravel Project

“I love the vibe of this line and what Ben and Joyce are doing right now (They’re also engaged and with 2 kids. Love that)!  This collection feels so fresh compared to everything else out there. Streetwear inspired for sure, but the fit and quality are so on point. I also love it’s not everywhere (yet). This bomber is one of my favorite pieces. I like to wear it kinda slouchy. It comes with removable shoulder pads that may be a bit extreme for everyday, but perfect for Saturday night.”


Published under Virgil Abloh's Off White, this book is styled and lensed by fashion power players Luka Sabbat and Noah Dillon, the duo behind HotMess. It's full of super cool images of women and with a purple reflector cover, it's perfect for coffee table decor.”

Vetements x Dr Martens

“Need I say more? Vet and Docs - best collab ever. From the moment I saw them, I knew I needed them in my world and I’ve been in living in them. They go with everything - dresses, wide leg jeans, cropped jeans...EVERYTHING. They’re already a bit beat upon purchase, which means they will wear-in perfectly."


Nars Velvet Lip Glide in Mineshaft

“For someone who doesn’t really wear red lipstick, I am strangely always on the hunt for new reds,” says Lynn. “ I am loving this one by Nars. It goes on super easy, no liner needed. It applies like gloss but it’s actually not glossy. The color is super strong and really stays on, but doesn’t get cakey.”


Celine Thin Shadow Sunglasses

“These sunnies are SO Laura Biagiotti,  but in the best way possible. I always wearing huge glasses but I love the unique shape. Needless to say I'm obsessed with them for the moment.”

Rings by Jennifer Fisher | Shorts by Vetements x Champion | Camisole by Nili Lotan

Talking Shop with Totokaelo’s Graciela Molina

Written & Photographed by A Wild Dove

Add this name to your fashion rolodex. Graciela “Gracie” Molina is uber-stylist behind conceptual, fashion-forward boutique Totokaelo. She has loyal clients who trust her opinion on everything from high-waist denim to the It-boots of the moment. A native New Yorker, born and raised in Queens, Gracie has dabbled in a number of creative fields such as photography and styling but saw her journey to Totokaelo as a long time coming. “Working for this company has shown me so much about myself and my view on fashion,” she said. “I feel like I've just scratched the surface of my career.” We feel so chic in Gracie’s hands, whether we’re attempting a new trend or trying to find that perfect gift.

We asked Gracie to sound off on spring trends, how to shop for your body and why wrapping jeans around your neck is totally a thing.

On how to shop for your body

“The best way to shop for your body is to KNOW your body type and what you want to emphasize or hide,” says Gracie. “Stylists are here to help you figure out what works well on you. We can determine if anything needs altering or hemming and which style pieces can flatter your body type. Whether a synch of the waist, half an inch up from the hem or determining what fabric falls best, we are there to decipher what works best for you.”

On how to buy what you love

“I gravitate to what speaks to me. I don't look at what everyone else is wearing, but rather what makes me feel bold and true to myself. I have a vivid collection of T-shirts from various designers, for example, because that's a go-to piece for me. I love quirky quotes, bold graphics and unique fabrications which most designers are fusing with their basic tees as of lately. I stay true to what I like and what is realistic in my world.”


On how to buy for spring

“The best way to buy for spring is to concentrate on pieces that would develop and grow your already existing wardrobe. Try and find new pieces that will compliment your current wardrobe . For spring, find pops of color pieces that would go with a favorite knit of yours from the fall. Fun prints to blend with winter fabrics to make your outfit less strict. Harmonize your pieces so you can have a forever blend of style in your closet.”

On how to make a single purchase go the distance

“Invest in pieces that would last longer than a season in your closet. Find those great pieces that speak to your lifestyle and take care of them.  A garment bag goes a long way.”

On shopping Spring’s top trends

“I am a huge fan of Jacquemus. I love his clothing because of his playful and conceptual silhouettes. For Spring 2017, his colorful striped knit shirt and voluminous wide legs pant are my favorite pieces. It's that perfect balance of practicality and spunk. The idea of a practical jean is turned on it head this season with a corset like top that hugs your waist and an exaggerated voluminous wide leg with huge cuffs on the bottom. 

Also, Demna's biker jeans for Vetements are the perfect jean! The amount of technique and tailoring that are put into this one piece is amazing. Literally, precisely cut pieces of vintage Levi denim, pieced together to form his signature jean. It is an ingenious concept that you can have a pair of one of a kind jean in your closet.”

On trends to buy into

“Avante-garde shirting pieces. Who says you can't make workwear chic? Numerous designers are playing with playful cuts with the basic button down. Really great pieces!”


On her one #protip

“If you want to know quickly if a pair of jeans or pants will fit you, place the waistline of the pant around your neck. If the edges don't meet at the back of your neck, the pant is too small for you. It is not a 100% guarantee but It will give you a better idea of the fit. Take in consideration the cut, but it really works! “

Find Out More 

GRACIELA MOLINA | Totokaleo, 54 Crosby Street, NYC | graciela.m@totokaelo.com | WWW.TOtokaelo.com

Salespeople, stylists, skincare specialists and all manner of self care mavens—they can be so much more than simply people who provide a service. If we’re lucky enough to score a particularly first-rate one, they might be closer to our therapists, confidantes…basically our support team. They work magic on our wardrobes. They whip us into shape after a rough week. They set us straight when we’re mired in bad vibes. They nix our doubts and fix our hairdos in one fell swoop. They are truly transformation experts. In this series, we’re giving credit where it’s due: to the pros who keep us on point. Get their take on style, wellness, and how we can all learn to love ourselves a little better—even after we’ve left their stomping grounds.

What’s in your Bag? - A Wild Dove’s Lynn Levoy

Written & Photographed by A Wild Dove

For our first WIYB series, we look no further than Founder and Creative Director of A Wild Dove, Lynn Levoy, who is always toting an oversized sack full of goodies to take her from AM to PM. When running around the city, whether for work, play or Mama-ing, (yeah we just made that up), Lynn’s   go-to bag these days is a large Celine Cabas Twist tote. “The bigger, the better,” says Lynn. “Somehow they seem to get larger each time I buy a new one. And then they become like a big black hole...” Well, let’s do a deep dive into that black hole, complete with makeup, tech gadgets, sunnies and so much more...

Lip Balms - “I don’t wear much make up, but for some reason I need multiple clear glosses at all times. Lately, Glossier’s Coconut Balm Dotcom is my go-to. I have one at all times and even all around my apartment. I also love Glossier Lip Gloss. It’s so gooey. On that random occasion that red is in order, I go for Glossier Zip.  It's very satin and not heavy at all. It's super low maintenance. And Rodin Lip Balm with a slight sparkle. Just because.”

Kevyn Aucoin Eyelash Curler - “I use it everyday, even when I’m not wearing mascara. It gives my eyes an extra pop.”

YSL Shocking Mascara - "I've used it forever. I have tried everything but I always go back."

Shu Uemura Mascara Brush/Comb - “A makeup artist told me about this years ago. It’s a lifesaver. When I do wear mascara, I like lots and lots of coats. It’s the only way to get the clumps out and separate your lashes.”

“And I always use Glossier’s Pink Pouches perfect for make up and just about anything else."

Glossier Coconut Balm Dotcom & Lip Gloss | Rodin Lip Balm | Kevyn Aucoin Eyelash Curler | YSL Shocking Mascara | Nars Copacabana Multiple | Nars Concealer | Shu Uemura Mascara Brush/Comb | Anastasia Brow Pencil & Clear Brow Gel



Vintage Ray Ban Aviator Sunglasses With Yellow Lens - 

“My latest find. Obsessed.”


Eye Glasses by Culter & Gross | Yellow Vintage Sunglasses by Ray Ban | Black Sunglasses by Saint Laurent

Notebook by Moleskin | Wallet by Commes de Garcons | Graphic Pen by Pigma | Camera by Canon

Moleskin Notebook -  “I love a list. And nothing is better than crossing off to do’s.”  

Pigma Graphic Pen - " I'm very particular about pens for some reason. This is my current fave.”

Epi Pen - Callum was diagnosed with a peanut and nut allergy at two years old. I never leave home without two pens at all times.”

Love Note from Callum - “Nothing makes me happier.”

Snacks - “Especially with Callum’s peanut/nut allergy, I never know what the food situation will be, so I basically carry a small shop at all times.”

Kid Robot and Plus Plus Building- "Best distraction."

“And I of course never leave home without my iPad, iPhone, chargers, headphones, water, Trident Minty Sweet Twist and my wallet - the stars

make me happy."


Aurelie Bidermann pouches (these bags come with your your purchase. They're the best, I use them for everything).  “My bag is full of them to stay organized, except I then can't remember what’s in which one and I end up opening everyone one. People behind me in line love it..."


Pouches by Aurelie Bidermann | Hand Sanitiser by Aesop | All Electronics by Apple


Oversized Twisted Cabas Bag by Celine | Top by Nili Lotan | Jeans by Vetements | Boots by Balenciaga | Ring by Jennifer Fisher

What Goes Around Comes Around

Written by A Wild Dove


We’re Fall-ing for Vintage this Season.

Where do you shop for fall if you want something cool, original? Something no one else has?

What Goes Around Comes Around.


Yep. What Goes Around Comes Around is our go-to choice for worn in tee’s, easy dresses and the perfect length denim cut-offs in that just-so vintage wash. We first discovered WGACA in Soho back in the 1990’s, when vintage was a religion, not just a source of clothing. Founded by Gerard Maione and Seth Weisser, the shop elevated the secondhand market with its curated vision and concept that features the most coveted fashion labels on the market like Chanel, Hermes and Louis Vuitton, just to name a few.


But more than that, WGACA offers a ton of chic “of the moment” items even without designer labels. Its assortment of ‘90’s style dainty slip dresses bring us back to the era of Kate Moss and Courtney Love. Its 1970’s rocker t-shirts are the perfect compliment to our high-waist Levi’s. And what is fall fashion without a totally badass bomber jacket? And lest we not forget their selection of vintage Gucci that puts the M in Major. Looks like we’ve got fall shopping in the bag...


PHOTOGRAPHY ERIC WHITE | Styling Lynn Levoy | Model Maja Brodin at The Society | Hair Sonny Molina | Makeup Marcelo Gutierrez