Book Nook - Holiday Cheer Edition

Written & Photographed by A Wild Dove


2016 was one wild ride, and we are excited to welcome 2017 with a little peace, love and song. So to get warmed up, check out these super giftable books that will have you harmonizing to the tunes of Bob Marley, Pharrell and more.

These music-inspired tomes are sure to put you in the festive mood!

Bob Marley, One Love

This colorful book, written by Marley’s eldest daughter Cedella, is set to Marley’s famous song, with inspiring lyrics written out on each page. The pictures depict people of all backgrounds getting together and feeling alright. It’s pure joy, cover-to-cover.


Pharrell, Happy

Like the hit song from Despicable Me 2, this book is lively, fun and sure to elicit laughter from the youngest of readers. From the neon yellow letters to the whimsical illustrations, each page is all delight and features kids of all kinds dancing, laughing and posing in a “room without a roof.”   

Ziggy Marley, I Love You Too

The eldest son of Bob Marley took to the page after a conversation with his three-year-old daughter over breakfast. He was so inspired that he wrote a song of the same name, whose lyrics grace the pages of the book. The words and accompanying illustrations are bright, cheerful and reflect the various types of love young children have in their lives.