My Top Summer Sunscreen Picks

Written & Photographed by A Wild Dove

Now that you’ve grabbed those first rays of summer, it’s time to get serious about sun protection. There’s nothing better in the summer than playing in the outdoors, but we should protect our little ones’ skin while doing so. Organic, all natural sunscreens ensure we are nourishing them with effective coverage without adding harmful toxins. I choose products that are not only organic, but free of chemicals (phthalates, petro-chemicals, synthetic preservatives and parabens), and full of the right kind of effective physical sunscreen. Zinc oxide is great, but we must also consider particle size. Larger zinc particles are better for us and our kids, as non-nano particles can enter human cells, interact with our biology, and confuse our immune systems.



After these important considerations, I won’t compromise on luxury, feel, and experience. I look for something with a lovely scent, that rubs in without a white shadow, won’t cause breakouts, and stays put for continual coverage.


Here are my faves, selected from a lifetime of trying organic sunscreens and wandering the world in the sun, and from the clear and opinionated feedback of my two little adventurers, Alexander and Anabella.


Loving Naturals Adorable Baby Sunscreen SPF 30

Loving Naturals Adorable BabySunscreen SPF 30 is my favorite all around bottled sunscreen. Yes, it says it’s for babies, but my big kids don’t mind, and I love this one for me as well. It exceeds my non toxic standards and has a physical sunscreen but truly goes on clear. It is the least white of any liquid zinc sunscreen I’ve ever used.


TruKid Sunny Days sport Daily sunscreen SPF 30

My daughter loves the citrus scent (which comes from natural, perfume free oils) of TruKid Sunny Days Sport Daily Sunscreen SPF 30. I love that it goes on white so I can see she’s fully covered but then can be rubbed in to barely there for lasting coverage. It’s packed with organic ingredients and lasts through a 60-minute swim.


Purple Prairie Botanicals Sunstick

I’m obsessed with Purple Prairie Botanicals SunStick. The ingredient list is so pure and organic you could almost eat it. The cocoa butter gives it a subtle, chocolaty smell that’s delicious. It moisturizes skin with coconut oil, olive oil, shea butter, cocoa butter, and sunflower oil leaving skin soft and glowing but not shiny. The diameter of the stick is larger than most so it’s easy to apply on the whole body. Because it’s 2oz and a solid, I can take it in my carry-on when we travel so I don’t have to check luggage but can ensure I have healthy sun protection for my family no matter where we are.


Badger Sport SPF 35 Face Stick

At SPF 35 and 80 minutes of water resistance, Badger Sport SPF 35 Face Stick is the strongest of the bunch. Still it is 98% organic, doesn’t feel thick, and can be rubbed in for no white cast. It says it’s for face but it’s also good for adding on to more likely to burn spots on the body, like the tops of the shoulders. For the scent averse, this one has virtually no smell at all. The small and slim package means I can keep it in my purse or even in my pocket for on-the-go application.


BeautyCounter Protect Lip Balm SPF 15


SPF for your lips is equally as important as the rest of your body. Sun damage and sunburn can affect this sensitive area. Beautycounter Lip Balm features aloe, shea butter and a plethora of rich natural oils that hydrate beautifully. The sun protection is zinc non-nano particles, which are super effective and healthy. You and your kids will love reapplying it throughout the day.



Basket Bag by Vanessa Seward


As modern mamas living in the over information age, (where everyone is an expert and parenting opinions are shared as freely and easily as an Instagram post) it can be tough to filter through the white noise to find the facts. Naturally, we’d love to consider ourselves wise in all sorts of ways, but the truth is sometimes we’re scrawling SOS in the sand. Good thing we’ve got the guidance and expertise of our own personal rockstars: the people who inspire us on the daily. Our rockstars (our flock) are enthusiasts, professionals and influencers in the fields of wellness, travel, education, style—the list goes on. Each one brings a profoundly different perspective to the table, one informed by their own experiences and outlooks. And that perspective is priceless.

They say it takes a village…we say it takes a flock.

Master Cleanse

Written & Photographed by A Wild Dove

There seems to be a disconnect between how much we value our clothing and how we end up caring for it...why buy a Vetements sweatshirt, only to throw it into the washing machine with a heaping scoop of harsh detergent ? When we first walked by The Laundress in Soho, a jewel box of a shop complete with crystal chandeliers and a clean, crisp white palette, we were enthralled with the seemingly unlimited options of how to care for your, well, everything.

It’s easy to get lost in the world of The Laundress', founders' Gwen Whiting and Lindsey Boyd’s vision of how to best advance the world of fabric care through luxury products. We became instantly hooked on the Signature Detergent, which is perfectly formulated with surfactants, color guard and stain-fighting enzymes, yet with an addictively lush scent of jasmine. The fabric conditioner helps clothing and sheets be their best selves, with a plant-derived fabric softener that reduces wrinkles and conditions properly. There’s literally a treatment for every item in your closet. For you SoulCyclers or The Class addicts, the Sport Detergent keeps you smelling fresh before, during and after your workout. It has a special formulation that keeps activewear in top form. We even love the baby detergent - it’s non-toxic, allergen-free and oh, so sweet smelling. Plus, the New Mom Starter Kit makes the perfect gift. It's all mamas need to keep their babes looking and smelling fresh with an assortment of Baby Detergent, Fabric Conditioner, Baby Fabric Fresh, Stain Solution and Bleach Alternative - all super safe and gentle. From Denim Wash to Wool and Cashmere spray, you’ll be overtaking your laundry room in no time.

As if we couldn’t get more addicted, there’s also a full-fledged collection of home cleaners like dish detergent, surface spray and bleach alternative. Because who doesn’t want to feel just a little fabulous, even amidst life’s most unfabulous moments? 

Stars of David

Written & Photographed by A Wild Dove


We’re not the type to jump on the latest juice cleanse.

We like to eat.

But we also like to feel good. Which is why David Kirsch supplements have become the holy grail of our daily diet regimen. For those of you who aren’t familiar with this lifestyle wunderkind, Kirsch is a leading authority on achieving optimal health and well-being at any age or fitness level. His famous Madison Square Club sees the likes of athletes, CEO’s and celebrities who are converts to his signature combination of mind-body conditioning, multi-tasking workouts and smart nutrition. 


Not to mention, his website,, features a wealth of detox programs, supplements in the form of powders and delicious foods as well as his best-selling books. But if it’s all a little overwhelming for a newbie David Kirsch convert, here is a roundup of our favorite products that you’ll soon be chugging daily.


AM Daily Detox

There’s no healthier way to start your day than with a natural body detox to eliminate free radicals that wreak havoc on your skin and organs (duh). This morning drink is the best defense against work, stress, poor eating habits and lack of exercise - all sources of stress, that we as women, experience on a daily basis. Using the health benefits of red wine grapes, 10 different berries, Lycopene, Resveratrol and Pycnogenol, this drink features an immensely rich source of antioxidants without the added sugar and calories often in a fruit juice cleanse.

Thermo Bubbles

Your new morning coffee. Your new weapon to face the world. Your can’t-get-through-drop-off-without-it drink. This fast-acting, effervescent, natural fat-burner is the quickest way to melt the fat and even better, it stocks you with energy to last all day. Not to mention, Thermo Bubbles is the Hollywood beauty secret that has helped actors, actresses and models get runway and red carpet ready for years. It features two proprietary blends of vitamins, herbs and minerals, a Weight Management Blend and a Thermogenic Blend. Thermo Bubbles works to boost your energy level and metabolism while curbing your appetite and promoting lean muscle mass.


Calming Bubbles

Lit-er-ally drinkable therapy (and we’re not talking Pinot Noir) for those days when your crazy busy schedule leaves you frenzied, unfocused or ready to inhale a bag of cookies. It is one of the best (legal) stress relievers after a long day. According to Kirsch, anxiety can increase levels of the stress hormone cortisol, triggering cravings that often add extra layers to the tummy and causes one to feel fatigued or blue. Calming Bubbles contains natural calming agents that help you better manage stress and its negative effects.


Vitamin Mineral Powder

Throw away those all those vitamin jars. This single-source nutritional powerhouse is your new daily multivitamin. And without all those pesky pills, the liquid form is much easier for your body to absorb. Kirsch's vitamin mineral "super juice" is loaded with essential vitamins and minerals - everything you need in a daily multivitamin. Plus, it contains superior natural source antioxidants like spirulina, acerola ́́berry, coral calcium and heart-healthy coenzyme Q10 and an extra boost of vitamin C and D3. Yum!

Obviously we are loyalists to anything this nutritional genius puts on the market. Now, if he would just create a vitamin-infused rosé, we’d really be in business.


Loyal to the Oil

Written & by Photographed A Wild Dove

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Oils are definitely having their moment in the beauty world. And why not, they keep our skin looking dewy and our hair shiny.

As winter is now fully upon us, we need that extra boost of hydration to keep ourselves looking as glowy as we do throughout the summer months.

Here are some of our favorites -


Sunday Riley Juno Hydroactive Cellular Face Oil

We are literally glowing after using this product. Its botanically active blend of cold-pressed, powerhouse seed oils helps brighten your skin without feeling greasy. It leaves skin soft and even blends well with make up. Mix it in with your everyday moisturiser, to save time and for extra radiance.


Kahina Giving Beauty Prickly Pear Seed Oil

We’re fans of everything about this amazing line. But the Prickly Pear oil is a totally magic elixir that really works !  It brightens under the eyes for those prone to dark circles and reduces spider veins throughout the body. Rich in vitamin K and antioxidants. It’s light, non-greasy and leaves your skin glowing, tight and super soft.






This exquisite oil is a blend of White Caviar,  Organic Baobab and Camellia Oil combined with precious gemstones.

The result  -  it leaves you hair feeling super silky with zero build up. It’s the perfect amount of hydration and its non-greasy formula doesn’t weigh down hair. Oh, and it also smells amazing...