Eric White is a New York-based photographer known for shooting fashion editorials within the context of tension and narrative. He works with a strong sense of light and has a connection to his subjects that is layered and sensitive.  His work has appeared in such publications as V Magazine, Interview, The Fader, Complex Magazine and on and Germany’s Next Top Model. White was born and raised in rural upstate New York and credits his grandmother for having kickstarted his passion when she bought him a camera when he was nine years old.

“Suddenly, I had a way to bring home the flowers and bugs and tree canopies through my lens,” said White. “I could freeze the faces of my friends and family forever in my photo albums. I collected a menagerie of treasures shot by shot and could begin to form a visual vocabulary with light and form that I attribute much of my success to this day.”

White is also highly influenced by his mother, who would take him on “dates” growing up to teach him and his brothers about having manners. “She gave us money to pay the check ahead of time, had us hold the door, put our napkin in the lap, the whole nine yards,” he said. This card-carrying “mama’s boy” earned his BFA in visual media from the Rochester Institute of Technology and began his career as studio manager for celebrity photographer Roxanne Lowit.

White now works and lives in Brooklyn.