Kelly Ryerson

Kelly Ryerson is a portrait and landscape photographer living and working in New York. For over 24 years she has shot the likes of fashion, travel and celebrity after relocating from Austin, Texas to attend the Fashion Institute of Technology. While in school, she booked her first shoot and has been working for top luxury and travel media outlets, such as Conde Nast Traveller UK and the New York Times ever since.

The first 15 years of Ryerson’s career was dedicated to fashion photography, where she shot everything from 35mm, 645, 6/7, & 4x5, strictly in analog. Since the industry has changed, she too has evolved by shooting digitally. Ryerson is highly skilled at making her craft appear to be shot on film. Her work is natural and at times dark. After working heavily in fashion, Ryerson took the natural progression into shooting commercials. After the birth of her son, her focus shifted and she found joy in travel and landscape photography, shooting everywhere from Iceland to the American West. To this day, she is continuing her work as a portrait photographer, works out of her studio in Tribeca and enjoys traveling the world with her son.