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60 Micro Pills | Hum Nutrition

Supports a flatter stomach & healthy digestion*

  • Flatter stomach

  • Improved Digestion

  • 60 Micro Pills, suitable for vegetarians

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Digestive Enzyme Blend: The University of Michigan Health Center cites studies that link digestive enzymes with multiple health benefits. In a double-blind trial, a form of pancreatic enzymes was shown to significantly reduce gas, bloating, and fullness after a high-fat meal. A later preliminary study of people with indigestion reported significant improvement in almost all of those given pancreatic enzyme supplements. Source: "Digestive Enzymes". University of Michigan Health System. Peppermint: A Harvard Health Publication cites studies that link peppermint to easing symptoms of indigestion. Source: Robb-Nicholson, M.D., Celeste. "Health Benefits of Peppermint." Health Beat. Harvard Health Publications. July 2007. Fennel seed: NYU Langone Medical Center cites that some studies hint at a number of potential medicinal effects of fennel or its constituents, such as relaxing smooth muscles, stimulating the flow of bile. Source: "Fennel." NYU Langone Medical Center.


  • Protease 3.0: Protein Catalyst

  • Protease 4.5: Protein Catalyst

  • Protease 6.0: Protein Catalyst

  • Neutral Bacterial Protease: Protein Catalyst

  • Papain: Protein Catalyst

  • Lipase: Fat Busting Enzyme

  • Amylase: Carb Busting Enzyme

  • Hemicellulase: Fiber Busting Enzyme

  • Beta-Glucanase: Fiber Busting Enzyme

  • Phytase: Fiber Busting Enzyme

  • Lactase: Milk Sugar Busting Enzyme

  • Ginger (Rhizome): Potent Herbal Blend

  • Fennel Seed: Potent Herbal Blend

  • Peppermint (Leaf): Potent Herbal Blend

  • Bromelain: Pineapple Proteolytic Enzyme

How to Use

One capsule 2 times a day with food