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Lynn Levoy

Lynn Levoy is a fashion stylist, art director and creative consultant. Known for her discerning eye and a unique aesthetic that blends an irreverent edge with a streamlined sensibility, Lynn has been on the forefront of style since her days in the fashion department at New York Magazine, going on to consult for celebrity clients like Elle MacPherson, Sarah Murdoch, Wendi Murdoch and Kylie Bax.

In 2009, Lynn took on the most important role of her life—Mama. The birth of her son Callum kicked off an adventure that re-shaped her creative pursuits in new and exciting ways. She noticed a void in the market for smart, edgy children’s styling. Adding that skill to her repertoire, she began styling for Babesta—the premier children’s boutique in New York City. At the same time, Lynn started to see her longtime immersion in the fashion, beauty, and wellness worlds in a very different light. She knew her next endeavor would involve intertwining these passions and filtering them through her particular point of view.

Inspired by these new insights, Lynn launched her latest project—A Wild Dove. A Wild Dove is a on-line destination that combines Lynn’s first love of fashion and storytelling with her devotion to wellness. Adding her experience as a mama to the mix and weaving together all of her interests in a one-of-a-kind, authentic way, A Wild Dove took shape. A Wild Dove is an organic, empowering approach to motherhood and living that is simplified and stylish. It’s content to serve the modern woman, who’s balancing it all while exploring the beauty in the wild of the everyday.

A native New Yorker, Lynn currently lives in Tribeca with her son.