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Written & Photographed by A Wild Dove


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We are huge believers in all aspects of Ayurveda, the Indian philosophy that centers around specific “doshas” to determine how to best care for ourselves. The Pratima Spa in Soho is adored by fans of ayurvedic healing and all natural ingredients, so when Pratima herself launched her serums, oils and cleansers, we jumped at them, naturally. The best part? They are perfect for all those end-of-summer ailments that have built up with every trip to beach, bonfire and nature walk.


Pratima’s Healing Neem Oil is one of those magic elixirs. It’s a cure all, especially during those summer months when your body is exposed to elements like sun burns, insects and city heat. I use it on myself and on Callum. It’s perfect for any skin irritation like cuts, scrapes and bug bites and provides extra extra sun protection and a natural form of repellent. Pressed from the seed of an Indian neem tree, Neem Oil is antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory. An added bonus? Because Pratima Neem Oil is blended with avocado, basil essential oils, sandalwood and lavender, the smell is amazing. Meanwhile, the Cucumber Aqua Gel is perfect for after those long days at the beach. It’s super soothing, gentle and really cools and hydrates after you’ve had a bit too much sun. It’s a blend of aloe, cucumber and Brahami that just leaves your skin feeling soft, glowing, cared for and ready for fall.



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