Lynn Loves - Olio E Osso No 1

Written by Lynn Levoy | Photographed by Jennifer Young

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Not sure who loves this more, Callum or I, but this lip balm is my go to. My lips have a lot of pigment, so even the sheerest of colors feel often feel “too much” for me. Olio E Osso No 1 is perfect and gives my lips just the right amount of brightness without feeling or looking like gloss. I have them scattered everywhere and I keep finding Callum sneaking some too, so I realized it was great for him. (Plus being a blend of shea and oils, I feel good about its all natural ingredients!) His lips are always dry and this is one of the few products he wants to use. We also love the backstory. Olio E Osso was founded by makeup artist Paola Lamorticella, who created her iconic lip balm when she  became a mother and found that her newborn son’s skin irritated easily. We know the feeling! Well, Callum and I couldn’t be happier with our favorite lip balm. Because, like everything in life (and parenthood), sharing is certainly is caring. 

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Olio E Osso