Kid Rock - Our Crystal Workshop with The Cristalline

Written & Photographed By A Wild Dove  


In our latest signature learning experience, we hosted a crystal workshop for kids in collaboration with our favorite crystal design firm,  The Cristalline. Amidst a spread filled with snacks by Moon Juice, vegan and gluten-free donuts from Erin McKenna’s Bakery and rosé for the mamas, The Cristalline’s co-founder Rashia Bell took our little ones through an understanding of crystals followed by a mini-meditation using the crystal of their choice. Suffice to say, the kids loved it. Get Rashia’s take on this mindful, mind-blowing experiential event.



“I wanted to create a workshop for kids to discover the meaning of crystals and their various uses. We started by discussing how crystals and stones are created, since most kids are into chemistry and how to create things by combining elements. Next I wanted them to experience crystals without any preconceived input as to the meaning of the different stones. Each child assembled a set of crystals by choosing the ones they were most drawn to. This aspect of the workshop was important because kids are very receptive to crystal energy, since they haven’t been through the energetic disruptions that adults have. This is why many kids have rock or shell collections, because they are drawn to nature’s energy.

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Once they had made their own set, I then revealed the energetic properties of the different stones, which provided them a fun analysis of the stones they chose.


Stones & Their Meanings -


Amethyst - Purification

Green Aventurine - Confidence

Red Aventurine - Determination

Rose Quartz - Love

Kyanite - Connect to Nature

Obsidian - Grounding

Carnelian - Courage

Yellow Jasper - Removes Worry

Black Tourmaline - Protection

Citrine - Creativity

Blue Lace Agate -Communication

Clear Quartz - Clearing

Hematite Manifestation


We then talked about how to care for crystals by cleaning and clearing them.  One of my favorite moments was when I mentioned that you could use moonlight to charge your crystals when it was a full or new moon.  One boy asked, “How do I know when it is going to be one?” I said that you can look on a calendar to see where the moon is. He said, “I know, I can look on my dad’s apple watch!”  This generation has the ability to be extremely mindful and combine the holistic with the technical world. I love that A Wild Dove is strengthening that combination by providing something that mamas and kids can share together.  I think introducing your own personal practice to your children and then letting them find their own is a gift and will only help them to grow into more well-rounded adults.


"It was really lovely to see how open they were and the tenacity with which they approached the meditation."

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The last part of the workshop was spent showing the kids how they can use their crystals. We did a mini meditation with a stone of their choice, which blew me away. It was really lovely to see how open they were and the tenacity with which they approached the meditation. They fully embraced the process and the power of crystals without questioning it.  I am so excited to continue this exploration in the fall and doing more events that empower kids with both the knowledge and tools to be mindful of the energy in their bodies.


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