Rituals - Natalie Kuhn


Natalie Kuhn Senior Teacher and Executive Director at The Class By Taryn Toomey


My last ritual of the day is...

"fully preparing for bed just before taking the dog on a walk. I've got blemish prone skin so it's especially important that I do this ritual after teaching The Class by Taryn Toomey and at the end of the day. I use True Botanical's Hydrating Cleanser with my clarisonic and follow it with Pure Radiance Oil. Lastly I combine the Vitamin C booster with the Cellular Repair Serum and give myself a little face massage. It seems like a lot but all of that takes about 5 minutes. Then my husband and I take our dog, Coop, out for a night walk and it gives us a chance to catch up and wind down before hitting the pillow. Once around the block, and straight to bed!"



Whether a morning meditation or afternoon cup of tea, the rituals we practice serve us more than we realize. They are our life’s bookends, moments we rely on and enjoy. For mamas especially, these small ceremonies are what gets us through the day. At A Wild Dove, we are so inspired by rituals, that we’ve asked some of our favorite mamas to share their smallest, most celebrated acts that help them feel their best.