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Written & Photographed by A Wild Dove


Helen Reavey and Colm Mackin are a pair that stands out in the wellness and beauty space. Two striking, platinum-headed creatives who’ve turned a personal partnership into a professional pairing that’s already reimagining the once-toxic haircare category into a mindful addition to the current wave of natural skincare.

Instead of the chemical-rich recipes and wasteful packaging that defined decades of above-the-neck beauty products, the two created Act+Acre as a forward-thinking alternative to the cycle of stripping, irritating shampoo and conditioner formulations that once reigned. Instead, their cold processing method uses less energy to produce, and infuses more nutrients into the products for better scalp health—which is the way of the future.

Read on for AWD’s interview with the team that’s given personal ritual, respect for the planet, and community-based creative projects a new platform.


At this point, the Cold Process Method that you created for Act+Acre has gained a bit of a cult reputation in the industry for its novel approach to hair and scalp care. Can you break down the science behind the formulation that’s causing such a stir?

Until now, no one really challenged the science behind the process of making shampoo and conditioner itself. The industry had just accepted that in order to make these products we must use very high levels of heat, sulfates, parabens. This was something we completely disagreed with and thus (with the help of many very intelligent chemists and botanists) created the Cold Process Method™.

Our Cold Process Method™ uses ice cold water at high pressure to combine our essential oils and ingredients. By not using heat we save 90% energy. This ensures the active ingredients remain fresh and highly potent, just as nature intended.


As a couple that’s now rooted in business after years working separately in careers from corporate finance to Paris couture, how did each of your paths merge to bring you together in the modern haircare space?

Helen: After studying business in college, I made a complete career change and became a hairstylist, followed by an art director for a Dublin based salon. As hard as it was leaving my family and friends, I always knew I wanted to work and live in New York. I was fortunate enough to start my New York career with hair legend Sam McKnight and under his direction, I styled Fashion Weeks in New York, London, Milan and Paris. From there I signed with an agency and went on to direct my own shows at Couture and Ready to Wear in Paris and London, as well as, collaborating with the industry’s top photographers on magazine editorials and advertising campaigns. It was in 2016 when I was doing one of my first Couture shows in Paris, Colm flew out to surprise me really saw me in action, dealing with the models, stylists etc., and knew there was something special here. Next (+500 sleepless nights)—Act+Acre was born!

Colm: We decided very early in the process we wanted Act+Acre to be a role model in the category, so its promise must reflect the role it wants to play. It must disrupt the conventions of the category. Coming from a corporate finance background I needed to really immerse myself in this world, so I left my job and traveled across Asia for three months studying trends in beauty and skincare, so we could trigger thoughts on how we could re-invent the haircare category. From this, many things changed, including the development of cold process method and the relentless focus on treating your hair like you treat your skin.


How does the concept of personal ritual play into your shared vision for the brand?

When we started this journey, we had a realization of the role we could play in the lives of our community. The shower is the only time of the day that we are truly alone, no distractions, just with yourself. We love this, we wanted to make it a time for mindfulness, for selfcare, to encourage using it as a daily ritual of consciousness.

The act of consciousness and self care.


Your one-two-punch of recyclable packaging and energy-efficiency really predated a lot of the green standards that brands are just starting to adopt. What inspired your mindful practices?

We wanted the brand to stand for something that would out-last us as founders, to look at how we treat the world and raise the bar, ask more questions and be kinder to the world.

Our packaging is fully recyclable, our products are environmentally friendly and chemical free and we use 90% less energy during our production process. So, it’s always thinking and caring about land and nature, about the Acre. It takes longer to create our products, but the result is worth the wait.


The global plastic crisis and its effects on the health and balance of our planet has finally reached a point of mass concern this year. The eco packaging you designed is so original—can you break down why the bamboo and corn-based materials are particularly environmentally friendly?

Our bottles are made from the most recyclable form of plastic, PETG1. The industry standard is an average of only 3% of bottles being recycled, you will notice that our bottles are a little more delicate than most competitor on the market, this is because squeeze plastic bottles are made from silicone, which will never be recycled. We want to be the new industry benchmark.

We try to be sustainable from the inside out, you will notice all our packaging is made from sustainable sources, our tote bags are made from bamboo. Our (new) Corn foam package, is entirely natural, uses 70% less energy and produces 80% less greenhouse gases. It’s biodegradable, backyard compostable, edible, and dissolves in water (seriously, try it). Also, coming soon, customers who subscribe or repeat order will receive pouch refills to pour into their old packaging, by doing this we will cut down Act+Acre’s plastic use by 40%.


You’re at the forefront of a movement that’s educating consumers on the idea that our scalps should be treated as delicately as the skin on our faces. When you think about their proximity, it makes sense—what have you discovered on the topic in your research?

Once we started researching into scalp health we were shocked at the amount of research there was online backing up what we had suspected, yet no one in the industry was creating products to fill this void.

101 haircare states that the scalp ages six times faster than facial skin, but then during my research this week I found another brand, Follizin, stating that the scalp ages almost 20 times faster.


We loved our tour of your new gallery space—what’s your vision for blending creativity and artistic freedom into the brand identity?

We believe that we are a collaborative body and we want to inject new life, design and inclusion at every touchpoint. Surrounding ourselves with alliances in all creative fields, art, music, beauty, etc. can only lead to overall enhanced creativity.

This year, we moved into a gallery space in the Lower East Side, since then we partnered with Uprise Art and have had two very successful art exhibitions in our upstairs space. First was San Francisco based Adrian Wong, and then just recently we had a Scandinavian artist Tony Ruben. The exhibitions are a great opportunity for our communities, wellness and art, to mix.


Detox for body, mind—and now, hair—is top of mind after generations of chemical-rich pesticides, water sources, and, of course, beauty products have taken their toll. The detox step in your system is one-of-a-kind—is it something that can actually be left on the hair as a styler (the wet look is alive and well!) or does it need to be washed away?

HELEN: Yes definitely, our products are 100% natural. We recommend on the bottle the you rinse the detox after 20 minutes, but truth be told, I often go to bed with my detox on and wash and blow dry my hair in the morning.

People find different uses for the product and we tell them to use the product as they see fit, I have used it for styling on a number of shoots, actually, I used it on the Act+Acre Ireland shoot for styling.


After this many months of using your own product formulations, have you personally noticed a difference in your own hair and scalp health?

HELEN: Having worked in the hair industry for years, I became increasingly conscious of the health of others scalps, which really led me on a journey striving to create products that were not only better for you but also better for the world. I have been using the products for over a year now and I have noticed an incredible difference in my hair. My hair by nature is particularly thin and previously very lifeless. Since using Act+Acre my scalp has never felt as clean, which then in tandem benefits of the hair shaft itself, promoting new healthy hair growth, and overall giving my hair a new lease of life. Plus, it has a great shine that I’ve never had before! (But don’t just take my word for it, Elite Daily recently went under our scalp camera, have a look here at their results!)


The scent is amazing! Like, look-forward-to-the-next-excuse-to-wash-your-hair good. Some of us are even washing our hair in the evening so the fragrance is the last thing we smell as we unwind for the evening. It’s a ritual in itself. How do you describe it?

Scent evokes our most powerful memories and in turn motivates our decision making. With this and environmental wellbeing in mind, we crafted a subtly luxurious blend of iris blossom, violet leaf, patchouli, soft leather, cedar, creamy sandalwood, papyrus and golden amber to invite you along our unique scent journey.


We know that you have to keep your celebrity clients close to your chest—but as our final note, are you able to share any exciting new fans of the products?

We got Lady O’s seal of approval recently... so that’s our bragging rights for the next few years!!


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A Chain Reaction

Written & Photographed by A Wild Dove

Copy of Kindness 11 v2.jpg

How can you create a chain reaction of kindness? Think of yourself not just as a filament within a bulb, but as a glowing light meant to radiate past its own shell. It’s about sharing, about thinking of more than yourself, and about paying attention to the opportunities that the universe keeps sending your way.

For the final summer installment of Hamptons-infused wellness panels by A Wild Dove and Five Pillars Yoga, hosts Lynn Levoy and Karen Mehiel brought Transcendental Meditation, acts of service, and neuroscience into the spotlight. Coined “The Kindness Reaction,” the conversation joined voices from experts including The Ladies of Hope Ministries founder Topeka K. Sam and Bob Roth, author of New York Times bestseller Strength in Stillness: The Power of Transcendental Meditation and yogi and author of One Simple Thing, Eddie Stern. For each, the path to kindness has been paved in real change—and important choices.

Copy of Kindness 4 v2.jpg
Copy of Kindness 3.jpg

Sharing is the Key

“I worked for Bobby Kennedy,” Roth shared Wellness Coach and Energy Mover, Jamie Graber opened the topic as moderator for the evening. “I saw Bobby Kennedy speak in San Francisco, and then four days later he was gone. I went to college with the plan to become a United States Senator. In my upbringing I wanted to change the world—I realized politics would never heal the soul of the nation.” It was this realization that brought Roth into modern service, teaching Transcendental Meditation to those in need across the globe via the The David Lynch Foundation. For Stern, too, it was about sharing a veritable wealth of knowledge in the form of mindful movement. “In America, about seven billion dollars a year is spent on yoga, yoga clothing, yoga workshops,” he notes of the powerhouse industry. Now, he empowers the next generation. “I thought let’s shortcut that and give young adults and kids access to become yoga teachers— and entering into that economic stream.” And for Sam, her journey to redemption was exactly what it took to help other women regain their rights under the law. Thanks to her experience in the prison system, she was able to change the lives of incarcerated women across the nation through dignity provisions. “I do believe there’s a chain reaction to kindness,” says Sam. “I believe that what we put out we receive back on many levels in the universe.”

Copy of Kindness 15.jpg
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Service is Paramount

“I meditate, but for me, I think one of the secrets is service,” Roth shares of the kindness concept. “There’s a beautiful proverb- the world is my family. People need us. Whether it’s one hour a week, it’s amazing to give anonymously.” And aside from clocking hours, it’s a matter of making sure you’re in the headspace, and heartspace, to be truly illuminated for others. “Everyone has deep within ourselves access to a reservoir of a field of light,” Roth explains. “When you light a bulb, you’re lighting a filament, but it doesn’t stay within the bulb, it radiates out. When we light up from within ourselves in a genuine way—not in a moody way of pretending kindness, but in that we do the work—then it has a profoundly transforming effect on our environment.” It’s this attitude that’s led Roth and The David Lynch Foundation to open an office two blocks away from the Supreme Court, where they’re teaching transcendental meditation to members of congress on both sides of the aisle. “I use a broader vision. Nothing good can come out of two angry people talking, nothing good can ever come out of a disruptive, divisive, hateful dialogue—so nothing good can come out of our political climate as it is.” Instead, the focus must be love. “I think kindness is the spontaneous result of love,” Roth admits. “Ultimately, kindness is the expression of love and that expression can take many forms. A parent can feel complete love for a child and really reem the child because the child needed, as you all know, firm stern language. Kindness is a beautiful expression of ones’ love that you feel within.”


Train Your Brain

For Stern, a little bit of awareness, even pessimism, can be helpful in understanding how to master the positive. “To actually train the way your brain functions, to be positive, takes work. We learn from threat very, very quickly,” he shares. “We don’t learn as quickly from positive experiences. A negative experience will go into our long-term memory in under a second and stay there with us—and that’s how we frame all experiences. But a positive experience can take up to 20 or 30 seconds or more to actually soak into your long-term memory.” So what does training really look like? You keep your mind as calm as possible on a daily basis. “Yoga is a preventative medicine for your mind,” he notes. “We should exercise a few times a week, keep our bodies fit because we want them to carry us through the rest of our lives.” The same goes for your mind. “We need a bit of pessimistic thinking ‘something’s going to happen later, I need to prepare for it.’” Don’t get so comfortable that you don’t maintain a consistent check-in with your thoughts.


Uncomfortable Opportunities Are Still Opportunities

It wasn’t easy to accept an invitation from President Trump, as Sam explains. On the first offer, she took her friends’ advice and declined. When it came up again, she knew that God was giving her a signal. When she arrived at the White House, she realized why. “I was the only person who had been incarcerated so I was happy to have been there or an authentic voice about what was going on and conditions wouldn’t have been heard,” she shares. “Though I wanted to feel this level of disgust, this level of hate I had for the administration, it wasn’t there. People feel our energy and get on the defense and they end up behaving a certain way—if we focus on giving kindness, that can permeate through people.” Thanks to following her instincts, instead of her misgivings, real change spread to the women who need it. “Through that experience we worked on the First Step Act. The bill passed and we were able to get the dignity provisions into the legislation.”

Kindness 7 BW.jpeg

Kindness Will Shape Our Futures

Ultimately, the way that kindness is spread today effects every generation moving forward. “The most impactful years that really determine the trajectory of the child are conception to three years old,” Roth shares. “They have something called ACES- adverse childhood experiences—that’s when a child is growing up and there’s a rough divorce in the family, or there’s a death in the family, or there’s violence in the neighborhood. Neglect is more traumatizing to a child than physical abuse,” he notes. “So children are coming into the world traumatized. If someone is sick, what do you do? You have the person rest and the body’s own repair mechanism can heal the body. So when you give a child or an adult the silence of meditation, when you give a child or adult the ease and flow of yoga, when you give a child or adult the love and wisdom and guidance of a mentor, then you’re giving them a safe space for that nervous system to heal itself and grow.” For Stern, part of that growth is in moving forward. “Kindness needs to be coupled with forgiveness,” he says. “Forgiveness toward yourself, what you’ve done to yourself, what you’ve done to other people, and what other people have done to you.” And for Sam, it’s about including gratefulness. “I’m connected to so many women who are still incarcerated, so the pain and suffering and trauma that I see them experience on a regular basis is something that allows me to motivate myself to remain in a space of gratitude,” she shares. It’s with gratitude in all practices that the change can really happen. “People need to be able to shift their darkness in order for them to be able to be in the light.”


A Wild Dove x Five Pillars Yoga Women Wavemakers Event

Written & Photographed by A Wild Dove

WWE 0.png


It’s Friday before sundown at Karen Mehiel’s cinematic Hamptons home, and guests draped in tie dye slips, floaty embroidered linen, and beachy floral dresses are filing indoors. The group is gathering as part of the first summer collective hosted by Five Pillars Yoga and A Wild Dove called Women Wavemakers, dreamed up by Mehiel and Lynn Levoy to offer a holistic style and wellness event that shares in the personal processes and practices of female visionaries across the industry.

WWE 20.jpg
edit the squad-9.jpg

Inside, stroll through stations of flower-garnished hors d'oeuvres arranged under a crystal starburst chandelier, bottles of San Pellegrino and rosé chilling on ice, and with a gallery of Le Prunier face oils, Moon Juice elixirs, Pursoma healing bath salts, and Act + Acre cold-pressed hair products at A Wild Dove’s Lotions & Potions Pop Up. Close by, a skateboard emblazoned with “Hell Yes” flanking Malia Mills swimwear. With rows of white chairs arranged in the late afternoon shade, the party moves poolside for the panel discussion of female entrepreneurs selected for their contributions in shaping a more modern wellness landscape. Leading the first discussion, Samara Sine, NY director of Common Sense Media, introduces the panel members. Designer Malia Mills of her eponymous label and health guru Medea Juhasz of super-supplement Catalyst Gold join hosts Karen Mehiel and Lynn Levoy settle in for a conversation about second acts in life, keeping balance when “occupational burnout” is a real 2019 work-life hazard, the women that helped them along the way, and how they’re helping women now.

WWE board.jpg


For the entire group, the path to success has been winding, often unpredictable. “I’m going through an evolution, I keep evolving,” admits Mehiel, who’s dedicated to various boards including Robert F Kennedy for Human Rights and Stony Brook Women’s Leadership Council, a mentoring program connecting young women with mentors. “You have this one life that we know of—where are you? Are you taking care of yourself? If you’re letting things go, and you find that you’re not the person you want to be—maybe that’s when you say ‘maybe I don’t need to go to that next place’.” Aside from running her own manufacturing company along with the Five Pillars Yoga project she started with Olga Palladino, Mehiel puts her energy into activism that brings awareness to inequalities in the world in hopes to provide a support system. It’s this kind of support that Malia Mills calls out as the driving force for opportunity in cities like New York.

WWE 7.jpg

“All of us get curveballs thrown at us, and I think the important thing to remember is that we have these villages surrounding us,” Mills shares. And for NYC, where she dreamed up her American-made RTW label in the basement of The Odeon restaurant where she waitressed to make ends meet 25 years ago, it’s a particularly powerful village for female voices. “Everybody who is there is there because they have a ton of hussle and a ton of heart, and all they want to do is help you and want to put you in touch with people who they know and give you good advice,” says Mills. “When we started to talk to other women, we felt a real camaraderie.” With her sister Carol, Mills brings their shared mantra “love thy differences” into their swimwear designs. The pair celebrate diversity of women on the street every day via their non-profit brainchild. In their studio, they teach women in need industrial sewing skills and help place them in jobs in the tristate area. That pull toward something more—for a new purpose, a second act, is something she knows well and references to the group. “I think for a lot of us, what we do, whether it’s launching a business or starting a new hobby- it’s about feeling very intuitive about what’s getting our heart beating faster.”

More photoshop.jpg


For Levoy, who kicked off the conversation of finding balance through an updated career vision, it was about seeking out a life that included optimism, happiness, and new priorities. “I wasn’t as happy as I thought I’d be working in fashion,” says Levoy, who styled editorially in New York for years before launching A Wild Dove. “For me, after my son was born, I wanted to create something that I could do while I was with him, and that he could be a part of–he was very much my inspiration for starting my company- as he grew, my business grew, he’s with me half the time and sitting in meetings.” Whether it’s shooting health gurus with fashion photographers or tapping a ten-year-old for his preference on image selects, Levoy put her new life ahead of the cultural norm of a more-is-more office hour attitude. For others, it was a total-body balance issue that sparked change.

WWE 5.jpg
WWE 10.jpg

“Somebody told me once that your career should be what you would do for free,” shares Medea Juhasz, whose culty Catalyst Gold supplement line sits on the Lotions & Potions table just steps away. “I have a classic story of a wellness entrepreneur who basically went through very extreme health struggles, and healed herself to be able to help and heal others—this is, I guess my third career act,” she admits, noting that she started out in the music industry as a teen, then moved into fashion over a decade that she experienced a dip in her personal health. “I was a mess when it came to my health, I had digestion issues, allergies, liver problems, my hair was falling out, I was addicted to sugar and processed foods. Western doctors gave me western medicine which gave me more side effects.” Once she started reading books from herbalists, she ordered a mix of adaptogensand started to play around with them on her kitchen table—ninemonths into experimenting (interesting timing for the birth of an idea) she finally “reached a certain ratio—all of my health issues started to disappear.” It was a long road to her realization—and after encapsulating her discovery into one pill, one formula for Catalyst Gold, things finally started to unfold naturally. “When you get on the right career path, which took me almost 40 years to figure out, things will align and things will really work out,”she notes. “I’m one of those people that I was very comfortable at my career—the universe had to push me to change careers, heal myself, and develop a product and work basically as a nutritionist and holistic health coach to help people.”

WWE 9.jpg


“One day I was leaving a yoga class and I felt a really powerful shifting,” shared Mehiel of the moment she tapped her partner Olga Palladino, the first instructor to sign on with Five Pillars. “I would not have imagined 10 years ago I would be an owner of a yoga studio—and to even say that I’m a teacher now!” enthuses Mehiel. “I’ve gone through a transformation with yoga, and it’s been incredibly beneficial—what I needed and I didn’t know I needed it.” Levoy seconds the notion of powerful practices. “A major shift was when I started to do transcendental meditation—20 minutes in the morning, 20 minutes in the afternoon—I became a better mother, a better partner, a better friend, a better coworker,” she notes of the first thing she does in the morning, before she even looks at her phone. “I like to work out every day, I have to fit it in, to me it’s not taking time away from something else, it’s making me a better person. Eating clean, taking supplements in the morning (which take 30 minutes to get through!), it’s a checklist.”


For Juhasz, it’s about appreciation. “I start my day every day with a gratitude list—sometimes I do it on a subway, sometimes if I’m not in the greatest mood I do it three times a day!Gratitude list and boxing—non-negotiable!” Mills even brings the idea of daily “Chi jacks.” What are they? According to her sister Carol, the inventor, they’re essentially jumping jacks performed while thinking happy thoughts. “You stop thinking about the thing that’s really stressing you out, you force yourself to think positive, and then just literally the physical movement kind of gets your whole system going—and then loud music is always a good thing, too,” says Mills. “It’s great to have women in our lives like Lynn who have a great rhythm to what they’re doing.”

WWE 13 F.jpg
WWE 12.jpg


These are what Sine calls out as “tiny acts of rebellion”—taking time back for yourself, her own version in the form of a morning cup of tea. And as Sine wraps up the convo with Gigi Mortimer, founder of the blue light blocker EyeJust, the concept of respecting your own time expands. “One third of teens wake up in the middle of the night just to check their social media,” notes Mortimer, who adds that the blue light from screens triggers your brain into thinking it’s daytime, disrupting sleep. “Sleep is when our brain is detoxifying. The fact that we’re spending 7 hours a day on screens and then we aren’t sleeping well really worried me for my kids, and is what inspired me to launch this company.”


And considering that sleep is what balances our body’s cortisol, our moods, our happiness, there’s a lot of logic in the idea of locking phones in a box outside of the bedroom every night (a practice that Sine has taken on with her family). Mortimer references a study of NBA players who, when they tweeted after 11pm, scored worse the next day and are no longer allowed by the league to tweet at night. Yet another reason to relax in a bath of Pursoma salts, enjoy a sleep elixir, and set aside the phone until after your first morning “act of rebellion,” whether that’s transcendental meditation or simply catching another fifteen minutes of quiet before embracing the moment.


For those seeking a summer focused on balance, our next A Wild Dove x Five Pillars Yoga The Kindness Reaction Event happens this Friday, 5:00-7:00, same place. Message Lynn to reserve your space.


Rituals - Nitsa Citrine


Nitsa Citrine Co-Creator of Sun Potion

Nitsa -1227.jpg

My self-care rituals I lean on the most...

"range from the energetic to the physical.

Spiritually, I keep myself aligned by setting a priority to approach life from a place of presence, and choosing to navigate through life’s unfoldings from a place of love versus fear, judgment, and stress.

This is the most potent form of self-care for me.

Beyond that, taking the time to meditate, practice yoga, pour myself a long essential-oil-infused bath, detox in my infrared sauna, or simply spend time in nature or beautiful spaces is immensely helpful."


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Sun Potion


Whether a morning meditation or afternoon cup of tea, the rituals we practice serve us more than we realize. They are our life’s bookends, moments we rely on and enjoy. For mamas especially, these small ceremonies are what gets us through the day. At A Wild Dove, we are so inspired by rituals, that we’ve asked some of our favorite mamas to share their smallest, most celebrated acts that help them feel their best.


Closer to Mother Earth

Written & Photographed by A Wild Dove

OPTION B -1328.jpg

High in the mountains of Malibu, overlooking the Pacific Ocean in a home so elevated that some planes can’t even reach it, Nitsa Citrine is living the life for which she was born. And, of course, that happened in California (inside of a cabin in Big Sur, no less) in a “very intimate home birth” designed by two very health-conscious parents who guided their daughter down a path to plant-based wellness and earthly kindness.

Now a Co-Creator and Creative Director of Sun Potion’s superfood tonics and wellness essentials, Nitsa still consults her father (an acupuncturist and doctor of Oriental medicine) with questions about herbs— but for personal culinary guidance, her grandmother is the family go-to. “She taught me how to cook and it is something we continue to bond and share a passion for,” says Nitsa. Sitting on her deck taking in nature at 4,000 feet in the air, where two golden eagles have recently started to visit, there’s “a tranquility and clarity of vision here that deeply resonates” in her thoughtful daily escape.

We caught Nitsa between her world travels to break down her favorite adaptogenic blends, the simple trick to getting her out of a grumpy mood, and the “herbal love note” she created for all of the women seeking the balance they deserve:


You spent your last birthday in Joshua Tree (happy birthday!), what was your trip like and how did it feel to ring in another year in nature?

Thank you! Yes. My girlfriend brought me to Joshua Tree (one of my favorite places) as a surprise birthday getaway—it was so magical. Joshua tree has always been a place of great inspiration and I feel super grateful for this recent trip and every experience I have had there.

The energetic and visual palate of the desert resonates with me deeply. I love to disappear on my birthday the whole experience was quite sublime…it also happened to be DESERT X where they set up all these incredible art installations and so it was the perfect blend of desert solitude, light, art installations, yummy food, meditation and gentle celebrations.


As a Pisces water baby, do you find yourself relying on bathing culture to chill you out and reset your energy?

YES. I am happiest when immersed in a body of water.

I always tell my friends that If I am in a grumpy mood all they have to do is throw me in the bath or shower. Total rebirth.


Were you this health-focused even as a kid, or did you experience your own vices?

My father is an Acupuncturist and doctor of Oriental Medicine, and my mother is a huge advocate of healing through plant-based foods. So, in a sense, this nutritional approach to wellness is in my blood, but naturally I have had my rebellious moments. I used to sneak Diet Coke and Reese’s Pieces into my room as a kid…(eek!)

When I was a teen, my father started a medicinal-grade pressed juicery as an intensive cleanse protocol for some of his terminally ill patients. He would wake up at 4am every morning to make juice and would bring me tiny vials of green juice to drink before school. I would hide them under my bed and my sweet father would find them (full of rotting green juice) while he was vacuuming—I was terrible! Of course, the irony is I now make it a point to head down to Erewhon to get my green juice almost every day.

Nitsa -1206.jpg
Nitsa -1179.jpg

What steps in your life led you to Sun Potion?

Divine alignments and following a path of love and service.

Scott Linde, the Founder of Sun Potion and I met in 2011 right when he began the project. We became friends, bonded over our love of the herbs, and fell in love. I was a yoga teacher, massage therapist, and aspiring filmmaker at the time and we lived together.

At a certain point he needed help with a redesign of the labels, websites, brand, etc. so I stepped in, we realized we worked well together and have been working together ever since. Our relationship has evolved and while we are no longer romantic partners, we are still close friends and allies for life—both deeply committed to making these plants available to the world.


At this point, you’re probably used to having to break down exactly what an adaptogen is since the term is finally buzzing through even mainstream beauty spaces—what’s the easiest way to explain it?

A plant that when consumed helps the body to respond to stressors with more resilience, intelligence, and— for lack of a better word—adaptability.

OPTION B -1333.jpg

What sets Sun Potion apart from other brands in the vast sea of supplements?

I feel the relationships we have developed over the years with our sources are unique and a testament to our mutual commitment to quality. We also make it a point to offer these adaptogens in their most bioavailable form as well so that our bodies can fully absorb and utilize their healing properties.

We source our tonic herbs mushroom and superfoods from all over the world. Always organic or wild harvested, we set our priority to work with farms and labs practicing regenerative agriculture and integrity throughout all steps of the process.


Ashwagandha is our desert island pick, are you able to share a few of the benefits that one can expect (as well as how to use it) to newbies who haven’t yet tried it?

Ashwagandha is amazing for immunity, stress relief, to help reduce inflammation and balance hormones. I introduced it into my diet to help me with some nervous system and hormone imbalances. I have a tendency towards anxiety and depression, and when I was younger, an irregular cycle. I feel taking ashwagandha has helped me to stabilize my mood, moon, and lower cortisol levels.

It can be taken in warm water, tea, tonics, broth, shakes—even desserts. The trick is to find the format that can be taken consistently- just a half teaspoon every day can make all the difference. If you want alchemical inspiration, we publish beautiful recipes every week on our IG and journal. I am so amazed by his creative people can be with the herbs!


What are your favorite adaptogens for women at different stages of life—young and free, pregnant and thriving, post-baby new life, etc?

My first recommendation for women is our Yin Power. It’s a blend of adaptogenic herbs that I formulated to support women of all ages and circumstances. It has a full spectrum of tonic herbs to support energy, immunity, glowing skin and balancing hormones.

I like to say it is like my “herbal love note” to all the amazing women in my life.


When do you think adaptogens and wellness tonics can be overkill, or how much is too much?

Haha…. hmmm…overkill can occur when people start taking things in excess, without a clear intention, and stop listening to their bodies.

Nitsa -1271.jpg

Love that you describe yourself as a hermit and are proudly extending the #hermit life tag into the digital universe—indoor or outdoor, what does a typical day look like for you?

When I am home, a typical day begins with a moment of gratitude and a few rounds of tea. If the weather permits, I will set up my tea zone on my deck, which overlooks the Santa Monica Mountains and Pacific Ocean.

I will pour a few bowls to sip and reflect in silence…it is my daily meditation. This is my favorite way to begin the day. Tea is typically followed by a more structured seated meditation. Then I will check my phone, emails, touch base with my team and begin my work day.

At some point I will find myself in the kitchen and will make an adaptogenic potion for breakfast. I will then proceed into the “work power mode” part of the day—I try to work from home as much as possible, unless, of course, I am traveling. I love to travel for work and in general, and I love to be home—perhaps that is how I find balance. I do have a tendency to hermit in my hotel room still.


As far as your beauty routine, is it exclusively skin care, some party makeup when you’re in the mood, all organic? Would love to hear your ride or die products.

Most days, I am pretty low key and make-up free. I use a combination of Shiva Rose, Osea, Living Libations, and loads of our wildcrafted Shea Butter (from Sun Potion).

If I am feeling extra, I may use a little Poppy and Someday Coriander Herbal Lip Stain on my cheeks and RMS Un Cover-Up Concealer for some nontoxic coverage on under-eye circles. I also love to treat myself to microcurrent facials with my friend Sadie as much as I can—they are truly multi-dimensional and I swear make me look (and more importantly, feel) years younger!


This is a tough one, so we saved it for the finale. If you had to transfer your spirit into another animal, person, or fictional character for a day, who/what would it be and why?

OOOHHHHH……. this is an interesting question, because if I was transferring my spirit, then it would still be me, yes? Just in a different form…hmmm…

I would say some fantasy character with super powers for sure…. Dumbledore from Harry Potter or Gandalf or Lady Galadriel from Lord of the Rings, haha. I am clearly a major NERD.


I would want to be Mother Earth. That would be incredible.

Final answer: Mother Earth.

OPTION B -1324.jpg
OPTION B -1334.jpg

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Sun Potion

No Nonsense Fitness with Mary Ann Browning

Written & Photographed by A Wild Dove

Maryann - Photo- Conrado Veliz-3500.jpg

“Never be a diva.” It’s the simple piece of advice that Mary Ann Browning, the athlete-meets-mogul behind New York and South Hampton’s buzzy Brownings Fitness gyms is quick to deliver. And it’s that real, no-nonsense attitude that attracts Manhattan’s highly coveted elite, from designer Vera Wang to Estee Lauder president John Demsey, in search of a trusted resource. “People like Vera and John act so unfamous—they are so real, kind, and generous like family to me, I’m truly blessed.”


An Iron-Bound Ballerina

Browning is also quick to speak openly about all things body image and workout-centric without sugar-coating her real opinions. “Live life as if we did not have cell phones” and “no talking, just train” are just a couple of the stripped-back pieces of advice that she rolls out monthly on her short, stream-of-consciousness blog posts that cut straight to the point about everything from her experience with food issues to finding a work-life balance. And that experience is vast—Principal Ballet dancer in South Africa’s Pact Ballet Company was just the first step in a life of body work. “I was always athletic, but it made me very disciplined,” Browning notes, adding that she actually prefers to have muscles, eventually even becoming an Iron Man competitor years later. “People are scared of muscle. To me, it’s the holy grail to a great body and flexibility,” says Browning. “You only get big if you eat too much, and too much protein— which most Americans do.” In her opinion, our country’s entire lens on body image and nutrition is skewed. “I would like to go to schools all over America and educate the children,” she shares of her ultimate goal. “It’s my plan, but trying to help their parents is my current project.”

Maryann - Photo- Conrado Veliz-3181.jpg
Maryann - Photo- Conrado Veliz-3218.jpg
Maryann - Photo- Conrado Veliz-3222.jpg

The Broader Focus

At 44, Browning become a trainer for a cool 38 dollars per hour (“before tax”) and started racking up work loads of about 60 hours per week. She eventually realized it was time to step back, evaluate her life, and look at the bigger picture. “A client suggested it was time I made a plan so I didn’t have to be the only one making money,” Browning shares. “I still work more than my staff, but it’s a good back up plan.” For a time, her fitness empire had a staggering nine locations, but over the years she pared it down to her two stars, Manhattan and South Hampton, choosing a better quality of life over financial gains. “It’s more efficient to have less,” she says simply.

And on a physical level, to achieve her personal goal of “growing younger” she relies on rest, nutrition, and flexibility—not to mention an attitude that’s as firm-but-fair with herself as her clients. “I tell myself not to get soft. Push more. Try more.” This means running regularly (even after a knee replacement), golfing, biking, walking, and especially weight training. “I am a huge believer in weights, I lift very heavy,” she notes, with the ties between bone health and weight training offering further motivation.

Maryann - Photo- Conrado Veliz-3316.jpg
Maryann - Photo- Conrado Veliz-3326.jpg

A Higher Power

Courage, gratefulness, and discipline are the three values Browning calls out as the mainstays that carried her through every phase of her career in the fitness space. But still, there’s more to Browning’s success than just rock bodies. “I’m a big believer in a higher power,” she shares candidly. “I believe it gives me the strength when things are tough. If you don’t have somebody to rely on, the only other place is to be depressed. Fortunately for me, I don’t look at the glass as half full, I look at the glass as full.” It’s this innate positivity that shines through in Browning’s attitude. Even the power of a smile is something that she speaks of often. Perhaps the only time she isn’t encouraging that extra push for maximum muscle engagement is via this simple, joyful expression. “It takes about 72 muscles to frown and just 13 to smile. Let’s save our energy on our face muscles and only smile.” And most importantly? “Be kind. Stay grateful and positive.”

Maryann - Photo- Conrado Veliz-3377.jpg

Say it Straight

In the spirit of forthright conversational style, we teamed up with Browning for her exclusive list of personal YES’s and NO’s as a final takeaway for personal life training:

YES: At-home selfcare. “I paint my own nails.”

NO: Drinking smoothies and juices

YES: Eat your food

NO: Coffee after 2pm

YES: H2O “I believe in drinking a lot of water.”

NO: Seamless delivery “I don’t do takeout.”

YES: Flexibility “I book yoga or massage at least once a week.”

Maryann - Photo- Conrado Veliz-3486.jpg
Maryann - Photo- Conrado Veliz-3611.jpg

NO: Too much protein and fat

YES: Incorporating more complex carbs “I eat them every day.”

NO: Skipping breakfast

YES: Veggies and brown rice

NO: Dieting

YES: Homemade no-sugar banana bread. “I eat it every day.”

NO: Red meat

YES: L-Carnitine 2000 mg supplement “I believe it helps burn fat.”

NO: Television in bed

YES: A little tequila “Sometimes I’ll have one ounce every single day with my soda and lime juice.”

NO: Burning the candle at both ends “If I start at 6am working late at night is a no-no.”

YES: Naps. “I certainly do believe in a catnap.”

NO: Patience or time for facials. “I decide where I spend, I prefer a pedicure, blowout or massage.”


Rituals - Malia Mills


Founder of Malia Mills


My first ritual of the morning is...

To silence the chirping birds on my iPhone (for the first three weeks of the sleep monitor, monitoring my sleep I thought we had a new nest of birds outside our window. I kept wondering about the birds and how they built the nest and carried on this conversation with my boyfriend for at least three weeks until I realized it was my phone. True story. It's been over a year and we still laugh about it, every morning.)

A few years ago my sister enlightened me to the wonders of drinking a giant glass of water first thing in the morning. So before I turn on the news, brush my teeth and inevitably check emails I'll kick off the day with a glass of New York's finest.


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Malia Mills


Whether a morning meditation or afternoon cup of tea, the rituals we practice serve us more than we realize. They are our life’s bookends, moments we rely on and enjoy. For mamas especially, these small ceremonies are what gets us through the day. At A Wild Dove, we are so inspired by rituals, that we’ve asked some of our favorite mamas to share their smallest, most celebrated acts that help them feel their best.


Next-Gen Mindfulness

Written by A Wild Dove | Photographed by Osvaldo Ponton


Walking into The Sacred Space’s lofty entrance in Miami’s Wynwood Arts Disctrict, at first glance you may not expect its gallery-like setting to be the perfect venue for a kid-friendly escape. Crisp white, neon-lit, and peppered with crystals, the gilded LOVE OVER FEAR sign drenched in sunlight is the first hint at founder Karla Dascal’s holistic, community-driven vision. An attitude that “love is everything” drives Dascal’s efforts toward conscious, high-vibrational living (not to mention years of recognition as one of the top event designers in the country) and sets the stage for this singular urban oasis she’s created in the heart of the city.


In an effort to open the experience to parents and children for the first time, A Wild Dove teamed up with The Joy Alchemist to host the multi-dimensional Magical Wellness Wonderland experience. The whispers-only atmosphere that so often comes along with formal spaces was delightfully skirted by an inclusive opportunity to share mindful practices with our youngest generation. And isn’t that the point? An afternoon of thoughtful experiences offered kids an introduction into everything from healing crystals to meditation—plus a wealth of hands-on creative outlets and healthy snacks thanks to Radiate Kombucha and Cielito Artisan Pops.


Meeting of the minds. Founder of The Sacred Space, Karla Dascal (left), founder of The Joy Alchemist Daniela Garcia (center) with Lynn Levoy.


Lil’ guests chose their spirit animals, from butterflies to lions and tigers, as inspiration for the afternoon’s outdoor face painting station.


In The Sacred Space’s lush courtyard, A Wild Dove’s Lynn Levoy with Buffy Koczwara (left) and Orion Nevel, Co-Founder of Gryph & IvyRose.


Gathering inside the serene sanctuary, The Cristalline’s Rashia Bell helped children get a first grasp at the importance of their day-to-day environment and the powers of energetic stones. Breathing lessons got a hands-on boost from Komuso’s wearable tool The Shift, which doubles as a necklace to encourage pausing, destressing, and feeling present in the moment. Gryph & IvyRose joined the group with their pediatrician-approved line of children’s elixirs (and organic heart-shaped chocolates!) designed to boost miniature immune systems with a blend of Traditional Chinese Medicine and organic herbs.


Sweet treats in the form of artisanal vegan popsicles were quick hits from the Cielito Artisan Pops spread.


Daniela Garcia, Lauren Arboleda, Laura Galvis, Rebecca Eisenmann, Annette Felder, Paloma Teppa, Sarah MacMillan, Mary Gamarra, Danielle Bigby, Lynn Levoy


Lounging on blankets of painting tarps, children mixed up their finger-painting instincts with stamps cleverly cut from repurposed peppers, potatoes, apples, lemons and even celery stalks.


Whether making fruit stamps in Gryph & IvyRoses’s natural art lessons, bonding over braids by Shop Flow, or reading A Time for Rain aloud with New York Times best-selling co-author Kelly Brogan M.D., age barriers blurred for the day of future-focused wellness workshops.


Author of the children’s book A Time for Rain, Kelly Brogan host a storytelling gathering.


Circling up for a moment for instruction. Rashia Bell, co-founder of The Cristalline, hosts her workshop on the energetic power of crystals and a customized meditation practice.


The next generation. Grouping up with the founders and their very special guests.


Rituals - Melissa Wood


Founder of Melissa Wood Health



My favorite ritual alone is...

"at the end of my mediation and at the end of the day when I’m feeling unsure, asking myself these four questions -

where would you have me go?

what would you have me do?

what would you have me say?

and to whom?

I say these so I'm no longer relying on my own strength for everything and I’m energetically putting it out into the universe to help guide me."



Whether a morning meditation or afternoon cup of tea, the rituals we practice serve us more than we realize. They are our life’s bookends, moments we rely on and enjoy. For mamas especially, these small ceremonies are what gets us through the day. At A Wild Dove, we are so inspired by rituals, that we’ve asked some of our favorite mamas to share their smallest, most celebrated acts that help them feel their best.


Rituals - Savannah King


Savannah King Founder of Third Eye Jewelry

Copy of Copy of Savannah 5.jpg

My favorite ritual alone is...

"If I have an evening home alone it usually involves vinyl, palo santo, and a face mask.

I love picking out a record (been a lot of Bowie lately.. and always, who am I kidding) and dancing around my room while the Tata Harper Resurfacing Mask works its magic.

I use the high vibe I've created to cleanse my space by lighting some palo santo to smudge the door frames, window sills and minerals in it's smoke."

Copy of Copy of Savannah 8.jpg
Copy of Copy of Savannah 11.jpg


Whether a morning meditation or afternoon cup of tea, the rituals we practice serve us more than we realize. They are our life’s bookends, moments we rely on and enjoy. For mamas especially, these small ceremonies are what gets us through the day. At A Wild Dove, we are so inspired by rituals, that we’ve asked some of our favorite mamas to share their smallest, most celebrated acts that help them feel their best.


A Holistic Approach

Written by A Wild Dove | Photographed by Georgia Connick

1 b&w .jpeg

While other women her age were hanging out with their friends, Sarah Wragge (now a Holistic Nutritionist and Health Coach) spent her afternoons in and out of gastroenterologists’ offices. By the time she was 18, she had had a colonoscopy and two upper endoscopies, which showed nothing wrong, though she had never felt worse. She would go on to experiment with many different antacids, prescriptions and pharmaceutical concoctions, but nothing worked. Sarah was in such horrible shape - with inflammation, pain and various health issues - that it infringed on her professional, social and emotional life. Finally she had enough. Six years ago Sarah visited an acupuncturist who took one look under her tongue and said that she had textbook candida. She went on a 60 day cleanse with plant-based foods and self-care tools and suddenly she found herself strong, lean and feeling great. She embraced whole, unprocessed foods and endless amounts of energy and created a new lifestyle that inspired her to help others. So Sarah launched Sweat-working, a company that networks and connects women over wellness and fitness-themed events. She even went onto get a degree from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and before long, created her own unique diet program based on her experience taking the clean approach. Needless to say, we are beyond inspired with her story. We sat down with Sarah to talk fitness, medicine and how she gets her cheat on (she does!)

Copy of 6.jpg

Your story is so powerful and truly resonates with me. I went undiagnosed with mercury poisoning for over a year. I saw every doctor under the sun - Eastern and Western and everything in between. I was finally diagnosed by a Functional Doctor, so I know what a game changer this is. Can you share with our readers how, after spending your 20s in and out of doctors offices undiagnosed with chronic diseases, you enrolled in the Institute of Integrative Nutrition?

I struggled my whole life with chronic yeast infections, and I'm not just talking about “you know where.” I had them in my ears, believe it or not. So one morning, I went into my doctor's office so I could get my standard prescription of diflucan (a drug that I should have bought stock in I used it so much). A woman walked in. She looked at my chart and told me no way she was writing me another prescription and it was time to get to the root of the problem. I left that day with the number of the doctor's acupuncturist. I called Mia that day and my life was forever changed. It was no mistake that my regular doctor was sick that day. The universe handled me. Through Mia I met my holistic nutritionist / health coach and my journey began.

Copy of 3.jpg
Copy of fridge .jpg

I am also personally interested in the mental health part of eating & nutrition…can you dive into that connection for us?

I practice holistic nutrition because I believe it's not just about food. Food isn't the only thing that nourishes us. Music nourishes us, playing with a baby nourishes us, cuddling and laughing nourishes us. We have to feed our souls just as much as we feed our bodies to be complete and well-rounded.


Totally. Can you tell us about your philosophy and the different programs you offer your clients?

My philosophy is simple. YOU choose to make a shift and it's a domino effect. I can't tell you how many times a woman/mom/wife comes to me in hopes to become her best self and a week or two in, her six- year -old is asking for a green smoothie. My programs are highly customized to the individual. Usually throughout the course of 12-16 weeks, I change the program two or three times to keep the individual progressing towards their goal. Just as we need to keep the body guessing when we are working out, the food plan has to be dynamic to support the client wherever they are in the process.

Copy of 7.jpg
Copy of navitas smoothie .jpg

I’m a strong believer that our kids should be eating the same foods as we do and I always have snacks in my bag that Callum and I can share. What are some of you faves that we can keep in our bags for those days when we’re on the go?

I couldn't agree more! Christian and I both LOVE Health Warrior Chia seed bars. Those are our go-to. I have also been known to carry around sliced purple sweet potatoes in his batman backpack for both of us after a play date. I choose the purple ones because they have less water than an orange ones - so it's not as messy when you're on the go!


How has the birth of your son changed your approach to food ? Does your partner share your parenting strategy when it comes to food?

When Christian was born I remember looking at him and thinking, "He's so pure. Untouched and Innocent.” All of my knowledge about what's in our food kept creeping up in my head. I didn't want to taint him and pollute his beautiful little system. My husband does share in my parenting strategy when it comes to food. We have a great balance because just as I would feed him kale smoothies and organic chicken all day long, I want him to be a normal kid. I want him to be able to have birthday cake on his birthday and pizza at pizza parties.

Copy of 2.jpg

Please tell us how you indulge once in a while! What is “worth it” for you? And how do you get back on track when you occasionally derail?

I am really a clean eater until I am NOT, and then I go for it. Saturday nights are my time that I let things go a bit. Usually we have dinner out with friends or a dinner party and nothing tastes better after a jam packed work week, regular exercise and clean eating than a Don Julio Reposado with club soda and fresh lime juice. As far as what's "worth it" for me - french fries and warm chocolate chip cookies.

Copy of everyday i love you 2 .jpg
Copy of 9.jpg

Yum. I know you love working out as much I do. What are favorites workouts at the moment and why?

I am a tried and true AKT fan. There is no more efficient and fun workout on the planet and believe me, I've tried them ALL.


What is your therapy?

A dance cardio class when I know the routine. I can add in my own style and get lost in it. Sometimes I'll discover parts of myself I didn't know were there. Like, wow, I am pretty sexy when I move like that. I didn't know I could do that with my hips. Connecting to movement is one of the most therapeutic things we can do.


What makes you fly?


Copy of 11.jpg

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Sarah Wragge

Rituals - Dana James


Dana James, Functional Medicine Nutritionist & Author

Copy of Copy of 180509_DanaJames_AWildDove_0436RT.jpg

My first ritual of the morning is...

"I kiss my man and then we debate over whose turn it is to make coffee. If it’s mine, I make French press with an organic coffee from the exquisitely delicious Canyon Coffee out of California. As I’m the ultimate multi-tasker, I unpack the dishwasher while the kettle is boiling (yes, the mundane things) and then I take probiotics by Klaire Labs with either rose or chlorophyll water. My man I and then drink coffee in bed and chat for about 30 minutes before we start the morning."


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Food Coach NYC


Whether a morning meditation or afternoon cup of tea, the rituals we practice serve us more than we realize. They are our life’s bookends, moments we rely on and enjoy. For mamas especially, these small ceremonies are what gets us through the day. At A Wild Dove, we are so inspired by rituals, that we’ve asked some of our favorite women to share their smallest, most celebrated acts that help them feel their best.


Raising Our Vibrations

Written by Joy Dushey | Photographed by Conrado Veliz


The term “raising vibrations” can often sound strangely abstract, like it’s a goal we want to reach for, but most of us have no clue how to get there. Well, according to Joy Dushey (our resident Flock member, wellness expert and founder of The Joyful Approach), the idea is that we can, in fact, learn to lift our vibrations to meet certain challenges through a myriad of disciplines. It’s particularly important for our children, who are exposed to our energy and mirror their own energy and vibrations based on ours. But how do we do it and what are the steps involved? Read on for Joy’s tips on raising our vibrations, so our children can keeps theirs elevated and exist in a world of peace, love and gratitude…


When we reference our “vibrations,” what exactly do we mean? Think of it this way. Our vibration is our energy signature. We are all made up of vibrating particles of energy and our vibration is what we emanate out to the environment, around us and to others. Thoughts, emotions, and sound are also vibrations and carry unique energetic signatures.

The idea that we are living in a “high vibrational state” is directly correlated to the health and happiness of our bodies in many ways. The vibes we emanate to others, to our children and to the environment vary based on our resilience for balancing our mind, emotions and disposition- especially in today’s dynamic emotional climate.


People can easily pick up other people’s energy and emotions at different levels of sensitivity. Children behave like little sponges readily absorbing energies because they have less of a barrier distracting their perception generated and influenced by beliefs, memories, choices and environmental stimuli. From the day that our children our born, they begin testing our patience. Children can feel when we are easily activated, stressed and anxious or when we are poised in our higher vibration.

When we are flowing in our higher vibes, we can easily make decisions and solutions due to increased access to our heart’s intuitive wisdom. Our discernment becomes more inclusive and our choices become clearer and more effective; it gets much easier to deflect frustration, anxiety, impatience and other stress producers that strain our critical thinking and reasoning.





By engaging in daily practices like mindfulness, meditation yoga, journaling and healthy eating, we shift our energy. We begin to operate at a high-vibrational frequency, the frequency of love, and that's when we are a magnet for more positive relationships and experiences. When our energetic aura shifts, our consciousness expands, our nervous system neutralizes, and we begin to fully realize and experience a spiritual awakening, the recognition of our divine essence. Things become possible that weren't before. A miraculous life unfolds in front of us.



Find a quiet place where, for a few minutes, you can breathe easily, imagining with each breath that your mind, emotions and body are becoming still inside.

Place your feet firmly on the ground visualizing strong roots growing from your feet connected to the earth. You may use grounding crystals or earth stones in your hands as assists.

In this stillness, desire the uplifting feeling you would like to have and imagine breathing this new feeling into your being for a while. Imagine you are creating it with your breath.



Sit quietly and imagine radiating love, compassion and stillness into your mental and emotional nature. Self-care is often allowing ourselves to have a low moment without compounding it with self-criticism. When our light is dim, it helps to give ourselves the feeling of compassionate heart warmth that we would give a child who is ill.



Crystals have metaphysical properties from the earth that allow us to raise our frequency and vibration. Some of the highest vibrational crystals are Selenite, Natrolite, Tanzanite, Phenacite and Moldavite. It’s important to bring yourself to a grounding practice after using these high vibrational stones.

The first step in many spiritual practices is to learn to ground, that is to connect yourself energetically to the core of the Earth. There are many techniques for grounding so find the practice that feels best for you. The essence of most methods is to relax and visualize yourself sending an energy cord or light beam into the earth from your root chakra (at the tailbone) and allowing it to reach the earth core allowing you to get energy from the Earth. A classic form of grounding is with your feet firmly placed on the ground, below you imagine roots growing into the Earth from your feet and spinal column or central energy channel and begin a meditation practice breathing in the energy from the earth.


It’s best when you can have direct contact with the earth underneath your feet and if that’s not an option just having your feet on the ground works as well.

You can hold grounding stones in your hands during this practice such as Red Jasper, Bloodstone, Hematite, Gold tigers Eye, Carnelian, Garnet, Pyrite, Copper, Amber, and Unakite.

The simple presence of crystals in both your home and work environments create a change in the vibration of the surrounding area. You can use crystals while meditating or you can wear them as jewelry or even hold them in your pocket or in your pocketbook.

Teaching your child about the world of crystals can be of great help to their development. A relationship with crystals can deepen a child’s understanding of the experiences of friendship, support and peace and provide them with tools of great use in moments when we cannot be physically present.


Rituals - Erika Bloom


Founder of Erika Bloom Pilates and Holistic Wellness Expert



My last ritual of the day...

"is to give my kids an aromatherapy foot massage post our night time yoga routine. I go to sleep with the kids and so the ritual not only soothes them, it preps me for sleep as well. My favorite is lavender or I sometimes use a blend of lavender, bergamot, and clary sage."

Copy of C73A1125.jpg
Copy of C73A1131.jpg


Whether a morning meditation or afternoon cup of tea, the rituals we practice serve us more than we realize. They are our life’s bookends, moments we rely on and enjoy. For mamas especially, these small ceremonies are what gets us through the day. At A Wild Dove, we are so inspired by rituals, that we’ve asked some of our favorite mamas to share their smallest, most celebrated acts that help them feel their best.


Rituals - Dana James


Dana James, Functional Medicine Nutritionist & Author

Copy of Copy of 180509_DanaJames_AWildDove_0066RT.jpg

My last ritual of the day is...

"I cleanse my face then use the most incredible moisturizer by Augustinus Bader. With five days of using this cream, my skin regained its glow and the stress-induced breakouts were gone! It’s a stem cell treatment that really works.  Oh, and I brush my teeth."


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Food Coach NYC


Whether a morning meditation or afternoon cup of tea, the rituals we practice serve us more than we realize. They are our life’s bookends, moments we rely on and enjoy. For mamas especially, these small ceremonies are what gets us through the day. At A Wild Dove, we are so inspired by rituals, that we’ve asked some of our favorite women to share their smallest, most celebrated acts that help them feel their best.