Dove Loves - Memorial Weekend Edition

Written by A Wild Dove| Photographed by Eric White | Styled by Lynn Levoy


In our latest Dove Loves, we’re bringing you fashion and beauty products that we’ll be obsessing over all weekend long. Straight from Lynn, herself, get the scoop on the lust-worthy items that are tried, tested and adored by A Wild Dove.



These were love at first sight. Between the rose color and the velvet, I feel like I am wearing slippers all day. They are super comfy and perfect for denim, dresses and shorts. I have a feeling I will be living in these this summer.



An all natural balm with a blend of olive and shea oil, beeswax and grapefruit essential oil. You can use it everywhere - lips, eyes and cheek. The No 2, is sheer with just a hint of berry color for that perfect summer, rosy glow. It’s super hydrating and the shape is perfect for that sun-kissed lip look. AND it’s so tiny which makes it perfect for running around.



Hands down the happiest thing I own. They just make me smile. I am SO not an earring girl, but these may have converted me. They are perfect with anything and everything - jeans, dresses, beach days, city nights. Even though they are big, they're so light that I forget I’m even wearing them.


Copy of 04-19-Dove-Loves51866.jpg
Screen Shot 2017-05-24 at 10.25.44 PM.png

It uses a combination of fruit extracts to exfoliate and
then, like magic, transforms into a milky toner that washes off. I love using their Daily Orbit Energizing Essence to follow, even though you don’t really need a toner since it does both. It’s a minimal product and perfect for those days when there just seems to be no time for that extra step.


Love Love Love. I’m all about large rings and well, this is perfect. I don’t wear much jewelry, but I love statement pieces (see Gaya Earrings above). It feels so much easier to put on one or two big pieces and then you’re out the door. And the marble is so unique, I feel like I'm wearing a piece of art.

Copy of 04-19-Dove-Loves51943.jpg

Spring Beauty That Is Sure To Spark Joy

Written by A Wild Dove | Photographed by Eric White | Styled by Lynn Levoy

Screen Shot 2017-05-22 at 12.59.58 PM.png


Michael Anthony -

“This is a smoldering look with a more subtle palette using Marc Jacobs twinkle pop eye stick in 'Leila' with Anastasia Beverly Hills shadow palette in ‘Kim’”.

Ryan Austin -

"Whether it's bright orange or a dusty pink, adding a pop of color really helps your lifeless, washed-out summer hair feel like it's been upgraded. Not ready to make it permanent? Try colorful clip in extensions or Kevin Murphy’s 'Color Bug' hair chalk"

Michael Anthony -

“For the festival or Margiela-inspired look, I went with shades of green in the lower lash line. I tied it off with 'In Extreme Dimension' mascara in 'Hottie with a Body' from MAC, which is LIME GREEN! It's part of the brand’s new range of colored mascaras which, on the lower lashes, is a super easy way to add a twist to your look.”

Denim Jacket by Balenciaga

Ryan Austin -

"For a really fun pool-to-party look, braid some bright pieces of fabric into your hair. I love to cut up a colorful bandana or a scarf and braid it in. Here I used multi-colored and metallic embroidery threads."

Michael Anthony

“I’m loving the new Anastasia Beverly Hills GLOW kit in 'Aurora'. It has spacey cool shades that aren't usually found in highlighters. It’s a great spin on the craze of highlighting. I used the lavender shade called "Spectra" over the purple shadow and some of "Eclipse" on the skin.”

Headband by Miu Miu | Silk Tank by Nili Lotan
Rings by Jennifer Fisher

Ryan Austin

"Statement headbands and turbans are a great way to bring your not so polished summer looks to the next level. This Miu Miu one is PERFECT for summer."


Michael Anthony -

"For a SULTRY worn-in look, I used a waterproof pencil along the lash line and some warmer tones throughout the crease and lid. Then I use a cream shadow from Rose Marie Swift, (which is a totally cruelty free vegan product line) with my fingertip to warm up the product, and I push it onto the lids."


Ryan Austin -

"High gloss hair has been a growing trend for a while but even though this is an effortless look, it takes some extra effort to achieve a polished wet look. Product is key!! Try something with a little more hold from the roots to mid-shaft like Oribe 'Gel Serum' and some Ouai 'Wave Spray' in the ends."

Top by Nili Lotan | Chandelier Earring by Aurelie Bidermann

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Delicious for ALL Kids & Mamas- Jamie Graber's Allergy-Friendly Recipes

Written by A Wild Dove | Photographed by Eric White

In honor of Allergy Awareness Week, we asked Jamie Graber, wellness coach and founder of Organically Jamie, to come up with some allergy-proof recipes for kids and mama’s that are as delicious as they are healthy. We’re talking the perfect concoctions for breakfast time, inside school lunchboxes, as well as for afternoon snacks. We guarantee that all children and adults, alike, will be begging for seconds.


Homemade Hemp Milk is a great alternative to dairy, soy, nuts and processed boxed milks. You do not have to soak the seeds like you do for man nut milks.  This recipe can be adjusted, you can switch out the hemp seeds to sunflower or sesame seeds, or to nuts like Brazil nuts and almonds (for those without nut allergies). For the nuts, I like to soak them the night before, then rinse and ready.  This helps to remove the enzyme inhibitors that make it difficult to digest the almonds.







  1. In a blender, pour 1 cup of Hemp Seeds and blend with 3 cups of filtered water. If you want to make a smaller batch in a NutriBullet, half the recipe.
  2. Blend the water and seeds for about 1 minute.  
  3. Drape the nut milk bag around a glass jar and pour the contents of the blender through the bag.
  4. Once the liquid has been separated from the seeds, you are finished.

If you want to make it sweet pour the separated liquid back into the blender. The amount of sweetener can be adjusted for your taste preference.  


ADD Either


  • A pinch of Himalayan Sea Salt
  • A teaspoon of Vanilla Extract
  • Pitted Dates OR
  • A tablespoon of Coconut Palm Sugar .



  1. Blend all the above, then pour back into your glass jar and done. The milk should stay fresh for 3 to 4 days.  



This milk can be used for cereals, overnight oats, chia pudding, smoothies and coffee! You can also lightly heat it up (so it's warm to the touch, but not hot) and blend in some of your favorite adaptogens to make a nice elixir.




  • 2 cups fresh Hemp Milk
  • Chia Seeds
  • Cinammon (optional)



  1. Take 2 cups of freshly made hemp milk
  2. Pour over 1/2 cup of Chia Seeds
  3. Add a pinch of cinnamon to taste (optional)
  4. Whisk all of the above and let sit for about an hour, until it becomes gelatinous (or let them soak overnight)


These are a great gluten free option (and also an alternative to processed chips that often contain unhealthy oils).



  • Himalayan Sea Salt
  • Thin Baking Sheet
  • A mandolin - (I use a Benriner Japanese Mandolin Vegetable Slicer)
  • Cooking spray, either Coconut oil
    or Avocado Oil
  • Non Slip Silicone Baking Mat -
    (I prefer A Silpat)
  • You can use Beets, Potatoes, Yucca, Yams etc... (For a sweet version use Sweet Potatoes, Coconut Oil and Cinnamon)





  1. Preheat your oven to bake at 300 degrees
  2. Wash and peel vegetable of choice (I personally leave the skin on my potatoes)
  3. Carefully, thinly slice your vegetable on the mandolin
  4. Place your baking mat on your baking sheet
  5. Lightly spray the sheet with coconut or avocado oil
  6. Carefully lay the sliced vegetables on the sheet not overlapping
  7. Sprinkle a bit of Himalayan sea salt on top
  8. Place in the oven for about 20-30 minute and start checking on them in 10 minutes

Itsy Bitsy Brainfood

Written by A Wild Dove | Photographed by Eric White | Styled by Lynn Levoy

Allergies are a topic that’s close to our hearts. Lynn’s son Callum has a nut allergy, and his safety is something she’s always thinking about - whether on a plane (more on that later), at a birthday party, or in the school cafeteria. So in honor of Allergy Awareness Week, we are introducing snacks, recipes and brands that we’ve relied on over the last few years so that our kids can feel like they’re not missing out at meal time and actually enjoy what they’re eating.

untitled (1).png

First up is Bitsy’s Brainfood. Maggie Jones and Alex Buckley are the brains behind this genius brand, where each cookie, cracker and chip features all-natural, healthy ingredients that are totally nut-free. (The brand’s Smart Crackers and Cookies are made in a peanut and tree nut free facility while the cereals are made in a peanut and egg free facility). The pair started the line after working for a non-profit organization that focused on empowering children through healthy eating. We sat down with these inspiring women, where we talked allergy awareness, a devotion to authenticity and why showing off those veggies is so important.

A Wild Dove

So we are all about empowering mamas as well as children. Can you tell us your “trigger moment” in developing Bitsy's Brainfood?

Maggie and Alex.jpg

Bitsy’s Brainfood

It began with empowering kids. As mothers, we realized how few options existed when it came to organic, packaged, and authentically nutritious food that kids would actually eat!  And so we felt that by creating snacks that were more than a nutritional net-neutral, we’d be empowering parents like us, whose energy for food battles might otherwise end in an official position vaguely resembling all Cheez-its, all the time.


A Wild Dove

Uhhh yup! Right here. What we love so much about Bitsy’s is your honesty and transparency. That's our philosophy too. Can you tell us about making that call, which feels so different than what others are doing? 

Bitsy’s Brainfood

For better or worse, we really don’t know any other way! It’s a funny thing. That commitment to honesty has both created our most considerable challenges and formed the foundation of our brand. It started with the idea that while efficient in the short run, it was fundamentally counterproductive to “trick” kids into eating vegetables. We were excited about our ingredients, not pretending to be junk, and we wanted to get kids excited, too. Sticking to our principles on this—refusing to reformulate—was a big risk. But we think we moved an invisible needle.


A Wild Dove

Totally. Why hide what they should be eating anyway? That’s how we feel. We also love that you're nut free. With a nut allergy in our family that’s an added bonus, since your products are already so delicious as it is.
What influenced that decision? 

Bitsy’s Brainfood

So many families struggle with allergies, and the rise of children with anaphylactic nut allergies has been alarming, to say the least. This means that increasingly, all of us—whether ours is a family with allergies, or not—are called upon to keep kids safe. As a brand created by mothers for kids, we felt strongly that our products be safe for school and that we provide options for as many families as we’re able.

Copy of AWD_MothersDay_05-08-1752819.jpg

A Wild Dove

Now for the million dollar question. How on earth do you make your products so yummy?!

Copy of AWD_MothersDay_05-08-1752772.jpg
Copy of AWD_MothersDay_05-08-1752839.jpg

Bitsy’s Brainfood

We’ve put a lot of research and work into testing and tasting every single bit of every single Bitsy’s product, because we know that if we want kids (and families!) to choose healthy, then our products have to been as good-tasting as they are good for you. But the secret is in the real, nutritious ingredients. It’s true.

Copy of AWD_MothersDay_05-08-1752798.jpg
Gabi wears tee by Beau LOves UK | Callum wears tee by Mini Rodini

A Wild Dove

We believe you. And we’re loving everything you do. Thank you for sitting down with us and sharing your story. Lastly, what makes you fly?

Bitsy’s Brainfood

When you’ve had a dream for a while and have been working on it for a few years, there can be times when it feels like such an uphill battle. But then we meet a new person who didn’t know about Bitsy’s, and she’s excited to learn what we’re about. And those moments are so reinvigorating. They remind us that there’s so much potential for growth, so much good work to be done, and that what we’re working on matters.

Images of Alex, Maggie, and family courtesy of Bitsy's Brainfood

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Lookin' Good, Mama

Written by A Wild Dove | Product Photos by Eric White | Styled by Lynn Levoy


We don’t have to tell you, dear reader, that being a mama is HARD WORK. Physically, mentally, emotionally demanding and beyond draining. But fortunately the love of our little ones, coupled with some self care, helps us go the distance each and everyday. So in honor of Mother’s Day, we asked some of our favorite rockstar mamas - those who keep us going with their incredible brands and services that are practically made for mamas - to tell us how being a mother inspires them and their work. Because whether it’s a lipstick that helps us look less tired, or a hydrating serum, or a cozy women’s sanctuary, we are able to thrive and be the best mamas possible thanks to these women.


Amanda Chantal Bacon, Founder of Moon Juice 

“The biggest surprise is how attached to him I am. Given the chance to do something that was once really exciting, I can’t imagine giving up playtime with Rohan to do what I once found thrilling. I never thought I’d be that person."


Photo by Yoshiro Makino

What excites me most is feeling the depth of love that I’ve never felt before, unconditional love. Intellectually you can think about it, but to experience it in your heart is really exciting.”

Paula Mallis, Founder of  WMN Space

Photographed by Mel Blanchard

“At WMN all the offerings support women and mother's partaking in a self care practice or ritual while being of service to themselves so they can better serve their children and family. When a women or mother's cup is full it becomes a ripple effect to all those around her."

April Gargiulo, Founder of  Vintner's Daughter

“I was a first time mom when I founded Vintner’s Daughter. For me this was a powerfully creative time on so many levels. As a new mom, I realized how important time management became. Spending 30 minutes on my skincare routine was not an option, but neither was doing nothing. 

Photo by Erin Souza

Active Botanical Serum was created to be a 30 second ritual that delivered all the skin-beautifying performance of a more complicated routine. I didn't want to compromise on the highest quality, results or safety and I didn't think anyone else should either.

Copy of AWD_MothersDay_05-08-1752637.jpg

Beauty is confidence and knowing that you can walk outside make-up free and feel your best, is what we strive for with Active Botanical Serum.  Because feeling your best makes you a better mom, partner, friend and citizen. We also make it our mission give back and to that end we donate 2% of every bottle sold to charities dedicated to women and children around the world.”

Sheena Yaitanes, Founder of Kosås


“Being a mother is so selfless and involves so much giving. If we can steal
moments for ourselves, like to put on lipstick, we can replenish the source just a little bit.
The smallest of acts reminds us that we matter. “

Copy of AWD_MothersDay_05-08-1752707.jpg

Erika Bloom, Founder of Erika Bloom Pilates


"As moms, it’s so crucial that we take time for ourselves. The private sessions at my studios are so nurturing; they lead you to reconnect to your body and calm your nervous system while also stretching and strengthening to create a healthy, toned, balanced body. "


For me, the way that Pilates keeps me calm, balanced, strong, and pain free means that I can really get down and in it with my kids: sitting on the floor and playing imagination, running after them in the park, climbing trees, throwing a ball, or just having patience and understanding as they learn and grow. The beauty of a family all starts with us and is affected by how we are feeling inside and out. It’s important to prioritize holistic fitness and wellness."

Photo by Eric White

Joanna Vargas, Founder of  Joanna Vargas Salon and Skincare Collection 

Copy of Joanna Vargas by Roderick Angle.jpg

“My clients use my Daily Serum as their secret weapon to keeping the glow in their skin! Based on my love of green juices, the serum contains chlorophyll, galactoarabinan and oat grass juice which oxygenate the skin while stimulating cell turnover and lymphatic drainage. All I want is to make a woman feel like her best, most confident self. If she feels beautiful, it will make her skin glow for miles.”

Photo by Roderick Angle

Cleaning Green - Rites of Spring

Written by Erika Bloom | Photographed by Eric White

untitled (4).png

Erika Bloom, founder of Erika Bloom Pilates, wellness maven and MOF (Member of the Flock), believes that your home should be treated with as much reverence as your body. 


After all, you live in both.


So when it comes to the ritual of spring cleaning, she chooses products that are organic and as natural as possible to ensure her home remains sparkling, while keeping her family safe and healthy.  Inspiring as ever, Erika even makes a few of her own green cleaning potions.


Here she shares her wisdom of tending to a radiant natural home,
why it's important to her and a list of her favorite green products.


When you walk into a home that is cared for, naturally, you feel nourished and energized. You can just feel it. A home should be both clean and evoke joy, love, comfort and beauty. As someone who is earnest in living a thoughtful, healthy life, I’ve always been considerate of what I am exposing my body and my family to.

It’s comforting to know that we live in a green home, one that has clean air and is safe for the environment and our health, as well as, free of chemicals. As a general rule, avoid phthalates, perfumes, fragrance, parabens, sulfates, dyes, and petrochemicals, pesticides and limit plastics.


When you choose green products or make them yourself, you’re choosing cleaners that do not cause harm to you, your family, your pets or to the environment. Spring is the perfect time to detox our homes as we choose green and bring the healing power of nature inside.

Here are some ideas about how we can spring clean our homes naturally, in simple ways and in the products we use -


Fresh Air

We open our windows as much as possible. Fresh air helps to bring the joy of the outdoors in and helps move any indoor air pollution out. 


House Plants and Flowers

Plants take substances out of the air through the tiny openings in their leaves. They also balance humidity levels in the air. Not only are our orchids, huge fig tree and rubber plants gorgeous, they improve the quality of the air we’re breathing. I also love flowers for their mood lifting benefits and beauty, especially white peonies.

Air Filters

A great detoxifier for any indoor space, air filters clean the air you're breathing in before impurities have a chance to trigger allergies, asthma and other reactions. Austin Air makes a modern filter that looks great in our home and cleanses up to 1,500 square feet. We notice an immediate difference when it’s on.

Water Filters

The quality of the water we drink is paramount to our internal health. In order to purify our tap water from potential contaminants and ensure we’re drinking clean, we use the Drink Soma glass water pitchers. The company uses green products and packaging and is dedicated to ending the global water crisis.



My family adores the beautiful diffusers and oils from Enfleurage, which are imported directly from farms and stills, bringing in high quality, fresh and pure essential oils from six continents. The potent aromatics like lavender, neroli, geranium, and eucalyptus, also benefit air quality.

Essential Oils are naturally occurring aromatic compounds found in the seeds, bark, stems, roots, flowers and other parts of plants. When anti-microbial oils are introduced to the air in vapor form, the organic compounds within the oils come into direct contact with airborne pathogens resulting in purified air.


Cold Spring Apothecary
The candles and room sprays from the modern day Cold Spring Apothecary are fueled by the healing powers of herbs and botanicals. Medicinally focused and remedy-based and crafted in small batches, they use no drying sulfates, harsh parabens, or harmful fragrances.


Jurlique makes balancing and revitalizing essential oil mists that transform the air around you. Started by a biochemist and a botanist husband/wife team, their mission is to reconnect people with nature by combining the ancient alchemy, herbal medicine and homeopathy.

Red Flower
Red Flower candles and diffusers, both biodegradable and biocompatible, are pure botanical beauty. The company creates its plant based products with a deep respect for the land and its cultures, using science, sustainability, holistic medicine and wellness rituals.

Hand Soap

We absorb hand soap through our skin as well as touch our food, our mouths and our children after we use it. Not only do these soaps smell amazing and nourish our skin, the essential oils and natural ingredients in them can clean and disinfect our hands more effectively than harmful chemicals.


Red Flower
Red Flower has been a mainstay in all of our bathrooms for years. My favorite scent right now is Wanderlust, a delicate earthy scent of cypress, vetiver and mandarin.


Common Goods
Common Goods Hand Soap, comes in a glass bottle. Made with coconut oil and essential oils, it’s great for the kitchen. Common Good products are made with gentle, plant-based ingredients and scented with 100% pure essential oils. Their mission is to reduce plastic packaging by offering beautiful, refillable bottles.

Cleaning Products


You can create beautiful, effective cleaning products yourself using organic antibacterial essential oils such as rosemary, lemon, lavender, and thyme. It even feels healing as you clean with them. I also use organic white vinegar and baking soda and put it into glass spray bottles.


Ferm Living
Re-usable dish cloths by Ferm Living are a staple in our house. Both sustainable and stylish, I use these for everything from dishtowels to dusting to wiping up spills or cleaning mirrors. Ferm Living promises integrity as they use honest materials, meaning clean, real commodities with a minimal impact on the environment. 


Seventh Generation
Seventh Generation makes natural cleaning products that work for every surface as well as paper towels, toilet paper, and trash bags. The company strives to use ingredients derived from plants rather than petroleum whenever possible in order to decrease its reliance on the use of fossil fuels.


Common Good
Common Good makes beautiful laundry products. The bergamot smells liked I’d always wished my laundry smelled as a kid. For beautiful bright whites, I soak garments and linens in organic white vinegar.

Babyganics utilizes plant based and organic ingredients and the latest research in green cleaning. Their laundry detergent (and stain spray) is beloved in our household and is the highly effective.

The Honest Co.
For tougher stains, I love the very effective Honest Company Oxy Boost. The Honest Company is dedicated to safe, eco-friendly, beautiful, convenient and affordable home and body care products.

The Bedroom

We spend close to half our lives in our bedroom including ample time surrounded by and breathing in our bedding. That’s why it’s essential to clean living to have an organic and non toxic bedroom.


We sleep on an organic non toxic mattress and sleep on an unbleached wool mattress pad, all natural sheets, comforters, blankets, and pillows as most traditional bedding uses toxic petrochemicals derived from oil. I love the organic non toxic mattresses and bedding at The Clean Bedroom as well as the Coco Mattress. Area Home makes gorgeous, lasting organic linens.


Furniture, bath and kitchen linens, rugs and drapes

Even our furniture can be a source of toxins. They can live in the fabrics, the glues, even what the wood is treated with. ABC Carpet and Home sells beautiful products that are mindful of our health and well-being and meet the highest environmental standards. Opt for home furnishings and accessories made with metals, non toxic woods, natural wool, and organic cottons. 


De-cluttering your sleep space and adding plants also helps to keep pollutants low and to create a minimal space for a clear mind and a relaxed sleep environment.


As for floors, choose non toxic carpet or ideally no carpet at all as they hold pollutants and give off potentially harmful Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). The same goes for paint, look for no VOC paints.

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Cold Spring Apothecary

common good | enflourage | Red Flower


As modern mamas living in the over information age, (where everyone is an expert and parenting opinions are shared as freely and easily as an Instagram post) it can be tough to filter through the white noise to find the facts. Naturally, we’d love to consider ourselves wise in all sorts of ways, but the truth is sometimes we’re scrawling SOS in the sand. Good thing we’ve got the guidance and expertise of our own personal rockstars: the people who inspire us on the daily. Our rockstars (our flock) are enthusiasts, professionals and influencers in the fields of wellness, travel, education, style—the list goes on. Each one brings a profoundly different perspective to the table, one informed by their own experiences and outlooks. And that perspective is priceless.

They say it takes a village…we say it takes a flock.

Because We All Need a Catalyst

Written by A Wild Dove | Photographed by Eric White

Backstory - Medea Juhasz was suffering. She was leading a self-destructive lifestyle hinged on addiction. She had liver damage, digestive problems, an ulcer, recurring sinus infections and a weak immune system. What came to her rescue wasn’t an in-patient therapy program or prescription drugs, but herbalism. She began combining herbs, amino acids and superfoods and slowly her health issues disappeared. Medea was so inspired that she became a Holistic Health Coach with the goal of spreading the gospel of holistic health and wellness. She created Catalyst Gold, a daily supplement and her vehicle to change the way people think about health. To say we are obsessed with it is an understatement.


We shot Medea at Knockout Beauty, one of our favorite beauty shops that also carries Cataylst Gold. We chatted her journey, her favorite adaptogens and how she stays zen in madness of New York...

A Wild Dove -

So we are OBSESSED with Catalyst Gold. We love everything about it. We love the way we feel, the way we look. What are some of its key ingredients and how do they improve our bodies? 


Medea Juhasz -

It is very hard to point out the key ingredients, since each of the 16 ingredients are equally important part of my formula. What makes Catalyst Gold unique is the specific ratio of the ingredients and the actual science how these superfoods, herbs and amino acids enhance each other.

"If I had to highlight the key functions of Catalyst Gold,
Eluthero Root (my favorite adaptogen) is responsible for fighting fatigue
along with Acai Berries, Biotin and Magnesium Citrate."
- Medea Juhasz

| Ring by Aurélie Bidermann

more Ingredients 

Dandelion Root, Selenium, and
Magnesium Citrate helps you gently detox.

Camu Camu, Turmeric, Astragalus, and Mangosteen
are powerful in strengthening your immune system, reducing inflammation, and fighting pain or seasonal allergies.

Biotin, Chlorella, and Grape Seed Extract
will regenerate your hair, nails, and skin.

Flax Seed Extract soothes your digestive tract
while L-Glutamine and Calcium Carbonate work
in tandem to aid in curbing your sugar cravings.

Spirulina and Chlorella will make you ditch the synthetic multi-vitamins since it has all the nutrients and vitamins
your body needs. Just these two superfoods alone contain huge doses of vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, B6, B9, C, and E! They are excellent sources
of potassium, calcium, copper, iron, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, selenium, sodium, and zinc.


A Wild Dove -

What are the next steps for Catalyst Gold? More products to come, we hope?  

Medea Juhasz -

I just launched Catalyst Gold a little bit over a year ago, so I'm still completely focusing on this product. Our next step is to figure out the logistics with our potential international retail partners. It's interesting, because we are definitely building a serious cult following, but at the same time we are still Indie and underground. I'm definitely planning to add additional ingestible products down the line, starting with the next product probably towards the beginning of 2018.


A Wild Dove -

It sounds like Catalyst Gold helps balance our bodies, but how do you stay balanced? What's your therapy?

Medea Juhasz -

My ultimate therapy is boxing. My perfect zen day consists enjoying the sun, meditation, training at Overthrow NY, my boxing gym and sharing organic plant based food with positive, loving friends and family.


A Wild Dove -

We love that. Can you share your nighttime ritual ?

Medea Juhaz -

I'm a total night owl. I always do a little work before I go to bed. I like to read a little bit and sip on roasted dandelion tea. A five minute reflection and meditation right before I go to sleep always helps me to wind down.


A Wild Dove -

What are your five "desert island products?" (Of course Catalyst Gold is a must, we're sure.)

Medea Juhasz -

Catalyst Gold, my boxing gloves, a big jar of raw virgin coconut oil, a large container of UMF 15 manuka honey, the current book I'm reading - Diane Arbus, “A portrait of a Photographer.”

A Wild Dove -

Well we can’t wait to try every single one. Lastly, what makes you fly?

Medea Juhasz -

Positive feedback from my customers about Catalyst Gold and seeing it in the Crosby Street window at Bloomingdales, gratitude, NYC summer heat, the beach, boxing, 70's fashion, Iggy Pop, old Woody Allen movies, and the raw vegan cheese plate from Double Zero.

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Our Comme des Garçons Workshop With A Wild Dove & Shine

Written by Aaron Goldschmidt | Photographed by Eric White | Styled by Lynn Levoy

Aaron Goldschmidt, our dear friend, MOF (Member of the Flock), is the Founder of Shine, an organization that creates artistically-inspired programs for children. So in celebration of tonight’s MET Gala honoring Comme des Garçons, we tasked him with developing a workshop where kids could discuss fashion as art and create an avant-garde piece inspired by CDG. Aaron gave us the play-by-play of the workshop so that you can inspire your own budding fashion designers at home.


To begin, Randi, our head teacher and myself, sat in a discussion circle talking about the clothes that we wear. What does it mean to dress for school? To dress up? Does what you wear tell people about who you are or how you’re feeling? Can your clothes make a statement? We then asked the kids if they thought fashion designers were artists. There was no fooling this crew of downtown boys. We all agreed, then went on to look at eight CDG looks and discussed the fashion label.

Screen Shot 2017-04-30 at 6.41.35 PM.png

I find that by simply asking more questions, the right leading questions, we can help guide children to understanding a concept without it having to be forced into their head. It means a lot more when they start to piece things together rather than when we tell them directly.  


The boys understood these clothes were special. We discussed the structure of the garments as well as their sculptural quality. We had already talked about the fact that designing clothes was like building, just building on a body. The details on the CDG clothes were noticeably popping off each garment, the 3D aspect making them feel constructed and appealing to the boys’ desire to build.

We told the boys they were going to design a garment using the distressed vintage t-shirts on the mannequins. Since CDG is a Japanese label, origami paper is the perfect material to construct
an original garment while tying it back to the theme.


We then went on to teach the boys simple folds but encouraged them to make up their own folds, to do a repetition of folds, to really go crazy, go avant-garde with experimental and unusual ideas.

Copy of C73A9634.jpg

It was then on to the construction of the garment on the mannequin. Using adhesive tape so they could move their origami around, the boys began building their piece. For embellishments, we added ribbons, buttons, and crumpled up white butcher paper as an added fabric in case they wanted to add volume or length or giant flowers.

Copy of C73A9901.jpg
Copy of C73A9889.jpg
Copy of C73A0186.jpg

With only guidance, a little direction, and some questions, we were able to allow the boys to really get into the process. When they settled on placement for their paper and embellishments, we came in with a hot glue gun to attach.

Our workshop concluded with another meeting where each designer got to speak about his garment. 


Callum wanted

his to be "joyful"!

Copy of C73A0230.jpg

Gabi really wanted to

Show off the wings.


Alexander, well,

his vision spoke volumes

about him as a designer...

truly inspired.

Copy of C73A0224.jpg

Allowing children to explore and create using a theme that might seem daunting or difficult can become an opportunity for learning, growing, and expanding their views of the world. This ultimately leads to creating critical thinkers, creative minds, and open hearts - making the world a better place for all of us.

Mannequins and All Clothes on Alexander, Callum, and Gabi by Trico Field | White Vintage Tees by The Quality Mending Co.

For More info please visit

SHINE.NYC | Trico field

the quality mending co.

As modern mamas living in the over information age, (where everyone is an expert and parenting opinions are shared as freely and easily as an Instagram post) it can be tough to filter through the white noise to find the facts. Naturally, we’d love to consider ourselves wise in all sorts of ways, but the truth is sometimes we’re scrawling SOS in the sand. Good thing we’ve got the guidance and expertise of our own personal rockstars: the people who inspire us on the daily. Our rockstars (our flock) are enthusiasts, professionals and influencers in the fields of wellness, travel, education, style—the list goes on. Each one brings a profoundly different perspective to the table, one informed by their own experiences and outlooks. And that perspective is priceless.

They say it takes a village…we say it takes a flock.

Kelly Ryerson Takes Austin By The Horns

Written and Photographed by Kelly Ryerson

As our official travel correspondent and member of The Flock, Kelly Ryerson has the lowdown on the coolest places to go with your lil' ones that don’t only revolve around giant mouse ears or a lukewarm pool. Next up, she’s tackling Austin, not the likeliest town for the under-10 set, but she supplies an awesome itinerary for family travel that will be sure to keep things weird, and of course fun!

I am originally from Austin but I haven’t lived there for over 25 years. So every time I go to visit my parents, I feel like a tourist. I’m always asking my friends what’s what.  Austin has always had a reputation for “cool,” which generally makes me roll my eyes.  Austin is way more than SXSW (South by Southwest Festival), pop-ups, and the hottest new restaurants. So I’d like to share what is truly cool about Austin...

Nature, man.

April 14, 2017-_MG_5563.jpg

I never realized how much hiking I did growing up in Austin.  It was just what you did to get to the next watering hole (and no, I don’t mean bar). Austin is now ‘the ATX’ and Town Lake is now ‘Lady Bird Lake.’

My son and I spent Spring Break there and we were very lucky to not have the scorching heat so I do recommend this one for early summer, as it gets hot real fast.

I also wouldn’t dream of making an itinerary for this trip. Most of the spots we visited in our short time there are for full days of relaxing.  Word of warning - these swimming holes are natural springs so they are very cold, but a perfect break from the Texas heat. There are a few that are top of my list to visit but require a short drive out of town to Dripping Springs and Wimberely, TX.

We were also very lucky to be taken out by my dear old friend Joedy, who gave us a special tour of Colorado Bend State Park in Lampasas, TX. The kids loved looking for birds, bugs, and snakes on the way to Gorman Falls.  We even did a little cave tour.  These tours are available through their website.


While in Drippings Springs, it is worth going to Salt Lick BBQ in Driftwood or Pig Pen BBQ on 290. Wimberley, TX has plenty of good vintage shops where you can score some fabulous cowboy boots.  I bought my son a pair at Allen’s Boots on South Congress in Austin. 

Since I was with a 7 year old with “special” taste buds, I can’t say we indulged in all the incredible BBQ that Austin is known for but I will pass along the hot list from friends.  We did eat breakfast tacos, queso and migas every time it was offered.  Yes, queso for breakfast and breakfast tacos for dinner.


A few extra little spots for kids -

Lucy in Disquise in Diamonds (Halloween shop)
Big Tom Candy Shop on South Congress
Amy’s Ice Cream (the South Lamar location has a playground)

other amusements to note

Congress Avenue Bridge

The bats at the Congress Avenue Bridge, excuse me, the “Ann W. Richards Congress Avenue Bridge” is definitely a sight to see. It’s the largest bat colony in North America. When the sun sets, they swarm.

Hope Outdoor Gallery

Hope Outdoor Gallery is a graffiti park in Castle Hill area of Austin.  There are plenty of local events on their site too.

Food Trucks

East Side King | Juice Austin | La Barbecue | Micklethwait Craft Meats

Paperboy | Picnic Food Trailer Park | Torchy's Taco's | Veracruz All Natural


April 11-2.jpeg

G’Raj Mahal | Gueros | Magnolia Cafe (Austin classic)

Odd Duck | Polvos | Sawyer & Co. | South Congress Cafe | Uchi

* If you are looking for Austin’s hot list check our Eater’s list here.

April 14, 2017-IMG_5618.jpg

Swimming holes (in austin)

 Sculpture Falls

It's a small hike but a great
place to spend an afternoon
and Rudy’s BBQ is across the street.


Barton Springs

Barton Springs is a natural
spring pool located in Zilker Park.
I spent many days there as a teen.

Deep eddy pool

There are lanes for laps on one side,
free swimming in the middle, and
a shallow end for kids. (Pictured above).

April 12, 2017-_MG_5453.jpg

Jacobs Well

Wimberley, TX -
This one requires a fee for a wristband if you want to swim.  

Hamilton Pool

Dripping Springs, TX -
This one you have to make a reservation. It’s a sweet little hike and oh-so beautiful.     

Blue Hole Regional Park

Wimberley, TX -
I would recommend this spot for a hot day since it is surrounded by trees.

for more information

check out 

the city of austin,TX website


As modern mamas living in the over information age, (where everyone is an expert and parenting opinions are shared as freely and easily as an Instagram post) it can be tough to filter through the white noise to find the facts. Naturally, we’d love to consider ourselves wise in all sorts of ways, but the truth is sometimes we’re scrawling SOS in the sand. Good thing we’ve got the guidance and expertise of our own personal rockstars: the people who inspire us on the daily. Our rockstars (our flock) are enthusiasts, professionals and influencers in the fields of wellness, travel, education, style—the list goes on. Each one brings a profoundly different perspective to the table, one informed by their own experiences and outlooks. And that perspective is priceless.

They say it takes a village…we say it takes a flock.

Dove Loves - Spring Favorites

Written by A Wild Dove | Photographed by Eric White | Styled by Lynn Levoy

Welcome back to Dove Loves, Lynn’s definitive guide to the products and pieces she’s loving right now - her favorites du jour, the holy grail of what she’s coveting, researching, talking about, obsessing over. From yellow sunnies to scuba boots, consider this a Springtime selection of beauty and fashion that’s tried, tested and approved directly from the source of all things A Wild Dove.

Copy of AWD03-2850998.jpg

Céline sunglasses

I’m ob-sessed with everything about these sunnies. They’re not my usual “go to” shape, but for some reason I love them. Very 90’s Kurt Cobain. And the color is SO GOOD. It somehow goes with everything, even though it’s a totally crazy mustard yellow!


Sunglasses by Céline | Hoodie by Off-White c/o Virgil Abloh

herbivore coco rose body polish

This “heaven in a jar” is one of the best scrubs I’ve ever used. I love the way it looks, feels and smells and since it’s coconut oil based, it is SO hydrating. It leaves your skin super smooth. The smell is just the perfect amount of rose fused with Moroccan oil. And since I’m all about packaging, Herbivore’s is so good - clean and fresh-feeling, which is exactly how I feel after I use it.

Off-white c/o virgil abloh hoodie

I’m a hoodie girl. I’m always on the hunt for the perfect one. Well, the cut and weight of this one is on point. The fabric is a bit on the heavier side, which makes it fall better. It’s cropped, but it hits my jeans just in the right spot and doesn’t rise when I reach out my arms (which, TBH, is a major pet peeve).

la prairie Anti-Aging Eye & Lip

Perfection A Porter

LOVE LOVE LOVE this compact. It’s luxe and feels so special. It’s anti-aging, illuminating, and hydrating for both the eyes and lips. It highlights under the eyes, eliminates dark circles and it’s perfect for on-the-go giving my eyes that extra pop I always need during the day. And the lip balm is so moisturizing and it plumps...what more could we ask for?

Copy of AWD03-2850886.jpg

Balenciaga boots

I’m not even sure where to begin. These are BEYOND. Legs. For. Days. The super elongated toe is so flattering and the fabric is so cool. It’s scuba-like, so it doesn’t slouch around your ankle (another pet peeve). But the best part is that they are so comfortable. As much as I love the look of high heels, I would never buy a pair that I can’t walk in. Those days are officially over. Thank you Demna!

Reworked Denim Jeans by Vetements | Boots by Balenciaga

Summer Ready

Written, Photographed, and Styled by Lynn Levoy

The onset of spring signals summer before we know it. Yes once the temperature hits 65, it’s only a matter of weeks before it’s “swimsuits and sunnies” season. Spring calls for a number of refreshes - from our hair, to our beauty products to our clothing. I also love a little wardrobe refresh for Callum, from our go-to brands, as well as new ones.

Callum and I headed to LaLa Land over Spring Break, where he was able to sneak peak some of our favorite new pieces that will have him splish-splashing in style all summer along. Check them out below.

The Animals Observatory

This is the third collaboration between Lara Aguilar, brainchild behind Bobo Choses and Jan Abdreu. The result is magic. The quality is amazing and everything is worn into perfection for that 1970’s vintage vibe. Callum especially loves the tee’s, tanks and sweatshirts, because the feel is so yummy and comfy. Everything is so  relaxed and super easy to wear.

Copy of Copy-of-IMG_6438.jpg

Green Tank and Black Socks by The Animals Observatory | Black Shorts by Beau LOves UK

Beau Loves UK

Hands down, one of my favorite brands. So cool and stylish that I wish it came in adult sizes! Inspired by the birth of her son Beau, Faye Wilde launched this unisex (yes)! line in 2010 featuring a palette of black, white and grey, always mixed with a hint of color. This season is all about love and hearts - the summer of love, indeed.

Heart Face Tee by Beau LOves UK | Black Shorts by Munster Kids

Floral Swim Shorts by Mini Rodini | Sandals by Akid


Hands down the best flip flops. Callum literally lives in them from the moment it hits 70 degrees. They come in a bunch of variations, from fur to metallic, but we also love the entire line. Akid was founded by wife and hubby duo, Ashleigh Dempster and Matt George. After their first son was born, they saw a void in the market for cook kids kicks. Thanks guys!

Mini Rodini

Founded in 2006 by illustrator Cassandra Rhodin, this Swedish label is Callum approved, namely for the creative graphics on its tees, as well as all the shorts and sweatshirts. I especially love the boy’s swim shorts, this fitted style is so hard to find so I always scoop up a bunch each season. The best part is that the fabric is made of 78% recycled polyamide, aka residual fishnets, old carpets and production waste. These fishnets would otherwise end up in the world’s oceans, trapping fish and destroying coral reefs, so that’s major!

Copy of Copy-of-IMG_6471.jpg

Floral Swim Shorts by Mini Rodini | Blue Tank by The Animals Observatory | Mama's Sunnies by Céline


Started by Julie Siden and inspired by her daughters, Sid NYC is a complete collection of tops, dresses, skirts and pants. We’re loving the vintage, one of a kind Levi’s jackets. Callum has already been rocking his, from the playground to dinner to the beach.


Denim Jacket by Sid NYC | Black Pants by Beau LOves UK

Munster Kids

This skater inspired kid’s line is based in Australia, which makes complete sense since it is all about sun and surf - PERFECT for summer. There’s a strong music influence too and Callum always loves the graphics on the tees. The shorts are super comfy, with their oh-so perfect drop crotch. Callum always feel like he’s “taking a walk on the wild side,” while still being totally adorbs.

Boom Grey Tee by Munster Kids | Shorts by The Animals Observatory

Rad Tee by Munster Kids | Love Net Shorts by Beau LOves UK

We're Bent on Bent On Learning

Written by A Wild Dove | Photographed by Eric White


It all began with three ladies and a passion. In 2001 Anne Desmond, Jennifer Ford and Courtney McDowell sought to follow their dream of bringing yoga to kids by teaching the practice in school gyms and classrooms. At the time they had a smattering of classes in a few public schools. Then 9/11 happened. In the wake of the unimaginable impact the event had on kids nearby, they were asked to teach yoga in 10 schools near Ground Zero to help both students and teachers release stress and manage emotions. From there, Bent on Learning formed. “It was our trigger moment,” said Anne. “We had no plan at the time but rose to the occasion and grew from there.”



Knowing what we know about the benefits of children doing yoga (read: IMMENSE), we sat down with Anne to talk through Bent on Learning and its incredible philosophy...


Bent On Learning - First, we want to reach as many children and teens as possible and schools are the most efficient way for us to do that. More importantly, we want to help schools educate students in the body and heart, as well as the mind, and offer regular opportunities to move, breathe, relax, and connect to their inner lives. Yoga readily connects students to their bodies, hearts and minds, teaches them how to release stress, control thoughts and manage their emotions. Learning these skills is equally as important as learning math and science and is critical to kids' success academically and in life.  

A Wild Dove - OK so we think the WORLD of Bent on Learning. Can you describe the program and is there a singular method or philosophy?




"Yoga helped me with asthma and it helped me focus with tests."
- Nico, 3rd Grade, PS132


"Yoga makes me feel peaceful and positive."
- Niaia, 12th Grade,
New Design High School

A Wild Dove - What are some of the differences you've seen in children who've gone through the program?

Bent On Learning - In a recent study of our program, 83% of our high school students showed significant gains in positive youth development. While most students showed improvement in self-management and positive identity, which we could expect from a weekly yoga program, the most dramatic change was seen in academic self-efficacy. Meaning that after just one semester of Bent On Learning, students with the lowest confidence in their ability to attain academic success improved the most!


A Wild Dove Is there any upcoming news or events?

Bent On Learning - We have an event on May 4th, where Ruthie Fraser will share excerpts from her book, Stack Your Bones, and offer simple lessons for body alignment, coordination and awareness that can be done anytime, anywhere. Guests will learn fun ways to befriend their bodies and move with ease throughout their lives. Here is the ticket page with all details:


A Wild Dove - What's next for Bent on Learning?

Bent On Learning - We currently have 50 schools on our waiting list and are gearing up for significant growth in the next three to five years. We are hiring a new Director of Development and will be launching a growth campaign in the very near future!


A Wild Dove - That’s incredible! So tell us, how can readers get involved and support the program?

Bent On Learning - They can visit our website at to join our mailing list or make a donation. They can also contact me directly at to share ideas on how they'd like to get involved.  We currently have openings on our board and are always looking to grow our junior board, the Yoga Professionals Committee.


find out more 

Dove Loves

Written and Styled by Lynn Levoy | Photographed by Eric White

Welcome back to Dove Loves. This time we’re taking on Lynn’s definitive guide to the beauty products she’s loving right now, her favorites du jour, the holy grail of what she’s coveting, researching, talking about, obsessing over. Consider them tried, tested and approved directly from the source of all things A Wild Dove. So let’s talk beauty.


Joanna Vargas
Rejuvenating Serum


"This product leaves my skin feeling instantly hydrated and so refreshed.  I love the way my skin feels and looks - so dewy! The scent is also a heavenly blend of Argan, Neroli, Olive Oil, which I love. I use it every morning and evening and I mix it with my other serums. I use less in the morning since it’s more oil based but in the evening I load up for nighttime rejuvenation."


The Nue CO. - Debloat Food and Prebiotic

"It’s magic. It’s a mix of ginger, cinnamon, turmeric and brown rice protein and, because it’s food based, it really works from the inside out. I use it in the morning by adding it to my smoothie, mixed with all my Sun Potions and Super Elixir. This product does exactly what it says it does - debloats. It’s’ anti-inflammatory, so it really calms your stomach."

Agent Nateur & Shiva Rose holi (Rose)

“ I have tried so many natural deodorants and this is the only one that really really works. I love the original scent too, but Shiva Rose is my favorite. I have never really liked rose products, but this one converted me and I’ve recently bought a bunch of other rose products (more to come on that).”

Natura Bissé C&C Vitamin Body Cream

“I love this cream for firming and tightening,” says Lynn. "It’s chock full of Vitamin C and the results are amazing. I really see a difference. I’m kind of obsessed with the smell too. And the orange bottle, well, it just makes me happy. It’s a perfect day cream since it’s not too heavy, but still leaves me feeling hydrated.



Hands down my favorite. I can’t live without this product. It smooths, firms, and tightens. It does it all. It also comes in a smaller tube, which is perfect for traveling, since I definitely can not leave home without it.


Power Hour

Written and Styled by Lynn Levoy | Photographed by Eric White 

I’ve never been much of a “makeup person,” but I recently came to a point where I felt like I needed to start using, well, SOMETHING. I kept hearing about Hourglass and how natural-looking it was, so a few months ago, I found myself at the Hourglass counter at Barney’s, where I became obsessed. I worked with Laurette, a super-chic French woman, with that “je ne sais quoi” cool.

Copy of AWD03-0850545.jpg

With an effortlessness that only the French have mastered, she showed me the line’s core products and how easy they are to apply, combine and include in my daily routine. I loved the way she applied it all, but to be honest, I was a bit overwhelmed and not sure I could replicate it at home. I was worried I would look too “done,” and would have to set aside even MORE time in my morning. I feel like I already spend enough time applying all my lotions and potions, so I was a bit nervous. I figured I’d start slowly, first with the Primer and the Veil Foundation. Baby steps! But the next morning, I couldn’t believe how easy it was! And so natural!! Everything blended and layered so easily. Here are the products I took home, fell hard for and now use everyday.


Did you know around the world, one bottle is sold every minute!  I never used primer, it always seemed like an extra step and I thought it would make my skin feel cakey. But this one is so unbelievably light, it truly feels like silk. And it has SPF too. Foundation, or even just powder, glides on so much better afterwards.


Veil Foundation

I’ve also never used foundation, I always assumed it would feel too heavy, but this is exactly the opposite. It feels like you’re not wearing anything at all. I don’t wear it everyday, but on the days that I feel like I need it, it’s just the right amount of coverage and it looks so natural.

Copy of AWD03-0850561.jpg


This product works so well. It’s so great for covering up dark circles (always needed)! Because it’s so creamy it blends easily and naturally. And you don’t need much.

Copy of AWD03-0850564.jpg



I love the substantial weight of all the brushes. The shapes are perfect for blending, contouring and they give you complete control. I love the Vanish Seamless Finish Foundation Brush and the N5 Concealer Brush, but my favorite is the Ambient Lighting Edit Brush. I love that it has both sizes in one. I use the bigger one for all over and the smaller is the perfect size and shape for highlights and right under the brow.

Copy of AWD03-0850608.jpg

Ambient Palette

This compact features three powders in one and is perfect on-the-go or at home. It is literally all you need. I use Radiant Light as all over powder and it sets everything. I love Incandescent Light for highlights - I use it for cheekbones and under my eyebrow for extra pop. The powder is great even when you don’t use foundation, it definitely gives you enough coverage.



Eyebrow Pencil

If I only had time to do one thing, I would choose to fill in my brows. I’m all about brows and I adore this pencil so much. It gives you Brooke Shields eyebrows. Period. I use Dark Brunette because I like my brows on the darker side.


This pencil fills in so easily and blends super well. And even if I do too much by accident, it comes off easily without having to start over. Lifesaver.


Rings by Jennifer Fisher | Top by Isabel Marant

Wolf + Friends

Written by A Wild Dove | Photographed by Eric White | Styled by Lynn Levoy

For Carissa Tozzi and Gena Mann, working together was meant to be. The pair grew up in the same town on Long Island, crossed paths in the media world and later ended up close by in Connecticut. But the real magic came when Carissa sought advice from Gena for friends who were struggling with their autistic children, as one of Gena’s four kids has autism. Carissa then shared a top secret project she was working on and despite very few hours in the day, Gena signed on immediately. The result? Wolf + Friends, a cool, modern website that offers toys, fashion and gifts for children with developmental delays. We’re talking happy, stylish pieces that would fit inside any Pinterest-worthy bedroom. We spoke to the pair to get the intel on Wolf + Friends and how this amazing website came to be.


So you’ve been friends and colleagues for a long time and now you’re working together in such a beautiful way. Carissa, what was your "trigger moment” in launching Wolf and Friends?

Carissa- After having my son Wolf, I became obsessed with stylish kids' clothes, decor and toys on Pinterest. I also discovered that so many friends and colleagues were dealing with developmental issues with their children. I knew the only places they were shopping were uninspiring therapy stores. So I spent time researching those shops. I saw that many of the products they sold were on Amazon and that I could find similar items that had the same benefits at cool boutiques around the world. So I decided to curate it all online in a way that was inspiring and informative and helpful.

C73A7511 copy.jpg

Wolf + Friends is definitely filling a need. What was some of the feedback you got immediately from parents and children? Any specific moments that touched you?

Carissa- It is wonderful to hear people feel a loving, uplifting energy when they visit our site. I heard specifically from a mom who designs these awesome, modern balance boards for her autistic child. We sell them now!


Gena- I think parents are relieved and grateful to have a place to shop for their children’s developmental delays or differences that feels happy and inspirational instead of depressing! I have written a few stories on the blog from personal experiences with my own kids and moms often reach out to tell me it feels good to know they are not alone.


So how do you balance it all, a new website and five kids between you?

Carissa- Can you really call it balance?? We try to do the best we can with the time we have. We are both full time moms as well, which I think is really important for what we do. I am spending so much time with Wolf and meeting his friends and parents. I love that people I just met will come to me for advice and recommendations and many experts and parents want to contribute to the site as well.


Gena- There’s no such thing as balance with a startup. I am answering these questions at 10:00pm on Sunday evening after putting my four kids to bed. I try to work when my two year old is in preschool and then at night after the kids go to bed. My three other kids are going in 100 directions after school between therapies and activities so I am a chauffeur between the hours of 2:45 and 6pm. I worked really hard to have my youngest, so I will rarely give up any time with her. There is no better moment in my day than the way she squeals at preschool pickup.


We can’t imagine how busy you must be! Your team is amazing, how did you put your group together?

Gena- Many of the talented people that write for us are occupational therapists, speech therapists, psychiatrists and behavior analysts that I have met through my son's program. These people have helped my child, so we ask them to write about things we think can help other people's kids.


What are the next steps for Wolf +Friends?

Carissa- We are starting to collaborate with brands that we have always loved, which is super exciting and we are starting to meet with people who know a lot more about “business” than us, so we can get insight and advice on where we can take the brand from here.


What's the last book you read with your kids?


Carissa- Wolf is into scary looking and informative dinosaur books, so that is what we are reading. I ask him to bring home something funny from the library, but he is in a scary phase and all wants is facts and information!

Gena- My big kids read by themselves at night (at least some of them do)! My baby is a big fan of Llama, Llama books and so am I.


What makes you fly?

Carissa- When Wolf tells me he loves me so much! He is such a sweet, loving, affectionate boy! I want to hold on to those moments forever. And I am so lucky to have such a loving and thoughtful husband who tells me everyday how much he loves me and how beautiful I am. I am very grateful for my little family.

Gena- My family 100%. We have a complicated little crew in many ways. We have autism which throws everyone for a loop. We have a 12 year age difference between my oldest and youngest kids and my husband spends a lot of time on a plane traveling for work. But we wouldn't change a thing! When we are all together, we have moments of magic. My husband plays piano and the kids all dance around, we make bonfires in the front yard in the spring and summer. Honestly, when we can get everyone in one room for a meal, we are pretty psyched. Because of our challenges, we appreciate the small miracles.

Hair by Melissa Parizot | Make up by Michael Chua

For more information visit WOLFANDFRIENDS.COM

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