On International Women’s Day, We Celebrate The Class

Written by Lynn Levoy | Photographed by Jaimie Baird

I kept hearing so much about The Class that I just knew in my gut I would love it. That was two and a half years ago. I still remember how after first trying it out, I could hear Taryn’s voice inside my head all day. I realized then that this was more than just a “workout.” It was a an emotional and spiritual endeavor, which was exactly what I needed. And I haven’t looked back since.

I had always been a big runner and loved the gym, where I could spend hours. But after Callum was born, I had to be more efficient on every level. The Class is therapy. It allows me to approach my day stronger in every way - myself, my family, my friends, my business. It’s the only exercise that gives me that same running high and even more. It’s where in my voice, in my yelling, screaming, I can release. But just as importantly, Taryn’s words resonate with me. They empower me. As a woman and a mama, I value a space with no judgement and a community where we support and build each other up. After doing The Class regularly, I can see a difference in my everyday life. It gives me strength and forces me to look at all aspects of my life that needed change. And to boot, I can do Burpees for six minutes. Thank you TT!

The Class now has a new home, a recently opened studio in Tribeca. In partnership with interior designer Elizabeth Kohn of Elizabeth Kohn Design, as well as, interior designer and crystal healer, Rashia Bell, Taryn created a zen space featuring gorgeous marble slabs, flickering candles and pink-gray finishes. It’s a sublime gem set in the craziness of New York, where the cleansing, calming scent of Palo Santo wafts as you ascend the staircase.

Follow it to the third floor, to a sanctuary of calm with a soft palette of crystals everywhere! They’re even set into the floor to clear energy and renew balance and confidence. Moving through The Class on top of tourmaline, hematite, clear quartz, amethyst and rose quartz enhances the practice and cleanses. There’s also The Shop - a beautifully curated selection of must-have's like The Airelume Jewelry By Taryn Toomey, Moon Juice Dusts, Cinnamon Projects Incense Sets, Joanna Vargas SkinCare, Sun Potion Adaptogens, Smoke Perfume Essential Oils and bkr Water Bottles.

I am so inspired by Taryn and her teachers. I asked Courtney Deri, Lindsay Tyson and Jaycee Gossett to sound off on why The Class is so powerful and what inspires them.

How does The Class foster community among women?

Courtney - “What I believe The Class does, is gives us the complete freedom to express, explore wherever we are at on any given day. I think it creates the realization that we all have our baggage and are suffering in one way or another. That we all need to RELEASE that weight.”

Jaycee - “Our company culture is one of acceptance, equality and generosity of spirit. In addition to lengthening and strengthening the physical body, The Class method itself provides a mindful opportunity for deep cathartic release. We use movement and sound to witness and process intense emotions - this deep connection to self creates a doorway for one to connect outwardly in community. We bond in the self-strengthening process that occurs in that room.”

Lindsay - “Regardless of where we're coming from, we as women have more in common then we often realize. As I step into The Class again and again, I am beginning to see and feel and know that my pain, my joy and my healing is my own and that there is also so much commonality between what I'm feeling and what other women in the room are feeling.”

Courtney Deri

How does this workout speak to women?

Courtney - “It’s the ability to find and use sound to access your voice which is extremely empowering. Personally, I find it a lot easier to stand up for myself and speak up in times, where I would have used to just keep my mouth shut and suppress. It has been a game changer. I think it shows women how capable we are when we actually put our mind and energy towards something and to not let any type of label or preconception hold us back. The opportunities are ENDLESS.”  

Jaycee - “I think as women we can identify with other women's experiences and the idea that we know we are not alone in that room together or alone in our human journey is very comforting. To know we are all going through the exact same challenges, celebrations and changes creates a deep sense of humanity and community.”

Lindsay - “So many women (myself included) spend so much energy trying to look and act in a way that fulfills some nebulous idea about what it means to be female. We should be attractive but not intimidating; smart but yielding; opinionated but polite. It is often suggested to women that perhaps we should stay small - that making waves and making noise and going after what we want without apologizing is unsafe and unladylike. When we come to The Class, we are asked to pay attention to what we are feeling and we realize that our well of emotions runs deep and that so much of what we are feeling has been with us for a long time and is related to our desire to check all the right boxes.”

Jaycee Gossett

your favorite moment in class ?

Courtney - “I have so many moments that I am so in love with. But I would have to say my ultimate favorite is, right after the climax of the class, (where you are invited to run the sh*t out of your legs and make A LOT of sound) , and right before we move into the 'Heart Clearing.' There is such a beautiful moment of softness, of quiet, of vulnerability and rawness in the space. I tear up almost every time.”

Jaycee - “My favorite moment? Every moment of the 6,500 seconds.”

Lindsay - “My favorite moment in class is three-quarters into the first song. That give me enough time to get into my body, to build heat and then to see what's going on physically, mentally and emotionally. Even if I'm feeling rough, as I get into my body and my stuff, I can feel that I'm on the precipice of some kind of shift. To me, that feels simultaneously thrilling and like a relief.”

Lindsay Tyson

what inspires you ?

Courtney - “ALL the emotions, love, music, Buddhism, The Class by Taryn Toomey's community, anyone who at one point thought they couldn't and then they did.”

Jaycee -  “Everything. Living, experiencing, breathing, music, dancing, all of it. I am constantly marveled by the world around me and in me. I mean it's all pretty surreal isn't it?”

Lindsay - “I'm inspired by the women who teach The Class. And no one is suggesting that I say that! But this is a team of women who are committed to showing up, doing the work, laughing, dancing, crying and supporting each other. The Class is such a weird and wonderful journey and the women who I teach with are full of courage, humor, compassion and strength. Without them nudging me forward down this path, I'd have run away a thousand times.”

What makes you fly ?

Courtney - “Holding space for others to explore themselves and their process, to see the breakthroughs and to celebrate them after. It's truly ecstasy for me. Also a good belly laugh or an ugly cry.”

Jaycee - “Music blasting, body moving, deep breathing and lots and lots and lots of sweat.”

Lindsay - “A really good laugh - one that makes me clutch my belly and tear up - makes me feel like I'm flying. For these moments of flight, I rely on my mom, my sister and my dearest friends.”